Saturday, April 7, 2007

Communication with UK Deputy Prime Minister Hon John Prescott
Dear Hon. John Predcott, Deputy Prime Minister of U.K.;

I read with great respect your distinguished speech at Sheffield University, England on 18 January 2007. Thank you for quoting my humble articles on Harmony Renaissance. My wish to communicate with you resonate with your spirit to pursuit East and West cultural exchange. As Director General of World Harmony Organization(WHO), it is time for me to reach out to you on the eve of our launching of Commisions of World Harmony Ambassadors and World Harmony Festival.

WHO is a not for profit, international and interfaith NGO dedicated to the pursuit of World Harmony Renaissance for a Better World. Our Motto is "Harmony belongs to the world and is the Order of Nature." Today's world conflicts, religious strife, uniteralism, terrorism, extremism, North and South disparity and ecology concerns invite Harmony as the only universal common value solution. Harmony is all embracing because it is the essence of tolerance, acceptance, respect, equity and patience.

We at WHO are enboldened by can do attitude to call for service marked World Harmony Ambassadors, World Harmony Volunteers and World Harmony Declaration through World Harmoony Festival, Commissions, World Harmony Institutes and World Harmony Renaissance Centers. As Dr. Kissenger recently put in his characteristc and low key manner, the world needs a New World Order. The highest human common value and guiding spirit will be Harmony, our believe.

World Harmony Renaissance is the timely inevitable tide. America is the young dynamic country of advocacy. England, China and other distinguished nations too many to mention, are countries of wisdom and spiritual inspiration. From our joint vantage point, time is ripe for America, England and China to initiate true two way East and West cultural exchange. You as a pioneer, already setting an admirable example. It is my honor to invite you to participate in our universal World Harmony Renaissance movement.

We welcome Honorary Advisers, Consultants and Directors to join in the pressing work of launching the World Harmony Festival, World Harmony Ambassador Nominations and World Harmony Declaration drafting. Your dedication, guidance and leadership in pursuit of harmony will be greatly appreciated. Be proud we are citizens of the world and not citizens of one powerful nation. Attached is the Forword and back cover of my forthcoming book "World Harmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World" for your preview and comment.

May harmony prevail in the world!

Francis C. W. Fung, PH.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

Dear Deputy Prime Minister Hon John Prescott,

I am greatly encouraged by your distinguished 18 January 2007 speech summarizing the work of UK China Task Force uniquely set up by the two Prime Ministers-Tony Blair and Wen Jiabao in 2003. You are to be commended for the tremendous accomplishments at all levels for the diverse exchanges under your leadership in such a short time. I am especially impressed by your belief in cultural exchanges and the harmony it can bring to UK and China.

From your quotations of my writings, you are familiar with my harmony essays and announcements published worldwide by Xinhua Net, China Economic Net, CPC (Building Socialist Harmonious Society) Net and "Foreign Affairs" Journal. Please refer to attached Google search results and "Praise for World Harmony Renaissance" from the back cover of my forthcoming book. With your permission I would like to include your significant speech in my book "World Harmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World" as an inspiring success story on World Harmony Renaissance. My current book is a collection of Essays and Speeches on the Launching of World Harmony Organization, on calling for world participation in World Harmony Festivals, Ambassadors, Volunteers, Declarations and formation of World Harmony Renaissance Centers and other solutions for today's world problems through Harmony Consensus. The immediate crisis facing the world includes international conflicts, religious strife, terrorism, extremism, unilateralism, North and South extreme disparity and ecology, resources concerns.

I believe time is ripe for young and dynamic America to advocate World Harmony Renaissance through the solutions I suggested in my book. Together with England and your vision, America and China can be the three representative world cultural pillars of historical importance to initiate the pursue of world harmony renaissance. The formation of this triangular platform with you as the vanguard, modeled after the UK China Task Force, can create the dynamics and sustainable momentum and gather the necessary resources to herald the World Harmony Renaissance tide. People's longing for Harmony Development is moving ahead and governments will follow. World Harmony Renaissance needs the participation of the world community but UK-America-China Harmony Consensus is a necessary condition to provide traction. Be proud we are citizens of the world and not citizens of one powerful nation.

May Harmony Prevail in the World !

Francis C. W. Fung, PH.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization.

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