Wednesday, April 11, 2007

To Fred Wu, senior executive of Applied Material

Dear Fred,

Since we put on the Shangri-La Song and Dance Performance in San Francisco back in 2002 and the distribution of the deluxe Song of Shangri-La CD and book album, I have gone on to bigger and more noble ideas. I have founded World Harmony Organization dedicated to the pursuit of World Harmony Renaissance as a solution for today's world conflicts, religious strife, terrorism and ecology concerns. Harmony Renaissance through the practice of tolerance, acceptance, patience and respect of other culture and systems puts humanity at a higher level of common value. Through harmony consensus, in concert we can release our energy mired in conflict struggle as a harmony whole. This redeemed Harmony Renaissance creative energy, together with modern science, will bring humanity to the next level of accomplishment beyond 17th Century European Renaissance.

World Harmony Renaissance have the support of distinguished independent thinkers such as Noam Chomsky, James Fallows, Pan Ke-Moon, Harold Pinter and so on. 23 years ago together with Beno Sternlicht, then Chairman of MTI, our group transferred important Stirling engine technology to China. That culminated in the Second International Conference on Stirling Engines, held in Shanghai, China, June 21-24,1984. I was the keynote speaker, my paper was "The Promising Future of Stirling Engines in China". Now 20,000 Stirling Engines are being deployed near Victorville, CA to produce 500 megawatts electricity, enough for 300,000 families. When goes into full operation in 2009, it will be the largest pollution free solar powered Utility Plant in the world, managed by Southern California Edison.

Stirling engine solar electric utility revival and World Harmony Renaissance both reflect WHO's long range vision in bringing harmony solutions to the conflicting world from ecology to world conflict resolutions.. We are dedicated to the pursuit of World Harmony through education, conferences, publications,World Harmony Renaissance Day Cultural Festivals, Harmony Ambassadors and Harmony Volunteer Corps. Our activities will be all embracing from the grass roots to the sublime.

"World Harmony Organization" is now positioned as leader to enhance the good will world image of "Multinational Corporations" worldwide. MC's who resonate and connect with WHO will immediately gain tangible harmony recognition. For selected significant MC's that participate in our worldwide programs such as World Harmony Day Cultural Festival,Harmony Ambassadors and World Harmony Volunteers Corps can become leading MC's in World Harmony movement. Our Senior Advisers, Harmony Renaissance position papers, important service trade mark registrations on World Harmony, World Harmony Renaissance,World Harmony Ambassadors and other related significant intellectual properties will be the powerful support and resources. Please refer to our website home page .

I would like to chat with you through email to keep you informed of our programs to see we if we have resonance in harmony. Attached is a Xinhua Net Worldwide announcement of the launch of World Harmony Organization.

May harmony prevail in the world !

Francis C.W. Fung,Ph. D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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