Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Friends,

Human civilization move together abide not by lock step. We must distinguish the positive from the negative experiences. When we are discriminating we can learn from our experiences and adopt the positive results. That is why we learn history. We do not all relive the same experience and we do not all need to reinvent the wheel.

From ancient Chinese culture we learned that harmony theories evolving from order of nature worked for a long period of Chinese history. Harmony addresses multifaceted dynamic imbalances including ecology and all human relations. Harmony also includes democracy but China for centuries choose to manage democracy by moral teaching. Law was only the bottom line but moral value was above it. European Renaissance was a great experience although there is still criticism of certain excesses of the period. From it the world learned the importance of democracy and the energy released led to today's modern science and technology. America since its independence choose to manage democracy by emphasizing law and order.

Both Chinese harmony and American Democracy as developed are our common human heritage and belong to the world now. We also learned form China's cultural revolution that greater democracy without law and order did not work. With today's extremism expressed through fundamentalism and the resulting confrontations we must brought back harmony theories. Terrorist movements are extremism so is Bush's Iraq policy and certain extreme Christian fundamentalism. The world does not need a modern equivalent of the ten year Crusade war. That is why World Harmony Organization is calling for Harmony Renaissance to resolve today's world conflicts and imbalances through discussions, consultations and reaching harmony consensus. Today's harmony renaissance has the advantage of modern science and communication advances. Concerted World effort can be easily directed to combine the East and West experience in harmony and democracy and bring about new release of energy. This new creative energy based on a higher harmony common values will advance the world beyond what European Renaissance has accomplished.

My attorney friend, Leon Jew, yesterday brought to my attention that a certain Mr. Liu is advocating Cultural Renaissance for China in "Southern Weekend" journal and creating a stir. His main premise was that China needed to relive the European Renaissance. His theories were misguided,muddled and was one more form of extreme fundamentalism that neither China nor the world needs. The world does not need to relive any cultural revolutions or extreme movements. We are well on the path of mutual development and harmony development. With the positive experience of Western democracy and China's ancient harmony the world has more than enough sound scientific principles to build a better world and a more harmonious world. Mr. Liu's theories were not worth the paper he used to wrote on. He will soon be discarded by history and forgotten. That is why I refer him in the past tense. The world has learned from past extreme cultural and religious movements that stability is necessary for mutual development and harmony development. Mr. Liu was just another trouble maker. We should accept him for what he was. What was his name?
May Harmony prevail in the world!!

Francis C. W. Fung, Ph. D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

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