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Francis C. W. Fung
Chief Executive Officer Education: BS Aeronautical Engineering, Brown University; MS Fluid Mechanics, Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, University of Notre Dame. Dr. Fung holds numerous provisional patent applications on electricity generation and solar thermal concentrator inventions that can revolutionize the solar thermal industry. During the energy crisis of the 1970s, Dr. Fung was active in energy commercialization projects with the U.S. Department of Energy and the Chinese government, ranging from waste heat recovery, Stirling engine, solar power, and district heating. His articles were a regular feature in the U.S. journal Energy User News.
As CEO of Genei Inc., a technology licensing start up, Francis Fung oversees R&D on innovative, highest efficiency, lowest cost and ease-of-assembly solar concentrator dishes for all solar thermal energy applications. These include solar Stirling engine, solar trough and high temperature triple-junction photovoltaic applications. For the first time, the industry can take advantage of Genei‟s load-bearing, glassless mirror elements, which do not require costly and heavy supporting super-structures.
Through his research, dedicated industry focus and high-level connections developed over a lifetime of scientific endeavors, and career as Harmony Renaissance Platform with the United Nations, he pursues his dream of green energy harmony.
Dr. Fung is a leading scholar and was an early publisher on Stirling engines some 20 years ago. In his first month US Secretary of Energy, Dr. Chu answered Dr. Fung‟s email within five days. His first paper on Magneto-Hydrodynamics was published by "Physics of Fluids" at the age of 20. Dr. Fung is responsible for the transfer of Stirling engine technology to China. His milestone publications include, "A Plan to Achieve National Energy Independence," November, 1979; "The Promising Future of Stirling Engines in China," July, 1984; "China‟s Harmony Renaissance: What the World Must Know," November, 2006; "Harmony Diplomacy: Golden Rule of Global Governance," December, 2007; "Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration," the keynote speech at United Nations Staff Day, April 25, 2008; "Stirling Engine Alliance Grand Strategy," national energy independence proposal submitted to the Ministry of Energy, China, August, 2008.
Dr. Fung is a major asset and resource person to any organization involved in solar or renewable energy undertakings. He brings with him years of experience and diverse discipline expertise to innovate, monitor and evaluate new technology in the renewable energy revolution.21

John Orava
Senior Advisor AIA - Architectural Physicist - Material Scientist Executive Director of BioPhysics Research Foundation (NFP) Founder of Orava Applied Technologies, Currently Senior Adviser of GENEI, Inc. Beginning with his paper, "Physics of Consciousness" in 1963, John Orava has pursued a multi-disciplinary path for solving difficult problems relating to medical, advanced materials, manufacturing processes, equipment, construction and energy. Past projects include start-up companies, creation of industry models such as "Super House" which was the subject of NBC Television special in 1979, creation of a new medical field now known as "rTMPS" or Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Pulse Stimulation, and creation of new, disaster-resistant, construction materials and methods involving nano-ceramic replacements for 90% of all building materials. Consulting clients included Fortune 100 companies, defense contractors, and the Pentagon. Current efforts focus upon solar energy concentration and utilization devices and methods. 22

James C. Townsend (Jim)
Program Officer Education: ScB Aeronautical Engineering, Brown University; MSE Aeronautical Engineering, Princeton University; PhD Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia; MS Computer Science, College of William & Mary; also numerous short courses in numerical methods and software engineering, including training on application of the Capability Maturity Model – Integrated (CMMI). Professional experience since Nov. 2003, Consultant with Adecco Technical, Richmond, VA and Citizant, Inc., Chantilly, VA, working at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC), Hampton, VA. Retired Sept. 2003 with over forty years experience at LaRC, specializing first in the areas of experimental, analytical and computational fluid dynamics and later in developing approaches to aircraft geometry modeling, including the application of CAD systems to optimization. Dr. Townsend has held management responsibilities in various programs at LaRC as well, ranging from planning and buying computer systems to serving as Assistant Branch Head. Jim worked as member and leader of various LaRC team activities and committees and was Technical Manager and/or Contracting Officer‟s Technical Representative on several small contracts. For the last few years as a civil servant and as a consultant since retirement, Dr. Townsend has worked with the Software Engineering Process Group at LaRC. His major activities have included development of procedures for developing and reviewing project requirements and development of procedures for managing software projects of various sizes and criticality (including the use of CMMI) to achieve desired results on time and within budget. 23

Lee Kuang
Chief Accounting Officer Education: Graduate, Golden Gate University, 1993, with a MBA focus in accounting and finance. Mr. Kuang‟s professional experience includes over 20 years responsibility in finance and accounting in the high technology and medical device industries. His most recent experience was with Kyphon, Inc. in Sunnyvale, CA, a public medical device manufacturer that has been acquired by Medtronic, Inc. Lee has extensive development and execution in building and improving accounting and finance systems. Lee is also the founder of GD Plastics, Inc, a green company dedicated to plastic recycling and the recycled stock trading business. 24

Julia Devendorf
Investor Relations Education: Bachelors Degree, University of Northern Colorado; Master‟s degree, Radford College, Virginia. Ms Devendorf has been an active supporter of international efforts to produce new energy alternatives for thirty years. Following the oil crisis of the mid-1970‟s, she took an early interest in the fresh renewable energy solutions that emerged. In the 1980‟s, in China, she worked at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, and Jiao Tong University. She served as Information Secretary of Finance and Technology Associates in their transfer of Stirling engine technology from the US to China and in their cooperation with the Shanghai Science Commission on several energy-related projects. She also helped to initiate the efforts of Day Star International educational efforts in Hong Kong and Taipei to promote environmental harmony and peace through renewable energy. At Genei, she brings to the company a long-term proven track record in smart and dedicated explication of financial and technical transfer, and a belief in the potential of the Stirling engines in a wide range of green energy applications for green energy solutions. 25

Arthur Young
Marketing Director Education BA, Politcal Science and History, Temple University MA, Yale University, Corporate Environmental Leadership Certifications: APR, GCPB, LEED© AP Arthur teaches the nation‟s only course on Marketing & Project Management for Design Professionals at UC Berkeley, and is an instructor at Boston Architectural College (Marketing Sustainability). Arthur Young has been president of Communication Management, an environmental business consultancy. It provides strategic marketing, business planning and develops marketing communication tools to move enterprise forward. He is crisis communication counsel to Straus Communications ( Arthur was PR Director of Panasonic (it's first) and Pacific Telephone National Planned Parenthood; and VP Operations or Assignments Editor/Reporter for ABC, NBC and CBS Network News (New York, London, Paris, Rome, Vietnam). He was a group supervisor at Hill & Knowlton/New York (where he co-founded its confrontation training department) and the first PR Director of the Public Relations Society of America. (Imagine being the spokesperson for an organization of 10,000 spokespeople!). He's served as managing editor for Green Building News/, and worked with such clients as BP Solar, Conservatek, Solar Design Associates, City of San Francisco's Green Ribbon Panel, and the US Green Building Council. He wrote the protocols for all Asian nations for the Kyoto Climate Change Summit (except Japan) under contract to the Asian Development Bank and UNDP, and is active in addressing global scorching. Awards
 He shares broadcast journalist highest accolade with Peter Jennings for coverage of the Indo-Pakistani War and with Chris Borgen for coverage of the Newark riots.
 He wrote the award-winning line "It‟ ten o'clock. Do you know where your children are?" for WNEW-TV/New York, used by Metromedia.
 A brochure he created won 118 awards for direct mail marketing, considered the most successful direct mailing ever done (38% unsolicited response).
 At Pacific Telephone, Mr. Young spearheaded a marketing program that won major public relations, marketing and design awards for increasing traffic eightfold and tripling division revenues.


GENEI: Licensing solar concentrator design for maximum thermal efficiency Our PPAs Prove It! Business Plan Prepared for Investors Circle March 2009 The Promise Genei‟s low-cost, high-efficiency, solar dish concentrator technology will revolutionize the solar power electrical generation industry and other industrial thermal processes using solar power.
Contact Dr. Francis C. W. Fung Chief Executive Officer GENEI, INC. 514 Arballo Drive, Suite 100 San Francisco, CA 94132-2163 415.246.6886
Confidential Disclosure2
Executive Summary
• Mission
To avoid the climate change apocalypse, Genei is poised to upgrade the design structure and reflectivity components of solar dishes so as to replace conventional power generation sources, thus dramatically reducing CO2, balancing human needs with environmental concerns, ensuring national security, and improving quality of life. By improving all solar dish companies‟ products or becoming the world‟s most efficient thermal solar dish company, Genei intends to revolutionize the solar electric marketplace.
• The Problem
World solar electricity generation lags in creating large utility-level capacity. The price point for solar electricity must match the cost of natural gas to be competitive, and eventually must be lower.
• Genei‟s Solution
Apply our proprietary know-how and five patent-pending applications in innovative dish design and reflective coating technology –– affirmed by over 30,000 patent searches. Our interlocking mirror elements are load-bearing and non-glass based, eliminating costly and heavy support superstructures and three to five year replacement cycles.
• Key Benefits
These include low cost reflective elements, high efficiency, ease of manufacturing, and a reduced cost onsite process. Attached spectral analysis by an independent laboratory shows that the reflectivity of Genei mirror elements exceeds that measured for first surface silver.
• Potential
Genie solar concentrators can be licensed by most solar utility manufacturers and developers in conjunction with Stirling engine, steam turbine, and triple junction photovoltaic for electric power generation. Examples: Starpoint Solar (our strongest strategic partner) as well as SES, Ausra, Brightstar, PG&E, and China Micropowers.
• Deployment
Immediate: 4 Units (demo site in Victorville, CA) 12-months: 1,000 Units (50 MW‟s), Palmdale, CA 3 years: 50,000 Units (2,500 MW‟s) for Inland Energy 5 years: 100,000 Units (5,000 MW‟s) 10 years: 200,000 Units (10,000 MW‟s) 3
• Management
Genei‟s management team and world-renowned scientists represent broad expertise in the energy industry, Stirling engines, reflective and protective coatings, solar dish design, mass manufacturing, marketing, and start-up through IPO experience. Genei‟s CEO has been a proponent of Stirling engine technology for over 20 years. Stirling cycle engine technology is now resurging and emerging as a commanding utility-scale solar electric component. Our Team is currently exploring partnerships with over 15 solar concentrator, thermal trough, and solar dish companies as well as pilot projects with California electrical utilities.
• Current Operations
Genei is continuing to develop advanced, low-cost reflective materials and technology-disruptive dish construction to further improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of thermal solar concentrators for various important utility and industrial applications.
• Fiscal Overview
As soon as Genei builds and presents its full-scale models, Starpoint will tender a Partnership Agreement to incorporate Genei‟s technology with theirs; a sale to Inland will ensue, and Genei will be positioned to market and cement additional licensing relationships.
• Return on Investment
R&D-based licensing company Genei will be able to repay funds within 2 years: 1/3rd after 12 months; remaining 2/3rds another 12 months, at approx 200% ROI, simple interest. Revenues are based on $0.5 million first-year licensing fee plus $100/dish; first-year revenue projected at $2.2 million, which by contract can only increase.
Dr. Francis Fung, CEO