Saturday, October 18, 2014


COMPARING CHINA HIGH SPEED RAIL TO AMERICA’S COMMERCIAL AIRLINE WORLD DOMINANCE AND THE ADVENT OF HIGH SPEED RAIL ERA By Francis C W Fung,Ph.D. China's high speed rail dominance will continue to expand and no country in the world is likely to ever catch up. China has a large land mass plus high population density. These are the initial driving forces for the growth of energy efficient high speed rail over commercial airline for energy efficient land transportation. Plus Chinese high speed rail after successful implementation in China land mass has incentives to expand towards central Asia, south East Asia and Russia and Europe as evidenced by the recent contract signed with Turkey and Russia. The long historical importance of ancient Silk Road is also an invitation for China to expand its reach to Europe by way of central Asia. Plus there are exportation possibilities to other continents such as the recent contracts signed with Brazil, Argentina and potential contracts with India. It is a well-known axiom that necessity is the mother of product invention and market demand is the reason for commercial success. Because of the large domestic demand for high quality cameras, Japanese cameras come to dominate the world market. Because of the large land mass of America and high standard of living, U.S commercial airline industry leap frog ahead of Europe despite the fact that aeronautics as a science originated from Europe and America imported the science from Europe through the help of famous aerodynamicists such as Von Karman and Prandtl. Airbus finally caught up with America was through the forming of a European consortium. Because of the growth of international flights now is expanding to Asia, China's CCAC (China Commercial Airline Corporation) in time will catch up with Boeing and Airbus. However because China enjoys large land mass advantage connecting Europe through central Asia and down to India through south East Asia, the Western countries will be very hard put to ever catch up with China on high speed rail commercial success. Judging on the present trend, unlike other countries with high speed rail technology, China is not selfish in exporting high-speed rail. High speed rail diplomacy as practiced is a wise move by the Chinese government that will not only benefit China but the whole world. In all likelihood the world will surely see the advent of high speed rail era for efficient land transportation because of China's dedication. Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA

