Saturday, April 7, 2007

Dear Michael, Chairman of Eco Power;

Your singularly unique and inspirational creativity in launching new industries in this world such as the universal water jets and large scale wind turbines industries do not need me to add acolyte. I predict your brain child of Vertical Axis Wind turbine has now come of age, and will help solving the world energy and ecology problems with a single stroke in a most significant way. Yes, Eco Power's Milti- billion dollar 3000 MW wind energy farm project in Dontai will live in history as the most significant single energy technology transfer of our time.

I remembered well the days we graduate students at Johns Hopkins University studied as a group to prepare for our 1964 comprehensive examination under your leadership. Personally I am still very appreciative that you invited us graduate students to your home after the 1962 JHU commencement ceremony included my fiancee Kathleen Patricia. At that time interracial marriage was extremely rare. You and your wife's support was most encouraging to Kathleen and I. As follow up, you may be pleased to learn that two of my interracial children are practicing medicine in the U.S. today. In their own way, I am sure they will contribute to U.S. medical science.

Getting to the timely significant point, it occurred to me that it is no coincidence that we both are working with nature in our undertakings. That our noble efforts complementing each other. You are working with water and air, converting the two most life sustaining soft elements to energy and ecology power. It is an universal truism that "With patience the softest with triumph over the hardest". This is the order of nature and the spirit of Harmony. I am working with World Harmony Renaissance, nature's eternal order, as solution to today's international conflicts, religious strife, terrorism, extremism, extreme disparity, unilateralism and ecology concerns.

Did the world renowned faculty at JHU by stretching our minds from engineering to fluid mechanics and then rational mechanics inspire you and I to extend our thought from engineering to observation of nature and then to world solutions?

During the 1980's the first wave of world energy consciousness, I transferred French diffusion fan technology for large scale Surface Effect Ships to the U.S. and U.S. technology to China. Among them are MTI Stirling Engine and Cooper-Rolls Royce power turbine technology for power generation. These activities climaxed in my keynote speech "The Promising Future of Stirling Engines in China" during 1984, "2ND International Conference on Stirling Engines". That Conference may have undeniable effect or reviving worldwide interest on Stirling Engines. I am vindicated today by witnessing the Victorville, CA 500 MW utility plant using 20,000 Stirling Engines to generate pollution free solar electricity for 300,000 families.

Your planned Milti- billion dollar Dongtai Wind turbine farm exceeds the Victorville project by six times and your argument that by 2020 wind turbine power generation can potentially create 1000 GW energy to supply half of the electricity need for China is most convincing. Imagine the the scale of reduction of climate warming pollution and the contribution to clean environment and ecology by your green electricity innovation and implementation !

Now to the most timely and important point, I believe we can infinitely enhance our visions and dreams through mutual support. Circumstances permitting, we together represent unstoppable momentum to make our visions become reality. To update you since our last telephone conversation, World Harmony Renaissance vision has the important support of many distinguished media and scholars. Our World Harmony Organization ( ) have announced World Harmony Festival, World Harmony Ambassadors, World Harmony Volunteers, World Harmony Renaissance Centers and World Harmony Declaration Draft. All our announcements are service trade mark protected. My essays on harmony renaissance and announcement are also widely published and quoted by Xinhua, China Economy, CPC "Building Socialist Harmonious Society" Nets and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Attached are Yahoo and Google search results on World Harmony Organization and my publications and "Praise for World Harmony Renaissance" from the back cover of my second harmony book "World Harmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World". The partial notable praise are taken from direct communication with the distinguished individuals. The praise of relevance to your world energy and ecology vision are in this case, from Stirling Energy Systems, the UK Deputy Prim Minister Hon John Prescott and Xinhua News.

My publications are in the process of being translated by authoritative organizations. Attached is also a Chinese Essay summary on me and WHO, written by a CCTV reporter (the story was distributed worldwide through Xinhua News by a multitude of Chinese media). Also attached is Xinhua announcement "World Harmony Organization Launched in San Francisco" carried by China Economic Net.

World Harmony Renaissance embraces all human activities, ecology and more. Harmony belongs to the world. Eco Power and WHO are natural partners in enhancing our mutual complementary visions. I am calling for UK-America-China to initiate World Harmony Consensus. The Hon. John Prescott has contributed significantly to UK China cultural and diverse exchanges to improve British China harmony. Be proud we are citizens of the world and not citizens of one powerful nation. I look forward to continuing our mutually supportive communication that will enhance our visions.

May Harmony Prevail in the World!

Francis C. W. Fung, PH.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization.

Sat, 7 Apr 2007 11:52:36 -0700 (PDT)
"Francis Fung"
Harmony is all Inclusive and Accepts Unity in Diversity as Premise
"michael pao"
Dear Michael, Chairman of Eco Power,

It occurred to me on reflection, that your Chinese name Yiho, resonates with harmony. Confucius said "In application of ceremony, harmony is most precious." As fellow fluid dynamicists and classmates of Johns Hopkins University, I respect you greatly for turning to the natural elements, water and air to solve ecology concerns and implementing large scale green electricity generation by your innovative VAW wind farm. I know new technology commercialization is a major undertaking especially for large scale green electricity generation. A considerable part of my life was spent on just that.

It is no by means a coincidence that I turn to Harmony Renaissance to find solutions for today's uncertainties. Water and air the softest elements exemplify the spirit of harmony. In patience and determination the softest can triumph over the hardest. It takes great self discipline to be soft and practice harmony. Water can float and sink the mightiest ocean going carrier. Air can lift and tail spin the greatest flying machine man can devise. Harmony is our universal common value and order of nature.

In my previous communication to you I did not wish to burden you with any detail of my advocacy of Harmony Renaissance. Because I believe as Chinese Americans, you and I both have insight to see as self evident, the respective roles of America and China. In these troubling times, ancient China will initiate harmony renaissance, and America, the young dynamic country, will advocate world harmony. My comparative essays in assessing religion, democracy and harmony, the three main pillars of dominant world lasting cultures, come to the conclusion that universal common value, harmony, will carry mankind forward in the 21st century beyond the accomplishments of democracy.

Encouraged by the following quotations taken by UK Deputy Prime Minister Hon John Prescott from my papers and with due humility I wish to continue our discussions. "There's been a great deal of talk about harmony in recent times. In fact, the academic, Francis Fung, has argued in his recent paper "Chines Culture Old and New: Promise for a Less Confrontational World" that China is witnessing a harmony renaissance. He claims that great debates are happening in China over whether Socialism with Chinese characteristics can be socialism with harmony. And Fung maintains that China's harmony socialism will provide an alternative model, as the leading system of governance in the 21st Century." From my second book "World Harmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World", I said "Any sustainable governance system for a country must be an open harmony system evolved over time from its own culture with interaction from outside, not imposed from the outside".

My articles that Hon John Prescott quoted from, are distributed and carried worldwide by many websites. From my limited exposure they include Xinhua News, China Economic Net, Absurdist Republic, Moscow Net, Chinadaily BBS and Eastday from my hometown Shanghai. In the blog sites of some of these websites, my abridged paper by Xinhua News, "Chinese Harmony Renaissance: Can World Ignore it?" is frequently visited and quoted. Emboldened by the broadening discussions, I am attaching two papers selected from my harmony book series for your review and comment.

Of late I read with great respect significant books and statements, by distinguished American leaders and statesmen, President Bush, Dr. Kissinger, Dr. Brzezinski, Madame Albright and Senator Barack Obama. The depth of these insights are full of hope for the revival of America. With a little humility, America will soon regain the preeminence that we so desire. I personally wish America will live up to its potential as the country of world conscience and not necessarily the greatest power. For those who still think in today's uncertainty and religious strife, that we can collectively pull ourselves out of the present demise without harmony renaissance, I beg to take exception.

Diverse cultures and religions are to be shared and enjoyed by the world for unity in diversity. Inherently religions tend to be exclusive by nature of the fixation on cultural specific conception of God. As great as religion in world culture contribution, religion's fervant appeal as a world unifying force has been lacking. There is no better time for America to advocate World Harmony and lead the world to the next phase of accomplishment beyond European Renaissance. Harmony is all inclusive. It is the universal common value that accepts unity in diversity as its premise. There is no need to institutionalize harmony as politics and religion do. Modern day communication provides ample opportunity for independent thinkers worldwide to practice unity in diversity through harmony. Be proud we are citizens of the world and not citizens of one powerful nation.

May Harmony Prevail in the World!

Francis C. W. Fung, PH. D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization.

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