Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Friends,

One of our important publication task will be to collect opinions from you to formalize a World Harmony Renaissance Declaration. Harmony is an ideal and renaissance is action together they comprise an advocacy. For now the brief guide lines for contribution are:

(I) Statements must be short and concise.

(II) It must be scientifically grounded and defendable.

(III) It must show historical prospective as well as forward thinking

(IV) It should show a vision to pursuit world harmony through innovative and creative thinking.

Following is a draft example from opinions already collected to start the process.


In the East harmony as a social science theory was evolved from natural science observation by Laotze. Einstein was also quoted as saying the order of nature is not accidental. Harmony is the order of nature. Harmony belongs to the universe.


Harmony is the order of natural science and the fundamental law of the universe.

Harmony is dynamic energy balance and is also the principle of universe creation.

The invisible energy that created the universe can also be called DAO.

Laotze said "Dao created one, one created two, two created three, three created all things. All things carry Ying and embrace Yang. Dynamic balance creates harmony."

Harmony renaissance is the guiding principle to be applied to natural and social sciences. It is the break through that will take us to the next level of human creativity and accomplishment beyond European Renaissance.

Look forward to your contributions both East and West, North and South. Above are only examples to start your thinking but not chiseled in stone. WHO reserves the right to refuse acceptance of contributions that are deemed by open vote as inapproproate. A Chinese version will be rendered later. Chinese contributions are also welcome.

Francis C. W. Fung,Ph.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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