Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I received many comments and questions since the publication of my papers by Xinhua News titled “Chinese Harmony and American Democracy in 21st Century” and “Chinese Harmony Renaissance; Can World Ignore It?” Nov. 1 and 2, 2006 and my book titled “China’s Harmony Renaissance: What the World Must Know”, published on Dec. 1, 2006. Most of the essays were announcement of new concepts on Harmony Renaissance and my response to comments from the public. Important World Harmony Organization announcements include call for World Harmony Day, World Harmony Renaissance Centers, World Harmony Ambassadors, World Harmony Volunteers and World Harmony Advocacy to pursuit World Harmony Renaissance. Occasional comments from my conversations with Noam Chomsky and James Fallows are also included. Most of all, World Harmony Renaissance begins with World Harmony Consensus.

Many eventful developments have broadened my outlook on World Harmony and World Harmony Renaissance in the United States. That is why I come to firmly believe that America is the young dynamic country for Harmony Advocacy. These events include the important meeting launching World Harmony Organization (WHO) in San Francisco on Jan 20, 2007 (See worldwide announcement by Xinhua News on Jan 20, 2007, in Section WHO Launched in San Francisco and the at end of this book). On Feb. 9, 2007 I presented my previously mentioned harmony book at the NABE 2007 Conference at San Jose Convention Center. Harmony World and Harmony Renaissance were introduced, for the first time, to the U.S. main stream in a public forum. The theme for the NABE Conference was “One Nation: Many languages, Many Cultures in a Changing World”. The conclusion of my presentation was that pursuing Harmony Consultation is paramount towards reaching Harmony Consensus. World Harmony Renaissance will release our concerted creative energy, by bringing us to a higher level of human common value, to solve world conflicts, disparities, unilateralism, extremism, terrorism and ecology concerns.

The momentum of all these ground breaking events has led to a great deal of innovative thinking on Harmony Renaissance. One of the highlight was the formation of the Commission of World Harmony Ambassadors and World Harmony Volunteer Corps under World Harmony Organization. All these events and resulting discussions were painstakingly recorded. With the formation of the landmark WHO Commission it seems right to publish all the records into this new book “World Harmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World.” The book climaxes in the preparation for the first of its kind World Harmony Day Cultural Festival in San Francisco, California for third Sunday of September, 2007.

Names of participating individuals are withheld through out this documented book record to protect their well known status in the San Francisco Bay Area. With few exceptions only the first letter of their last name is used to keep records straight. My heartfelt appreciation goes to them. Without them this book would not be possible. Special thanks also go to my wife, Prof. Noam Chomsky and James Fallows for their support and understanding. All material presented in this book are documented in email record. Each email was communicated to the respective individual concerned.

My views on World Harmony Renaissance have broadened after the launch of World Harmony Organization on Jan. 20, 2007 and the significant events that lead to the announcement of World Harmony Day Cultural Festival on March 7, 2007. I now believe America; the young dynamic country of advocacy is where resources can be deployed to launch World Harmony Renaissance. Please see Section (III) (D) “IT IS TIME FOR AMERICA TO ADVOCATE WORLD HARMONY RENAISSANCE”.

I have a dream; the dream is World Harmony Renaissance. I will not disappoint you.

Francis C. W. Fung, PH. D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization
Feb. 18, 2007 (Chinese New Year’s Day)

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