Thursday, April 12, 2007


I proposed in my first harmony book that Harmony is the order of nature and was evolved from observation of nature beginning with Laotze. Chinese medicine was also based on Ying Yang dynamic balance within and without the complex human biological system. Chinese landscaping at its highest form is exemplified by the harmony of nature and artificial. The most acclaimed Chines landscaping are Suzhou gardens and Westlake in Hangzhou.

I mentioned in my book "China's Harmony Renaissance: What the world must know.", Chinese Fengshui practice is a philosophy of life that places emphasis on human harmony with nature and his surroundings. Just like human beings corrupt the pure form of major religions, Fengshui believers also accepted superstitions. The practitioners of the art of Fengshui would like to keep it that way. Harmony renaissance calls for return to the scientific base of harmony living. The credibility of Fengshui as a Chinese belief need to be restored to allow wider acceptance by the main stream. The applicability of Fengshui theory and practice in our life is unlimited.

How can we restore people's interest in harmony living? That was the original concept of Fengshui. Just like all professional practices education and licensing can go a long way to improve quality of service. In Chinese medicine it is precisely the maintenance of high standards and licensing in acupuncture practices that gained its acceptance by the U.S. medical profession. The public is protected and the market widens for all practitioners at the end. Does any body remember the early history of U.S. medicine when snake oil was a cure all for medical ailments until private and government concern moved medical practice to a more scientific level. Believe it or not, only 150 years ago in the U. S. barbers were doctors and doctors were barbers.. The AMA as an association raised the standards and put a stop to that.

I am currently discussing with many in the education field to look at introducing harmony interior and architecture design seminars and courses by bringing expert practitioners from China. A well worked out program by combining US design practices with Chinese harmony can truly enrich our life and also make sales. It may also teach harmony living and philosophy at the same time. Can health practices be learned along the way also?

A beginning may also be made to study the possibility of licensing examines to protect the consumers from the inscrutable. It does not necessary need government regulations. We can form an association of Fengshui practitioners and harmony believers to initiate the study of need for licensing. After all, the well known SAT Exams for College Entrance is managed by a private group and the Security advisers series 6 , 7 and other licensing exams and the AMA Exams. are also managed by its own professional association.

I am throwing this out for all interested to comment and participate. There are a lot of business opportunities for all in modernizing Fengshui practices as a harmony way of life. Harmony Fengshui to health is a way of life for the future. We are at the beginning of Harmony Renaissance. According to an ancient Chinese saying Fengshui rotates every 60 years. Which means family state of affairs change every 60 years. It is time to put Fengshui on a modern scientific base to reintroduce it to the world just like we did with acupuncture. All it need is packaging.

Harmony and perfect Fengshui for the Chinese New Year.

Francis C. W. Fung, Ph.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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