Friday, April 13, 2007


Hope and Harmony Renaissance

Dean Jacob Perea said I have a dream. It is a dream of harmony renaissance for our future generation, for America, for China and for the world. We all have hierarchy of dreams. For dreams to be sustaining in these days of fast pace, fast communication it needs to reach out to the world. Dreams will be short lived if one limits oneself to one nation, no matter how powerful or how much potential it may have.

America is the most powerful and resource endowed nation and China is the most populous and ancient nation with potential. So is Europe, India and many other countries of promise, have common mission to help the world. It is logical for America and China working together to initiate world harmony renaissance. It is time for America, the young dynamic country with ample resources to advocate world harmony renaissance for its own nobility and for a better world.

Senator Barack Obama with foresight is running his campaign with youthful vigor and hope. Hope however is empty wish without underlying supporting philosophy. Hope based on reviving of America greatness without consideration of world harmony is without foundation. America's nobility will only come through if we see in harmony the humility that we need to practice. Nobility comes after humility as I posted on Internet in my last essay "Harmony Renaissance is Coming Alive on the Internet".

The more powerful we are the more we need to practice humility. Humility must increase in direct propotion to our expansion of power to maintain harmony. This the fundamental teaching of dynamic balance in harmony. Keeping harmony is the single most effective approach to improve American global image. American world image is the lowest durimg the last 50 years because we are perceived as the unilateral super power. We have no time to waste.

World Harmony Organization has built its image and good will through publications and the multiplying power of the Internet. We also have the necessary service trade mark registrations and legal protections to initiate a long lasting harmony renaissance campaign. Our momentum will enhance the future career of all team members directly involved, and the opportunity for SFSU to launch its aspiration of teaching harmony.

Religion, democracy and harmony are the three pillars of human culture. This is self evident to all independent thinkers. On the world stage both religion and democracy had profound impact on our common civilization. In these days of world disharmony and disparity, the eyes of equity urge us to move beyond religion and democracy to harmony as world solutions. The premise of harmony is non violence, tolerance, acceptance, respect and equity. It is the single most dynamic common value to foster unity in diversity.

We are investing in harmony for unity in diversity. Corporations and individuals with harmony vision to resonate with the world are investing in their own well being, their future generations and in the world. We are all pioneers riding with the inevitable tide of harmony. That is obvious from the perspective of a better future world. Religious institutions, democratic organizations have raised billions for their cause. Why can't harmony raise funds for worldwide harmony culture festivals? After our initial success our festival will sure spread nationwide and worldwide. If the budding campaign of Senator Obama can raise 25 million on Hope for America why funds can’t be raised for World Harmony Renaissance campaign?

May Harmony Prevail in the World.

Francis C. W. Fung, PH. D.

Director General
World Harmony organization.
April 13, 2007, 5AM.

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