Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Letter to Todd Khozein, CEO of Amity Records

Hi Todd,

Thank you for your response. It will be really worth it for your producers, bands and your group to come to San Francisco. Our event will launch the worldwide annual World Harmony Renaissance Day Cultural Festivals. Perhaps the scope is bigger than you originally envisioned. Our senior advisers command world attention when they appear on World Harmony Day Festival. World Harmony Renaissance Day calls for worldwide recurring events to repeat annually.

You may not be aware of the exclusivity of our service mark statements on our website. The legal registration allows WHO to continue to build momentum under the banner of World Harmony Renaissance, preventing infringement on our event rights by other groups. Involvement in our activity will add significant value to your group far above international music fusion. There can be more international music fusion groups but there can only be World Harmony Renaissance Day events, Volunteer corps, Ambassadors under WHO.

Our events have the noble goals of cultivating volunteers and honoring Ambassadors to serve World Harmony Renaissance. This give added honors for donors to fund our events. Please share our website info and this email explanation with your other producers.

Money is not hard to raise from cash rich major Silicone Valley Corporations with the common cause of World Harmony Renaissance. We must have good program and the draw of prominent speakers. The timing is perfect. Without harmony at work, who would think of U.S. Envoy is now talking with North Korea to normalize relations after more than 50 years of confrontation? I believe harmony consensus is the only solution o resolve the U.S. Iran conflict. Harmony is above religious strife between different cultures.

In my last email you may have noticed that SFSU is calling in Jeremy Benjamin, Director of University Development, Major Gifts, to work on World Harmony Renaissance Day. I will also meet with key university development officers of Brown University, my Alma Mater, on World Harmony Renaissance Day Cultural Festival this weekend, here in San Francisco.

Please give me a time frame when your group can come. I need to know how many Bands ( I recall you said 10 bands or more) will be participating, their names, also the program and description of leading artists. I will make a serious evaluation of your group with other options Keeping in mind your goal do fall into our long tern and broad mission that resonates with the America's current urge for International harmony. Last but not the least, I will consider a long term understanding for your group to appear in our future World Harmony Day worldwide events. Please inform your producers of the long term prospect of World Harmony Renaissance. World Harmony Renaissance Begins with U.S. China Harmony Consensus. I also have a lot of respect for you and your father.

Francis C. W. Fung, PH. D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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