Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Associate Director of Watson Institute(c/o Miranda Fasulo),

Thank you for your invitation to the War Tapes Private Screening o 3/10. I look forward to chatting with Honorable Lincoln Chafee and Ms. Deborah Scranton.

I believe Nature's order is harmony and harmony is the order of nature. World Harmony Organization is dedicated to the pursuit of Harmony Renaissance as solutions to resolve religious strife, world conflicts, disparities and ecology concerns. The following statement from our website calls for World Harmony Cultural Festival and World Harmony Ambassadors. We look for your support and welcome your participation as one of our distinguished Senior Advisers.

The pursuit of Harmony Renaissance as a unity in diversity movement is, by its nature, all inclusive. We are international and interfaith and accepting of diverse cultures, religions and nations. From the perspective of harmony, today's main drivers of world culture are religion, democracy, and harmony. Our advisers come from diverse backgrounds, and believe with conviction that harmony renaissance can release energy from strife and divert it to resolve world conflicts, disparities and ecology concerns. We are not pacifists. We believe in tolerance, mutual acceptance, mutual respect and equality through grass roots advocacy. World Harmony Renaissance will enable mankind to reach common value consensus and herald a new phase of accomplishments beyond European Renaissance.

World Harmony Ambassadors Review Committee welcomes worldwide participation and nominations. Our committee welcomes opinions that speak out against world injustice and inequity to reach a harmony consensus. Our advisers need not shy away from controversial topics when we have harmony as our goal. We must accept diverse opinions to have a bigger voice. Prof. Noam Chomsky, widely regarded by the world as America's
Conscience, and Mr. James Fallows exemplify true World Harmony Advisers who have the insight to speak for international democracy and World Harmony Renaissance.

As much as we need true world harmony advisers, we have greater need for World Harmony Ambassadors to advocate harmony worldwide. As far reaching as America is, we are still limited in our ability to reach out. Mr. Eric Chipps, our singularly world minded adviser, reminded me of the necessity for Committee action on World Harmony Ambassadors selection. This consensus reaching process will inevitably result in World Harmony Ambassadors with balanced views. We welcome worldwide nominations for World Harmony Ambassador candidates.

World Harmony Organization is planning a World Harmony Renaissance Day in August, 2007. It will be an all day International and Interfaith Festival with world class music, dancing, harmony chorus performances, cultural and religious exhibitions for harmony. It will be our premier occasion to announce World Harmony Renaissance as solution for today's world problems. Distinguished guests and world harmony advisers will be on hand to speak. The event will raise funding for World Harmony Renaissance Centers and World Harmony Institutes worldwide to support future World Harmony Ambassadors and World Harmony Volunteers programs. This will be the historical Forum to announce the first group of World Harmony Ambassadors to the world.

May Harmony Prevail in the World !

Francis C. W. Fung, Ph. D., Class of 60

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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