Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Economic, cultural, travel and many other co-operations and interchanges between China and Taiwan is an undeniably increasing tide. This tide is easily observable and does not require proof. The reality of cross strait relation is eventual unity under the umbrella of greater China. The concept of unity in diversity for greater China or the world has been in existence for sometime. All political systems of the world will eventually tend towards national distinctive democracy. Whether it is one leading party with consensus supportive parties, two party confrontational and multiparty political systems, democracy can only be meaningful when harmony consensus can be achieved. The best system for any country or society is a system with their own harmony consensus. The future reality will be national specific democracy systems by harmony consensus. The hope of a better world also lies in our pursuit of world harmony consensus. About this I have spoken many times.

The concept of one country two systems is a brilliant harmony policy advanced by Deng Xiaoping. It greatly facilitated the reunification of China and Hong Kong. Many supported and still believe in one country two systems as a possible solution for cross strait whether we have outgrown it or not. With the Sixth Plenum of the 16th Central Committee, Oct 8 to 11,2006 harmony "Decision" announcement, China rediscovers its ancient cultural heritage. The Party's decision to pursuit "Harmony Society" is necessary and essential to solve the disproportionate growth pains of the historically unprecedented rapid economic growth. The rigorous pursuit of harmony society by China will surely bring more meaningful and real democracy to Chinese people. It is not unimaginable that soon China through harmony achieves more real democracy for Chinese people than Taiwan. After all China will be the first major country to reach democracy through harmony renaissance in the modern world. It will be true socialism with Chinese harmony as I wrote about in my book. When that time comes political unification across the strait becomes a simple reality.

To really bring brothers separated by the strait together as true brothers, China only needs to pursuit rigorously a harmony interchange and harmony mutual development policy. WHO advocates harmony solutions to China and to the world. It is the only sustainable solution to world problems.

Francis C. W. Fung,Ph. D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization
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