Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Harmony is human science developed from natural science. The order of nature is dynamic balance in pursuit of harmony as illustrated by the Daoist sign of life. Einstein said that God does not play dice with nature. Another way of putting it is "Nature seeks harmony and harmony is the order of nature." The seasons we observed, the occurrences of floods, typhoons and tsunamis are all testimonials of natural acts seeking harmony. They are large events in the victims' life, but small dynamic balances to achieve harmony compared to the size of the earth. These natural phenomena are caused by pressure and temperature imbalances. Human beings are endowed with intellects that are above natural phenomena. Our ideology differences can create wars that are more destructive than any earthly natural forces. We believe we can control nature. In reality human beings are part of the natural order. All ideology struggles are imbalances that must eventually return to harmony, the order of nature. Peace can only be temporary without harmony. Harmony is the ultimate human virtue of tolerance, respect, acceptance, and patience with other cultures, religions, political systems and ideologies.

The universe was created by dark energy (the Ying), by virtue of the dynamic creation process the universe will continue to expand at an enormous scale. In Dao De Jing, Dao besides meaning the way, can also be interpreted as the dark energy. De is virtue and harmony is the ultimate human virtue. The gems contained in Dao De Jing warrant a concerted effort to reinterpret Dao De Jing from the perspective of modern science. World harmony renaissance can free the collective mind of all people in the world to pursuit even broader scientific development.

Francis C. W. Fung,Ph. D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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