Tuesday, March 31, 2015


CHINA WILL AGAIN BE THE MIDDLE KINGDOM IN 21st CENTURY By Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Today March 31, 2015 is an historic moment. China successfully launched the Asian Infrastructure Bank to fund the New Silk Road Initiative to provide connectivity for the world. Japan the last U.S. major military alliance country announced today that it would join the China infrastructure bank! By now all U.S. allies have all broke from their military alliance with America and join the peaceful mutual development initiative. The only redeeming grace for America is to join as observer country at a later day. It is natural for China to launch the New Silk Road Initiative for all historical, technological, financial capable and infrastructure building experience reasons. China in the last 39 years has built 20 trillion dollars of infrastructure in her own country. This super scale of construction in such a short time has no historical precedence! All silk roads completed will eventually all connect to China like ancient days. In rejuvenation, she will be truly, the Middle Kingdom like her name implies! This time China will lead the Second Commercial Globalization, which will grow to be much larger than the first globalization led by the U.S. in the 20th century. America will remain the dominant military power but not the largest economic power in 21st century. Which means America can no longer behave in her hegemony way dominating the world as in the 20th century. India will replace China as the world factory with her biggest population and technology capability. With her middle class growing to the biggest of the world because of Silk Road connectivity prosperity China will be the market of the world and lead the world globalization. With all developing countries rise, the mutual development will benefit all humankind with the resulting people connectivity, prosperity and cultural equal exchange the world may reach true equality and harmony. This world harmony world with mutual respect and equality will be a great improvement compare to the 20th century world dominated by America hegemony. Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization, San Francisco, CA

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Coming of 21st Century World Great Economic Opportunity Tides

The Coming of 21st Century World Great Economic Opportunity Tides By Francis C W Fung, Ph. D. America initiated the 20th Century world trade globalization. But the 2008 world financial crisis caused by the U.S. toxic asset collapse and its worldwide devastating spread signaled the end of the good days of world trade globalization of the 20th Century. Seven years later world major economies in the world still mired in great recession with the exception of China. The whole world is looking for new economic or technology breakthrough to bail the world economy out of its quagmire. The coming 21st Century World Great Economic Opportunity Tides in short are the Great Infrastructure Revolution bring on by China’s “Belt and Road” initiative in2013, the second Globalization as a result of world connectivity of the infrastructure revolution and the 21st Century Transportation Revolution brought about also by world connectivity. All these economic and technology breakthroughs will be described in more detail below. As if God send Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, in 2013 got the inspiration to announce the modernization of the ancient Silk Road. This is the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Ocean Silk Road Initiative or the “Belt and Road” initiative in short. The initiative is to launch modern transportation and communication infrastructure to connect Asia through Central Asia to Europe and from South East Asia through ocean to Middle East and finally Africa. More details of the “Belt and Road” initiative will be revealed in more detail in the following “Belt and Road Action Plan” This vast “Belt and Road” initiative will thus greatly advance Commerce, communication, cultural and technology exchange, people and people contact all over the world to benefit human progress in the brave 21st century era. The resulting world connectivity will bring trade globalization to another height far exceeding the 20th century because this time the connectivity expands to a far greater world. This time we may experience true worldwide harmony, mutual development and prosperity like no other time in history before. From the preface of the “Belt and Road” Action Plan titled “VISION AND ACTIONS ON JOINTLY BUILDING SILK ROAD ECONOMIC BELT AND 21ST-CENTURY MARITIME SILK ROAD” we quote: “MORE THAN TWO MILLENNIA AGO THE DILIGENT AND COURAGEOUS PEOPLE OF EURASIA EXPLORED AND OPENED UP SEVERAL ROUTES OF TRADE AND CULTURAL EXCHANGES THAT LINKED THE MAJOR CIVILIZATIONS OF ASIA, EUROPE AND AFRICA, COLLECTIVELY CALLED THE SILK ROAD BY LATER GENERATIONS. FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, THE SILK ROAD SPIRIT - "PEACE AND COOPERATION, OPENNESS AND INCLUSIVENESS, MUTUAL LEARNING AND MUTUAL BENEFIT" - HAS BEEN PASSED FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION, PROMOTED THE PROGRESS OF HUMAN CIVILIZATION, AND CONTRIBUTED GREATLY TO THE PROSPERITY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE COUNTRIES ALONG THE SILK ROAD. SYMBOLIZING COMMUNICATION AND COOPERATION BETWEEN THE EAST AND THE WEST, THE SILK ROAD SPIRIT IS A HISTORIC AND CULTURAL HERITAGE SHARED BY ALL COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD. IN THE 21ST CENTURY, A NEW ERA MARKED BY THE THEME OF PEACE, DEVELOPMENT, COOPERATION AND MUTUAL BENEFIT, IT IS ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT FOR US TO CARRY ON THE SILK ROAD SPIRIT IN FACE OF THE WEAK RECOVERY OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY, AND COMPLEX INTERNATIONAL AND REGIONAL SITUATIONS. WHEN CHINESE PRESIDENT XI JINPING VISITED CENTRAL ASIA AND SOUTHEAST ASIA IN SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER OF 2013, HE RAISED THE INITIATIVE OF JOINTLY BUILDING THE SILK ROAD ECONOMIC BELT AND THE 21ST-CENTURY MARITIME SILK ROAD (HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS THE BELT AND ROAD), WHICH HAVE ATTRACTED CLOSE ATTENTION FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. AT THE CHINA-ASEAN EXPO IN 2013, CHINESE PREMIER LI KEQIANG EMPHASIZED THE NEED TO BUILD THE MARITIME SILK ROAD ORIENTED TOWARDS ASEAN, AND TO CREATE STRATEGIC PROPELLERS FOR HINTERLAND DEVELOPMENT. ACCELERATING THE BUILDING OF THE BELT AND ROAD CAN HELP PROMOTE THE ECONOMIC PROSPERITY OF THE COUNTRIES ALONG THE BELT AND ROAD AND REGIONAL ECONOMIC COOPERATION, STRENGTHEN EXCHANGES AND MUTUAL LEARNING BETWEEN DIFFERENT CIVILIZATIONS, AND PROMOTE WORLD PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT. IT IS A GREAT UNDERTAKING THAT WILL BENEFIT PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. THE BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE IS A SYSTEMATIC PROJECT, WHICH SHOULD BE JOINTLY BUILT THROUGH CONSULTATION TO MEET THE INTERESTS OF ALL, AND EFFORTS SHOULD BE MADE TO INTEGRATE THE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES OF THE COUNTRIES ALONG THE BELT AND ROAD. THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT HAS DRAFTED AND PUBLISHED THE VISION AND ACTIONS ON JOINTLY BUILDING SILK ROAD ECONOMIC BELT AND 21ST-CENTURY MARITIME SILK ROAD TO PROMOTE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE INITIATIVE, INSTILL VIGOR AND VITALITY INTO THE ANCIENT SILK ROAD, CONNECT ASIAN, EUROPEAN AND AFRICAN COUNTRIES MORE CLOSELY AND PROMOTE MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL COOPERATION TO A NEW HIGH AND IN NEW FORMS.” The Belt and Road is the first 21st Century Economic Opportunity Tide that will modernize almost all the developing countries of the world and bring endless commercial opportunities for them to prosper. This first 21st Century first Economic Opportunity tide may also be called the 21st Century Infrastructure Revolution. For any country to develop its wealth, the first priority is to build first class infrastructures as witnessed by the rise of America and China during the 20th Century that follows massive infrastructure construction. The second Economic Opportunity Tide is the Second Commercial Globalization brought about by the superior infrastructure due to the enhanced worldwide “Belt and Road” connectivity. This will bring flourishing world trade to all countries in the world thus commercial successes in every corners of the world unlike the first 20th century globalization. During the first globalization initiated by America only Europe, China and parts of Asia prospered. This time the whole world will prosper. Because of this 21st Century infrastructure revolution and Second Commercial Globalization tides initiated by China the wealth generated by expanded global commerce due to the rising developing world will empower India to become the new “factory of the World” replacing China. Because of its rising middle and huge population China will become the “Market of the world” replacing the U.S. America will remain the dominant military power and policeman of the world but not the hegemony power of the world as it enjoyed throughout most of 20th century. For its number one economic position will be surpassed by China in both national and per capital GDP. This is due mainly by the wealth generated by the commercial return by China acting as the initiator and main funding partner in the great belt and road infrastructure building and trading network. The third 21st Century coming economic Opportunity tide will be the Transportation Revolution. It started with the wide application of high-speed train throughout China and along all the important stretches of the Belt and Road Initiative. Soon supersize surface effect ships will sail the oceans to carry passengers and cargo at 100 knots and higher speed and much more fuel efficient than commercial airlines. Personal surface effect air ships that will skim the ocean and land surface at 350 miles per hour that can travel everywhere. Under development will also be air shuttle that can travel at supersonic speed in tubes without pollution and very fuel-efficient. To add to all above will be super cavity torpedo boats that can travel at sonic speed in the ocean. When all above mentioned can be fully deployed, humankind will be free to travel at will and further stimulate our growth potential and interconnectivity. 21st Century development and harmony will reach a new height far exceeds the 20th Century. Francis C W Fung,Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA March 30, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015


THE ASIAN INFRASTRUCTURE BANK(AIIB) IS NOT COMPETING WITH WORLD BANK. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE NEW SILK ROAD INITIATIVE The Asian Infrastructure Bank is not in competition with the World Bank. The "One Belt and One Road" New Silk Road Initiative as envisioned by President Xi Jingping needs trillions of dollars to complete. Some projects in Central Asia and South East Asia have already started. The AIIB has many projects waiting for funding. Kindly refer to my earlier reports about the progress of the New Silk Road Initiatives. The New Silk Road Initiative will bring connectivity to Central Asia and South East Asia and many parts of the world in terms of modern communication and infrastructure as evidenced by many countries in need who already signed. By some projection, just South East Asia needs 4 trillion dollars for badly needed infrastructure rebuild, for every dollar AIIB invested will bring 5 times the commercial activity in return. That is why the European major countries are signing up not because they wanted to side with China and split with America. The 50 billion dollar initial funds China committed to AIIB is to attract more future investment for the badly needed projects,as a Chinese saying goes China throws out the first brick to attract more jade. China has a very good relation working with the World Bank. China is very appreciative of the funding she received for poverty relief from the World Bank during her early development days. China does not forget old friends. Justin Yifu Lin, the previous chief economist and vice president of World Bank is now working very closely with the Chinese government to launch the current economic reform plans. The AIIB is all inclusive. Right after British, Germany, France and Italy announced their intention to join the AIIB, China immediately announced that America is welcome to join. Unlike the U.S. initiated TPP free trade zone, China was intentionally excluded. The New Silk Road Initiative is the biggest world mutual development now to help the developing world modernize. China welcomes the whole world to participate. That is how China wishes to share her progress. All countries are welcome to benefit from the grand vision of the New Silk Road Initiatives. This is how the future world will progress together, harmony and mutual development not hegemony. Best of Harmony Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

China will harmonize U.S.and China culture as proven by its 5000 years of continuous history (China is not kicking out Western Culture)

China will harmonize U.S.and China culture as proven by its 5000 years of continuous history (China is not kicking out Western Culture) What is the big debate in China is not kicking out Western culture, only the extreme selfishness. Xi Jinping suggested Chinese socialism core culture values contain Western values of law and democracy but also harmony and patriotism. U.S. patriotism is to spread democracy. China's patriotism is build on harmony and world mutual development. That is the inevitable direction of world future development as illustrated by world enthusiasm for the "one belt and one road" initiative of Xi Jinping. The first 30 years of the new Chinese Republic was to learn from Russia, the last 30 years was to learn from the U.S. It is time for China to return to its cultural heritage as suggested by Xi jinping. The Chinese culture of Confucianism advocates pursue of social order through active self cultivation and Daoism advocates harmony, this is the Yang and Yin balance system that can contain all cultures as proven by the 5000 years of Chinese continuous culture by absorbing foreign invasion. Just like Confucianism and Daoism absorbed Buddhism religion to form a unified Chinese culture, the Chinese Yin Yang system of believe is going to absorb Western extreme individualism to form another new world culture. The future unified Chinese culture will harmonize social order, individualism, religion, harmony and democracy into one new world system that is inclusive of East, West and middle East. That will lead to true world harmony in the future. Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Why my published articles on harmony are blocked by NSA of America? By Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. During the last fifteen years as Director General of World Harmony Organization I published over 500 articles and books on many international media websites,scribed.com, worldharmonyforum.blogspot.com, worldharmonyorg.net, amazon.com under various harmony topics such as harmony renaissance, harmony diplomacy, harmony faith and U.S. China relation. You may access the respective websites or Google the listed topics for my articles. China has been so badly understood by the West because mostly due to U.S. media misrepresentation. My sincere desire is to write a better China story for improved harmony between U.S. and China. However, because of my writings contrast with the U.S. media, NSA of America has black listed me. As a result my World Harmony Organization website is hacked and my World Harmony email is blocked and I cannot access my articles on media websites. For a better understanding of my writing I now abstract the high lights from my three most read articles to appeal to the public. My three most read articles by the public are "Who is more dependent on whom, U.S. or China?", "Why is it difficult to achieve world harmony?" and "China's harmony renaissance, what the world must know". The following are the abstracts of my three most read articles by the public. "Who is more dependent on whom, U.S. or China": In the U.S. media the commonly held belief is that China is more dependent on the U.S. because America is the largest market. However, this belief is outdated by the fact that Europe and South East Asia is now China's number one and two trade partner and U.S. is only number three. U.S. is dependent on China also because the 1.3 trillion of U.S. debt China is holding and U.S. is dependent on the high quality and economical daily necessity goods China manufactures. "Why is it difficult to achieve world harmony?": It is difficult to achieve world harmony because of religious prejudice, political prejudice, race prejudice and U.S. hegemony. "China's harmony renaissance, what the world most know": Harmony belongs to the world, however, throughout China's 5000 years of history, harmony is China's cultural essence. Her sages and philosopher such as Confucius and Loatzu had sang the praise for harmony. Under the Xi jinping era the China dream is the rejuvenation of China. To rejuvenate China one must first bring back China's cultural essence which is harmony renaissance. All new things can be built on China's ancient cultural heritage. Xi JInping added, "Without cultural roots, a nation is without soul. It can be powerful, but it is not a great nation." The above China stories are in direct contrast to American media's misrepresentation and propaganda to demonize China. They stand as obstacles to NSA's national security strategy to advance U.S. interests. As a result the NSA considers my articles are their targets that they must marginalize. For truth about China represented by my writing, kindly refer to my widely read articles published on previous media websites and blog sites. Best of Harmony Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA