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Dear Honorary Directors and Directors,
Following is World Harmony Organization team members list heading various important Commissions up dated with C J Yin and Farzam Kamalabadi added. WHO is a non profit public benefit 501 tax code corporation. Our resident attorney is the highly regarded Leon Jew who deigned our organization chart for performance with parallel equal rank commissions. This structure is also designed for maximum participation. Directors are limited to 7 who's main function is to set up long range goals to guide the various commissions and may not need to be directly involved in any Commission work. Commission members may not be Directors either.

Recently there are some very important break through with our Ecology and Energy and U.S. China Relation Commissions. As a result we have new honorary directors and directors who are bringing a lot of resources and will play very important roles in furthering the harmony Renaissance goals of WHO.

I have announced to you in my previous emails that we have the honor of welcoming C.J Yin and Farzam Kamalabadia, both are highly regarded society pillars with deep commitment to the most great peace, harmony and U.S. China harmonious relation. Farzam as an authority on China development and one of the leaders of today's world oil industry scene. For those who are not familiar with the said fields you may simply Google Farzam Kamalabadi. C.J and his charitable family are well known in the Bay area and his major photo publications on Nanjing Massacre and Second World War Germ Warfare make him a renowned personality worldwide.

Farzam has kindly agreed to support our harmony renaissance future publications and presentation to China and also our Ecology and Energy Commission. C J and I will be working on very exciting project to untie the knot of misunderstanding between the U.S. public and China.

Seasons Greetings!

Francis C. W. Fung
Director General
World Harmony Organization

WORLD HARMONY ORGANIZATION COMMISSION TEAM MEMBERS UPDATED HARMONY ORGANIZATION TEAM As the leading world harmony renaissance think tank we are growing with harmony by leaps and bounds. Our organization structures are designed to accomplish mission tasks by Commissions directly, effectively and with sense of responsibility.

Commission for U.N. Relation headed by Albert Chang and Albert Cheung
Commission for U.S.- China Relation headed by C.C. Tien(stand in for Peter Tien), Jack Tien, Albert Chang and James C J Yin
Commission for U.K.-China relation headed by Eric Chipps
Commission for Canada-China Relation headed by Morgan Steacy
Commission for Africa-China relation headed by Lee P. Der
Commission for Unity of Religion headed by Nushin Mavadatt, Peter Numann and Rana Chang
Commission for World Harmony Cultural Festival headed by Spencer Chase, Terry Rucker, Tatiana Ganenko, Sheila Chipps, Peter Lam, Sophie Tse and Terry Luk.
Commission for International Harmony Renaissance Symposium headed by Morgan Staecy, Dean Jacob Perea and Francis C. W. Fung
Commission for Ecology and Energy headed by Farzam Kamalabadi, Lin Guang Qien and Francis C. W. Fung
Commission for Harmony and Natural Science headed by Qin Nanji
Resident Legal Adviser Leon Jew
Media Relation headed by Iris Lei and Tina Wang supported by Sheila Chipps and Inna Elbert.
Financing and Business Development headed by Farzam Kamalabadi and Lee P. Der
Chinese Cuture and Language Education Eileen Chan and Lin Guang Qien
Executive secretary Julia Devendorf

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I have two new directors joining me for your file. Farzam and I is discussing to finalize the co founder agreement to my green energy inventions. Farzam is also the international personality as the highly respected China hand in culture and oil and energy, whom I have forwarded some information to you previously. James C J Yin, who joined me very recently was the renowned author and philanthropist. Following is a brief description of his accomplishments and attached essays I coauthored with him in our latest endeavor to increase U.S. China understanding.

Both Farzam and James have deep feelings about U. S. China friendship and have worked for U.S. China harmony as their life long pursuit. U.S. China peace and understanding is the most important international relation in the 21st Century. You may Google them and find out more about their world peace and harmony contributions.

Seasons Greetings!



I am attaching a Chinese news bulleting on our new director and my partner in harmony renaissance, James C. J. Yin and his renowned family. The article speaks highly of him and his family's contribution to the world over many decades.

James Yin among he and his family's contribution to thworld as detailed in the WHO's WHo publications,also published large size photo albums include the Masscare of Nanjing, the Second World War Germ Warfare. The Nanjing photos and the narrative written by James Yin is being used by Hollywood as script for a new movie. The Germ warfare photos are being used as only valid evidence to trial the war criminals.

James Yin and I are currently cooperating on our join undertaking, a photo album titled Pictorial Tibet 100 Years. The over 300 photos collected by James Yin over the last two decades compared Tibet then and now without any political comments. The unwitting knot tied between the emotions of US and China by self motivated political activitists need to be harmoniously resolved. US China harmonious relation will not advance despite many well wishers like you and I, unless this knot imposed by the unwitting and uninformed is untied. That is why James Yin and I are currently working hard to shed some unbiased light on the subject. Farzam I hope you can give us some help in distributing and spreading the news on this friendship and harmony album.

The only verbal comments for this album will be limited to the attached introduction James and I put together. The viewer is left by himself to judge the 100 years of change in Tibet by comparing the before and after photos. James and I will be most honored if you as the most respected foreign China expert that you can share your thoughts with the world after you reviewed the sample album that I will bring to Shangahi for your comments. Tibet will remain the most difficult misunderstanding between the US uninformed public and China despite all is said and done by well wishes from both sides.

Hope you will take time off your busy schedule to read this email and advise.

May harmony and the most great peace prevail.



Dear Colleagues,

My old friend and one time partner Mr. Farzam Kamalabadi is committed to support my World Harmony Organization and HKGENEI because of our common values and interests. Both my harmony renaissance and green energy inventions accomplishment provide contents for Pan Sino Oil and Gas Corporation's initiatives in harmonious energy distribution and green energy promotion.

Following is a brief introduction to Pan Sino and Farzam in the high level oil and gas ventures. For more info on Farzam and Pan Sino please use the link

About Us

Pan Sino Energy Development Co., Ltd.Brief Introduction
Pan Sino Energy Development Company Limited is a newly emerging enterprise of China specializing in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry.
A major shareholding company with the unique triangular combination of Chinese governmental, Chinese private and international private shareholders, Pan Sino Energy is well positioned to rise as a leading active oil and gas company of China.
Pan Sino Energy's governmental enterprise shareholder is Pan Sino Group Holding Company (ZhongJi ChanYe), a large and powerful State conglomerate owned and operated by the influential Central Communist Party University, the sole institution from which all provincial governors and central government leaders of China must graduate.
Pan Sino Energy's Chinese private shareholders are influential family members of the highest level First Generation Leaders of China, with extensive experience in international business and also domestic oil and gas deals. As a group, they are represented here in Pan Sino Energy as shareholders of the private company, CNPC Zhuhai Zhonghuan Uni-Petro Co., Ltd.
Pan Sino Energy's international private shareholder is Mr. Farzam Kamalabadi ( Mr. Hua Zan ), President of Future Trends International (Group) Corporation. Mr. Kamalabadi is a leading China expert and a prominent and recognized figure in the oil and gas system of China; the only foreign businessman in either of the two national-level private oil associations of China and the only personality to be invited to serve as the vice-Chairman of the two national associations.
He brings into this dynamic company his strong background and connections and network of top leadership of the oil rich supply-side countries of the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and Latin America; as well as rich experience in cross-cultural co-operation and international project organization.
The core business of Pan Sino Energy is investing into the upstream oil exploration blocks overseas, and mid and downstream projects in North and South China, as well as petroleum trading activities, and specially executing high-end projects and communicating on top national-level strategic deals.
Pan Sino Energy has access to adequate funding and full governmental support to conduct large scale domestic and international oil and gas projects. It has extensive industry know-how and specialization and has on its Board also prominent retired Ministers and vice Ministers of the former Petroleum and Petrochemical Ministry of China.

Copyright 2006-2008

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Peace and Harmony Articles by Farzam Kamalabadi

Dear Friends,

In 1987-1988 Farzam and I commisioned the renowned Chinese artists Liu Hai Sue and Fan Zheng to pan "The Most Great Peace will Surely Come" in a peace painting.exhibition in HK and Taiwan. We are those rare Americans who won recognition worldwide as personalties by presenting China in the positive image of peace and harmony philosophies through our life long dedication and belief.

Following are media reports on some of our more well known pursuits. The most great peace is the coming of a peace and harmonious world order that is rich in unity in diversity.

日期:2003-1-20 作者:- 阅读:627

On the threshold of the new century, the steady development of healthy US-China relations will prove to be a decisive factor in determining the nature of the 21st century and the eventual emergence and long-term settlement of a positive international order.
On the other hand, the piling up of unwarranted mistrust and unjustified worries stemming from misunderstandings and ignorance will cause a more turbulent period in the checkered history of the new world order, posing a yet more perilous menace to the world community than in previous centuries.
But the solid foundation for nurturing positive US-China relations can only be erected by a correct understanding of the forces and processes at work which are inevitably bringing China fully into the world arena for the first time in history.
China has to be seen as the only nation whose citizens rarely came into direct contact with the outside world during the entire course of its continuous 5,000 years of civilization prior to the initiation of the reform and opening-up policies. Over 98 per cent of the population had never met the people of the Western nations.
Such a unique continued isolation until recent years, so unnoticed and easily ignored by the people of the Western world, has implications.
This position, on the one hand, had made China for many years a non-progressive, insular and introverted society. Its peculiarities and characteristics are not readily understood by the Western world.
On the other hand, China has developed a unique civilization with a distinct world outlook, philosophy, mind-set, culture, value system, medical theories and practices and its own definitions of spirituality. This makes it potentially capable of contributing to the world society.
China's reform and opening-up policies, instituted gradually over the last two decades, therefore, need to be put in perspective and understood in the light of the macro world processes shaping and reshaping the destinies of the whole of humankind.
China's opening up, reform and development can be understood as not instigated and orchestrated merely by individual, far-sighted leaders.
It is more correct to understand the change as the flowering of the collective soul of China coinciding with the early stages of the internationalization of the planet, a new process which has only gathered momentum in the last century.
It is the fulfilling of the sacred destiny of a major contributor of world civilization, as embodied in the release of long-withheld latent psychological powers, desires, and needs of the aggregate population of such a nation, but voiced by the far-sighted new leaders of New China representing and vocalizing such hitherto temporarily checked and unvoiced cries.
The psychological powers of a once progressive and powerful nation have been stretched and held in captivity and suspense for a few centuries, and the timing of the quick release has meant a far reaching and fast moving arrow.
Such a marvelous colossal macro process can only find its parallel in the modern world history in the events leading to the appearance of the Renaissance in Europe and the discovery of the North American Continent.
If correctly understood as representing massive macro processes shaping and reordering world structures, then the implications of the recent attempts, albeit laden with challenges and repeated pitfalls, of the regeneration of China, will be that it is an unstoppable torrential current which will tear down whatever internal or external forces that, however unwittingly, may be blocking its path or hoping to contain it.
Once rightfully understood as the release of the massive hidden and latent mental forces of the population of an entire nation, albeit itself as yet mostly unconscious, in fulfilling its contributory destiny to the creation of a peaceful New World Order, then it will be known that no force, internal or external, can check or revert this fast-advancing process.
"The lid is off the top of China, and no one can put it back," says Madam Rabbani, the late distinguished leader of the Baha'i World Community (statement made in 1989-90).
The phenomenon of the emergence of China into the world community, therefore, should be welcomed with jubilation.
The Western world must come to terms with such unparalleled world processes, must rightfully interpret its purport on the threshold of the coming of age of the world of humanity at the juncture of the new millennium, must embrace the constructive contributions it will entail, and must make room and open appropriate space for China to assume its rightful peaceful leadership role in the New World Order.
Any uninformed and conservative member of the Western world who, faced with the unbound and unleashed forces of world civilization, feels threatened and fights against it, will sooner or later find their feeble efforts exhausted, and will in the process, have become the very source of instability.
On the contrary, the entire West should at once, wholeheartedly, with heartfelt emotions and with open arms, embrace China and welcome its leadership participation in the new world on the occasion of the new age.
Such a spontaneous and wide action will ensure a peaceful world order in which a China and Western world, neither threatened nor threatening, will have joined hands in complimentary roles to advance the cause of the progress of civilization.
The author is president of Future Trends International Corporation.
Date: 03/20/2000Author: FARZAM KAMALABADICopyright?by China Daily

2007年03月08日 15:59:05  来源:新华网


冯忠华认为,和谐思想体现在诸多方面,小到人与自然、人与家庭、人与社会的关系,大至政府与民众、民族与民族、国家与国家的关系,都应提倡和谐共处,所谓“四海之内,皆兄弟也”。中华文化的这些和谐理念,是当今构建和谐社会、推动世界和平的重要思想文化资源&# 12290;
冯忠华虽已旅居美国50多年,但始终怀抱拳拳赤子之心。从大学时代开始,他从未间断对中国古典文化的学习与研究,并密切关注当代中国的政治经济发展。作为海外华人科学创新学会创始人,他曾于20世纪80年代访华,在中国科学工程院热物理所及上海交通大学 561;地讲学。
今年初,冯忠华在旧金山创办了世界和谐组织,并在成立大会上发表题为“世界必须知道中国的和谐复兴”的演讲。在他积极不懈的努力和宣传下,该组织得到美国社会各界人士的关注,以及旧金山州立大学等学术机构的支持。目前,该组织正积极筹备讨论会及一系列文化活&# 21160;,并计划于今年秋天发起首个“世界和谐日”。
冯忠华的英文版著作《中国的和谐复兴》现已出版发行,美国主流媒体《外交事务》对此进行了介绍。冯忠华在书中写道:世界不和谐因素是多方面的,例如政治上的单边主义、经济发展不平衡、不同时期的发展及新与旧的矛盾等等,和谐理念将有助于人类解决这些问题 290;

世界和谐复兴必须和谐共识¾¾专访世界和谐组织总干事 冯忠华博士(DIRECTOR GENERAL OF WORLD HARMONY ORGANIZATION) CCTV记者:王 提

冯忠华博士早年就读于美国布朗大学(Brown University)及约翰·霍普金斯大 学 (Johns Hopkins)等美国名校,并以优秀的科技学术成绩在康乃尔大学 (Cornell University)航空研究所及美国国家技术研究院(前美国标准局)等机构服务和工作 多年,曾于上世纪八十年代代表美国核电公司(Combustion Engineering)及航空发 动机公司 (Cooper Rolls Royce)向中国转让技术。
2500年前,自从产生了老子、孔子,及丰富的和谐文化,中国人的智慧中就充满了先贤的和谐观念。构成和谐二字的四部分就是禾、口、言、皆,代表了人民丰食,人人皆言。和谐含有了多种文化共存的意念。孔子说「君子和而不同,小人同而不和」,恰恰表明了和谐高于相同。君 3376;求和而又能接受不同,正所谓「海纳百川,有容乃大」,这就是中国向世人展示的大智慧。今天中国重新发现并提出先贤的和谐文化,将引领新的文艺复兴,创新精神,发现自我。正如欧洲在其黑暗的时期,偶然发掘了古希腊的民主文化,从而引发启蒙思想直到文艺复兴,以及后 ;来不断向外发展的美国民主主义精髓。
和谐的精神其实早已融入我们中国人的基因内。在21世纪的将来,中国和谐世界的观念会进入世界,从而抵制美国民主主义的无限扩大,因为和谐包含了民主主义,和谐才是人类最深刻的协调理念。它是全面处理人与人,人与家庭,人与社会,政府与人民(民主主义),国与国(外交关系),人与自然的思想方法。从和谐角度来 0475;人类的三大文化潮流,即中东的宗教、欧洲的民主及中国的和谐。和谐社会,和谐世界早已归纳在传统中国文化的系统工程内,就是孔老夫子总结的「修身,齐家,治国,平天下」。就是人与自身,个人与家庭,个人与国家,个人与世界的内在关系。
世界和谐组织是在美国加州注册的非牟利组织,致力于世界和谐复兴的研究。创办以来,经冯忠华博士的不懈努力,取得了显著的进展,得到主流社会的认可。中国权威媒体新华网及时报导了该组织成立的消息,并在报导中转述了冯忠华博士的主要观点。他指出,「和谐是属于 9990;界的。使任何国家持续发展的最好的社会系统是其本身的和谐系统。2002年中国宣告发展的科学概念之后,一场大规模的社会和谐复兴运动正蓬勃开展。我们认为世界和谐复兴的理论是人类所期待的更高水准的突破。」
诚如冯博士所言,「和谐是属于世界的。」目前,他正努力通过各种有效方式在美国主流社会宣传,深入推动「和谐复兴」概念。他的英文版著作《中国的和谐复兴》已经出版发行,并在美国主流媒介杂志Foreign Affairs上发表。他在书中提 到,「美国之所以置身于乱世而不拔,原因是还未曾从上世纪五十年代的冷战思维醒过来。今天的世界潮流是发展及和谐,中国应自强不息,抓紧这一机遇,利用世界和谐平台,发出属于自己的声音。过去五十七年美国炒作民主以干涉中国内政,今天中国重新发掘了先贤的和谐 5991;化,这将很自然地把国家带上轨道,登上价值制高点,恢复中国五千年文化的辉煌。经济成长只是物质需要的基础,发现并发展先人的文化价值,才是整个民族的复兴!中国「和谐世界」的社会理念,从根本上打破了美国在社会舆论上的种种垄断,这也说明中国是负责任的大国。 ;世界不和谐的原因是多方面的:如政治上的单边主义,经济发展的不平衡,不同时期的发展及新与旧的矛盾等等,和谐理念正可以起协调与平衡作用。因此,和谐世界将是人们共同的向往,必将成为新时代的潮流,是新世纪最合理的世界规律。和谐是自然规律,也是宇宙运作的原 1017;。 (HARMONY IS THE ORDER OF NATURE AND THE OPERATING PRINCIPLE OF THE UNIVERSE.)
目前,世界和谐组织得到了来自美国主流社会,如三藩市州立大学,以及田长火召、尹集钧、张启智等湾区知名人士的支持和参与。到目前为止,世界和谐组织有不少名誉顾问,包括:英国副首相 Hon John Prescott, 麻省理工学院著名教授兼 作家Noam Chomsky,大西洋月刊著名编辑James Fallows,旧金山州立大学校 长 Jacob Perea。(编者注:顾问中,有“美国的良心”美誉的Noam Chomsky最 具知名度。不但宾·拉丹引用他的话,委内瑞拉总统查韦斯在联大总务会议的发言也引述他的观点。)
(Dr. Fung concludes that “World harmony renaissance will bring our common value to a higher level. This is the driving force that we are all waiting so as to release human creativity and innovation to the next level beyond the achievements of European renaissance.”)


冯教授早期发表的第三篇论文名为【布拉休斯流体中的消失板块】,内容是一个熔化简单回空物体尾流的分析计算。根据国际理论应用力学联盟Unsteady Boundary Layer会议的程序出版。这也是他博士论文,合著人为著名的圣母大学 维克托·尼教授。
从冯教授的著作清单中,人们看到的,除了其职业生涯的各种著作,在节约能源、烟火安全、创新教学和流体动力研究的成就,让人感受最深的是他对和谐复兴的强烈追求,对可再生能源技术的发明激情。冯博士曾任美国国家研究院技术和标准局科长十年,之后和E·G·利布来特博士 (E. J .Liberator)、加布里埃尔·伯勒尔博士 (Gabriel Bohler) 共同创办了航空物理公司(Aerophysics Company)。20世纪70年代末,他们合作过以下意义 重大的项目:
利布来特博士和伯勒尔博士目前已很少出席学术活动,却成为他此生长期的合作伙伴和顾问。两位博士都是表面效应船的专家。伯勒尔博士赢得了地面效应机器的雅号,利布来特博士则为权威刊物《詹氏舰艇Janes Ships》写了表面效应船 Surface Effect Ships) 的引言。
上世纪80年代后期,冯博士和时任MTI公司董事长(现任Benjosh公司总裁)的本诺·史都力腾(Beno Sternlicht)博士共同创办了财经和技术协作公司(Finance & Technology Associates),向中国转让了下列技术:
冯教授提前退休,追求自己感兴趣的和谐理论研究写作和绿色能源技术发明,兼职教学。冯教授曾任教于旧金山州立大学,上海交通大学和中国科学院。从谷歌查找Francis C W Fung,可得到更多关于他的信息。
2、文丘里管动力涡轮发电技术(VPTG),毫无疑问是最适合为农村和边远小社区提供电力的专利发明。使用纳米超级建材制作文丘里管,本少、坚固、质轻、吸热,经济上更加可行。设计原则是综合收集现成的太阳能、废热、大气位能和低品位的就地可用燃料,包括地热和农业废料,最大限度地利用空气& #36935;热膨胀的力量,生产绿色电力。这种废热收集发电同时生产热水的系统,以行之有效的技术设备,变废为宝。
3、水力压缩空气发电机(HACG),可利用水资源甚至循环水为小社区发电和制冷。这种压缩机是一种绿色能源装置,无污染,也不改变生态环境,建造简单,造价低廉。同样使用成本低廉且能现场制作的纳米超级建材和技术,只需数天,就能发电。该系统最适合边远地区、山区,特别是政府核定的自然生态保 252;区。
为了世界和谐复兴大业,世界和谐组织下属就地绿色新能源委员会(NEUAGE COMMISSION)创办了一个节能和生态技术的绿色新能源发明技术储库(GENEI DEPOSITORY),目标是改善发展中国家特别是边远农村地区人民的生活条件。《就地绿色新能源》和《绿色能源发明》两个名字,已成为世界和谐组织提供服务的注册商标和网站。
绿色能源发明技术储库,有意为具备创新生态意识的个人和组织提供多方面的专业协助,使他们为发展中国家特别是农村研发绿色能源的美梦成真。计划向他们提供专业知识,包括但不限于帮助客户甄别发明种类、强化应用、专利申请、商标注册、制作商业计划书、融资、生产 679;机直至商品化和推销,以保证世界和谐复兴及绿色能源事业持续发展,后继有人。
第二、愿景持续成长。期望绿色能源发明技术储库有更大作为,在目前发明平台基础上,辐射全球,不断超越。世界和谐组织并不期望亲自管理自己的技术,也无意在合作公司中控股。冯教授认为,一个能不断成长的成功团队,其理念必须包括优秀的管理,设计,制造,销售和 998;销等力量。