Saturday, February 21, 2015


AMERICAN CHINA RELATION SHOULD BE MORE LIKE GO GAME(WEIQI) AND NOT CHESS BY FRANCIS C W FUNG, PH.D. After reviewing several important U.S. China relation articles I realized that China should start looking at the relation more as a weiqi than chess game. For three years since Xi Jinping became President of China, Xi has patiently appealed to Obama for a new relationship to treat each other as equals and more mutual respect. Xi made the first approach of this idea of a new relation during the informal meeting between Obama and himself in California and later again at the Asia Pacific summit meeting at the side line with Obama. By all observations from U.S. scholars, Obama just ignored Xi and increased the military pivot to Asia to contain China. Now Chinese scholars are beginning to advise Xi to look away from trying fruitlessly appeal to Obama. They suggest that China should adopt the strategy of look away from a hopeless situation and redouble her effort to strengthen the other regions to support this hopeless territory as in weiqi. To be specific, Xi's initiative of "Belt and Road" to rebuild the ancient silk road is very timely to help the land locked developing countries to modernize and expand their connectivity with the outside by riding on China's technology and success. This will increase world trade, exchange and China's friendship and cooperation with many countries, such as Central Asian countries, East European countries, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Brazil, African and south American countries. There will be a lot of infrastructure to be built by Chinese technology and investment. Comparing to the military investment and expansion in U.S. effort to pivot to Asia, the belt and road initiative is more constructive, more conducive to peace and beneficial to the world. When Xi comes to the U.S. in July for the state visit invited by Obama, I suggest that Xi should just play cool and not waste any effort to convince Obama for a more equal relation. Instead he should just bring China's first lady to charm the U.S. public like she did as she visited many other countries. In time the buildup of the belt and road initiative will show Obama the reality that China is the infrastructure builder of the world and an equal partner in a multipolar world. That will bring world harmony a step closer to reality also!!!!! Francis C W Fung,Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA

Thursday, February 12, 2015


CHINA WILL SOON BECOME THE INFRASTRUCTURE BUILDER OF THE WORLD WITHIN NEXT TWO DECADES BY FRANCIS C W FUNG, PH.D. Now China is the factory of the world. Because of her around the world rapid expansion of infrastructure building cooperation it will soon earn another title as the infrastructure builder of the world. The new silk road project is moving forward in earnest around many parts of the world. The "belt and road project" is also being included into China's own national energy, transportation plan and budget. China has signed agreement with 39 countries along the silk road. To expedite the high speed rail expansion along the silk road China has already built high speed rail factory is Malaysia and Eastern Europe. The Malaysia plant is preparing to supply trains to Singapore,Thailand and Malaysia. Among the agreements signed also include many ports, dams, hydro and nuclear electric plants utility and internet network as well as hg speed rail lines. The U.S. will remain as the dominant world military equipment supplier and power, but China will quietly become the dominant world harmony and connectivity developer of the world. Many developing country will soon be able modernize with the help of China!!!!!!!! Francis c W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA

Friday, February 6, 2015

China National Rejuvenation, Dos and Don'ts

CHINA NATIONAL REJUVENATION DOS AND DON’TS BY FRANCIS C W FUNG, PH.D For National rejuvenation China must revive its own culture, introducing Western ideas only to stimulate its cultural renaissance. Xi Jinping, President of China said “China must return to her ancient rich cultural heritage as foundation for modernization. A nation without cultural roots is without soul”. China is a very open society right now it is inundated by political, religious, cultural and tradition ideas from the West. To prevent the over domination of Western ideas, China must be discriminate in the introduction of Western ideas so the national rejuvenation policy introduced by Xi Jinping not be dislodged by the on slaughter of Western thoughts. Recently the Chinese cultural reinforcement campaign launched by Xi Jinping is timely and necessary. Despite a barrage of Western media criticism comparing to the campaign of old excessive reeducation by Mao, Xi Jinping ‘s campaign is not at all a negative anti-intellectual campaign but a positive campaign to reinforce China national cultural rejuvenation. Xi Jinping’s approach is reconstructionary and not revolutionary compare to Mao. I am 75 years old, as a Chinese American scientist educated and lived in the U.S. for over 60 years, I have unique positive perspective about China and is in full support of Xi’s leadership in the coming Xi Jinping era. The following are suggested do’s and don’ts for discussion purpose on Chinese national rejuvenation: 1) China must insist on the development path of socialism with Chinese characteristics under communist party leadership. 2) China must revive ancient wisdom that are applicable to modern day culture and philosophy. As Xi Jinping well put “ China must build the new on old values. A nation without cultural roots is without soul. 3) Confucian teaching provides moral value to achieve sprirtual quality and peace of mind on this earth. There is no need to introduce Christianity to China with its superstition of holy trinity and the non sense of afterlife heaven and hell. Achieving self cultivation is to elevate our soul on this earth. Thus our soul in the form of invisible energy will continue on this earth after we passed away. 4) China must continue to modernize and innovate. Science is universal and does not just belong to the West. Every country has its own unique advantage to innovate. Continue to innovate means modernize. The idea that only the U.S. can innovate is absolute nonsense. 5) China must continue to strengthen its media and cultural export so as to tell a better Chinese story to the world. 6) Modernizing the ancient silk road is Xi Jinping’s grandest vision vitalize ancient culture and increase world connectivity. It will increase world trade, growth of the landlocked developing countries and benefit the whole world. 7) China must promote Chinese traditional festivals such as seven-seven, Yuan Xiao, Tuan Wu and Ching Ming to enrich Chinese people’s life and to reduce the commercialization of Valentin Day and Halloween Day in China 8) China must not be tempted to follow U.S. liberal democracy. China has its own teaching in harmony and democracy. China should follow the all-encompassing harmony renaissance and 8 socialist core values path to build a better life for her people!! Francis C W Fung, PH.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

India Vs China revisited, which country has more advantages

INDIA VS CHINA REVISITED WHICH COUNTRY HAS THE ADVANTAGES FRANCIS C W FUNG, PH.D. Since Obama visited India twice U.S. media is full of articles extoling that India will surpass China soon. One of the major reason that is promoted is that India has similar political system as the U.S. That China’s multi party consultative democracy is doomed to fail. None the less, ironically China’s multi party consultative democracy has the support of more than 80% of the population and is fast catching up with U.S. economically. The other two major reasons given by the supporter of India are that India is more innovative and entrepreneur than China. The matter of fact is that both India and China have ample entrepreneurs as evidenced by the business startup activities in both countries. As to innovation both countries are innovative in their own way. This is supported by history that for most of history China and India were the no.1 and no. 2 trading nations of the world. However, the most striking part of these articles is that support of India superiority only mentions India advantages and not Chinese advantages. The fact is China has far more advantages, just to name a few: 1) China invests far more in education and R and D. Thus China has far more research institutes and university graduates. 2) Chinese women have far more participation in business than India women. China has far more women billionaire that started their own business that India. The top10 women billionaire starter mostly hailed from China. 3) The fact that China is factory of the world supports the conclusion that China is good a t manufacturing. India is only the back office of the world. The advantage of manufacturing over back office is the former employs far more workers. 4) The West and India is strong in business management and MBA education flourishes. Country development management (CDM). Most Chinese officials are given extensive training in CDM. The Chinese government’s success in managing her economic development in the last three decades speaks ample for their CDM training. China’s university CDM training will soon spread around the world. 5) The Chinese Confucian culture are conducive to self discipline and hard work. This explains the success of China,Japan and Asian Tigers fast success in modernization during the last half century. The above are definitive China advantages that will allow China to fast catch up with U.S. as no.1 world economy by 2020. For India to catch up with China’s economy it is easier said than done. Francis C W Fung,Ph.D. Director General. World hatrmony Organization San Francisco, CA