Friday, June 5, 2009




Solar concentrator photos of Sandia/SES commercialization belongs to the public domain. The McDonnell patent used also already expired. The Sandia/SES commercialization was funded by DOE using tax payer money. As long as Genei gives credit to Sandia Lab we are permitted to use photos from Sandia Lab website. On all Genei websites only Sandia Lab photos are published and due credit are given. There is absolutely no SES trade mark used.Regarding Scrib website, I have temporary deleted your document in consideration of your copy rights. You have not infringed on SES copyrights as long as you only use photos from Sandia Lab website and credit given to Sandia Lab. In your response to SES please have their attorney contact me directly regarding Genei publications. You may also forward my email to SES attorney.

I look forward to discuss with SES team on Genei utility scale solar concentrator technology. Genei technology transforming and patent protected solar concentrators are specially designed for large 25 to 50 KW solar Stirling engines. Because our load bearing and interlocking design philosophy allows lighter, more economical, more durable and easier to construction of large scale solar concentrators. Our “good”, “better” and “best” mirror elements are robust, more efficient, longer lasting and require less maintenance compared to conventional glass mirrors and mirror films.

I am on good terms with SES Chairman Osborn. I have great respect for his successful solar Stirling engine commercialization with Sandia Lab.

Genei: Concentrating on Solar Power!

Francis C W Fung, PH.D.
Genei, Inc

Thursday, June 4, 2009



I am writing to seek your guidance and advice for Genei’s USP submission. Your consideration will be greatly appreciated by all. Our solar concentrator technology, with its significant advantages over state of the art, will jump start utility-scale Solar Stirling electricity generation, as well as herald the coming of HE PV industries. The opening up of both industries will no doubt have a great impact on job creation and future energy availability and cost.
Genei, as you know, is a group of dedicated engineers and scientists working on solar power concentration. As a group, we are well versed in solar power, design, material science, and manufacturing. Jim Townsend and I are partners from way back, when we were roommates at Brown University majoring in aeronautical engineering. Our other partners include senior members from Starpoint Solar, Inc., MTI, Product Realization Network (PRN, associated with Stanford University), and Northwestern Polytechnic University.
We are nearly ready to submit our USP "Solar Concentrator for Utilities". Our intellectual properties include PPAs and proprietary expertise on robust and durable solar concentrators with cost, weight, efficiency, maintenance, and construction advantages. We have invested considerable time and effort into our proprietary technology and have produced scalable models and videos to demonstrate that technology.
We will propose a three-phase program starting from comprehensive performance measurements of our model dishes and mirror elements, to construction of three 50’X50’ prototypes, to final commercialization of utility-scale solar concentrators for Stirling engines and HE PV panels. In the first phase we are seeking funding for actual cost plus reasonable overhead costs. We will enhance the offer with a 30% cost reduction as our contribution. We will also consider augmenting that with part of our current intellectual properties, including models, as our initial investment into the program.
We need your guidance and advice as to the funding we can reasonably request from DOE. Though the complete program including commercialization, if done right, will cost in the millions, we are willing to start with a $350,000 first-phase program, including our own initial investment as already mentioned in the previous paragraph. The first phase will include full systematic performance measurements of three 25” scale models using our “good”, “better”, and “best” mirror elements plus a complete structural design of a 50’X50’ concentrator taking full advantage of our load bearing, interlocking design philosophy. Please give us your opinion on this funding request.
We would like to know if our approach fits in well with current DOE thinking and metrics. Your opinion will be our guide in our submission. We are genuinely thankful for your opinion.Genei: Concentrating on Solar Power!

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.
Genei, Inc.