Thursday, October 16, 2014


CHINESE CULTURAL RENAISSANCE AND CHINESE EXCEPTIONALISM BY FRANCIS C W FUNG, PH.D. U.S. EXCEPTIONALISM Any discussion of Chinese exceptionalism must start by mentioning American exceptionalism because the term exceptionalism was associated with America ever since the U.S. became globally dominant after the Second World War. What is American exceptionalism? Simply put, it is American founding principle based on European democracy with innovation added to build a future society supported by economic and military power. As a matter of fact the U.S. has habitually used military power to exert its exceptionalism. In many ways because China is a unique ancient civilization with 5000 years of uninterrupted culture, Chinese exceptionalism can be Chinese cultural Renaissance as foundation with added innovation for a future society by support of some form of power. By necessity it does not have to be military power. In fact as we will show in the following, cultural renaissance can be the essential element in supporting the reformation of exceptionalism. XI JINPING ON EXCEPTIONALISM WITH CHINESE CHARACTERISTICS In an article titled “Xi Jinping on Exceptionalism with Chinese Characteristics”, by Didi Kirsten Tatlow, the author correctly reported excerpts from Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech on the deep rooted democratic thoughts in Chinese classics in support of Chinese exceptionalism. Such as: “The people are the basis of a country” Confucius ‘ “Shang Shu” or book of Documents; “Politics is about winning the people’s support, from Mengzi; “Combine rituals that express ethics and the law to rule” again from Confucius; “To govern one must attract talented people who can serve” from Tang dynasty “ The essentials of governance in the Zhengguan Reign” written in the years 708-10 extolling Tang Taizong;”Virtues are central, punishment supplements them” a quote from Dong Zhingshu, the Han dynasty political philosopher. However, Tatlow made a baseless prediction that Chinese government cannot reconcile with ancient Chinese culture. THE GREAT CHINESE CULTURAL RENAISSANCE AND EXCEPTIONALISM According to Professor Kang Xiaoguang of public administration at Renmin University in Beijing, President Xi’s emphasis on Chinese classical thought makes sense within contemporary politics. After decades of Deng Xiaoping leadership during which the government focused on economic growth, prof. Kang noticed an interest in fundamental cultural change. This new direction in political thinking he called the “Great Realignment Theory”. The present author sees this realignment more importantly as the great “Chinese Cultural Renaissance” and the formation of Chinese exceptionalism. This Great Chinese Cultural Renaissance will herald the Chinese rejuvenation and Chinese dream as extoled by President Xi. This cultural renaissance encompassing 5000 years of Chinese wisdom embodying Confucian wisdom, Chinese democratic thoughts and Harmony Renaissance will surpass the accomplishment of European Renaissance based on the rediscovery of Greek ancient democratic culture. Harmony is more inclusive than democracy. It includes all aspect of human relations as well as with nature. When a country is in harmony that means the citizen has reached a higher form of relation with the government than democracy can. When the world is in harmony it means humanity is enjoying long lasting peace. When humanity is in harmony with nature it means we have achieved sustainable development. For more complete dissertation on “Harmony Renaissance” please Google author’s other papers on “harmony renaissance” , “harmony virtues” and” harmony diplomacy”. With the renaissance of harmony and Chinese philosophic wisdom, the great Chinese cultural renaissance will take mankind to the next level of liberation, releasing mankind from the shackles of religious and racial prejudices, wealth disparity and give us new energy to harmonize with nature and proceed to truly sustainable development that will benefit all humanity. Thus bringing mankind to a higher level of accomplishment than merely democracy alone can achieve. THE INEVITABILITY OF THE GREAT CHINESE CULTURAL RENAISSANCE Professor Kang Xiaoguang on Renmin University website contrasted the great Chinese Cultural Renaissance to other contemporary political thought such as Marxism, progressive liberalism and neo-authoritarianism. He concludes that “As Chinese people have more engagement with the outside world, they have a deeper need for self-affirmation.” Responses to the blog are “There is a sense of urgency in making Chinese culture something that foresighted members of society have a responsibility to transmit and promote, to build national faith”; “ The party is able to transmit both Marxism and traditional culture” said Professor Yan Xiaofeng at the National Defense University; “ President Xi’s remarks on merging the Chinese revolutionary tradition with ancient culture is a sense that Chinese socialism with Chinese characteristics needs the wisdom from Chinese traditional culture said Professor Ye Zicheng, a political science Professor form Peking University in a recent interview. “The desire to recover new things from Chinese history and culture so that it has greater cohesive force and greater influence on the minds of Chinese people is President Xi”s biggest difference in terms of governance .” The current destructive occupy central movement by young people in Hong Kong is an expression of extremism absent of cultural values. It is a protest hurting the silent public and the Hong Kong community at large for outside interest and the political gain of few, not unlike the Red Guard rampage during by gone days. It is irrational because it hijacked the silent majority and ignored the basic law, the HK constitution, which requires that candidates be reviewed by the election committee. Hong Kong’s emotional and senseless civil disobedience amply demonstrates the need for cultural and harmony renaissance in the onetime British colony without a legitimate culture. President Xi has already spent considerable energy in formulating the socialist core values by incorporating Chinese ancient wisdom for nation building. The core values in a simple poem are “Wealth, Democracy. Culture, Harmony. Liberty, Equality. Justice, Rule of Law. Patriotism, Professionalism. Trustworthiness, friendliness.” These 12 important cultural Renaissance concepts are being written into text books and are recommended thesis topics for higher education. China has three Greatwalls , first is the physical one built before Han Dynasty. The second was built by the martyrs who died by fighting the aggressors and imperial powers. The third is the greatwall written in Chinese characters that propagate the Chinese cultural wisdom for 5000 years. One must not overlook the patriotic influence of Chinese red revolution liberation which formed the foundation of modern China and saved China from colonialism. In a website named “Confucius said, teacher explain” ,in promoting Chinese ancient culture study, Chao Yaxin quoted YiJing “Dao is the complementary cycle of Yin and Yang.”, and in another Chinese saying on 60 years historical cycle “ Thirty years West and Thirty years East”. Looking to the future Chao continues “After the founding of Peoples Republic of China, first thirty years learning from Russia, the second thirty years learning from U.S. and European powers and the next thirty years will herald the great Chinese Cultural Renaissance”. “ These Yin Yang cycles fulfils the teaching of Confucian Lunyu classic in the development of a nation that will go through the cycle of gaining power, then wealth then finally reaching cultural renaissance azimuth height.” In due course Chinese exceptionalism will rise with grandeur. Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA.