Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Senior Honorary Advisers,

On the first day of formally launching World Harmony Organization, Jan. 20, 2007 in San Francisco, we announced "World Harmony Consensus Begins with U.S.-China Harmony" in red, white, blue and yellow unity in diversity banner. Please open our website and click banner Contact US. to view the unity in diversity design.

I have always advocated U.S.-China Harmony for over 50 years. During the late 50's at Brown University, International Club, I organized U.S. China Friendship seminars by inviting famous speakers. One of the meetings was high lighted in a story about Professor Williams of Dept. of International Studies. Please refer to my second book on harmony "World Harmony Renaissance:Promise for a Better World" to read how world politics is changing for the better through international friendship advocacy.
Beginning the late 70's my wife Julia and I are the earliest supporters of U.S. China People Friendship Association and participated in U.S.-China Relation normalization.

U.S.-China harmony is reflected in our bi cultural family. Our children are of mixed East and West races. Please visit our website and see our family portrait banner advocating "World Harmony Renaissance Begins with U.S. China Harmony Consensus". Our Children's Chinese names Aimei, Anhua and Aimin meaning Love America, Stability in China and Love Humanity. Moving with the tides of history their names reflect the growth of our longing for Friendship, Stability and Harmony. Our three children, two are now practicing medicine in the U.S. and our youngest daughter specializes in East and West dance fusion. I hope she will agree to perform in World Harmony Day Cultural Festival for a long time to come.

During the 1980's in the after shock of Oil Embargo. I worked on energy conservation that was the first wave of ecology movement to harmonize with nature. Today's climate control ecology movement is the second wave. In my humble effort I co-founded Aerophysics Company with senior members Gabriel Bohler and Eugene Liberator. They were true believers in energy conservation. They advocated large scale cross ocean surface effects ships (SES) to compete with air freight transport. Liberator was the editor in chief in Jane's Ship of the World on Service Effect Ships. I headed the Energy Division and together we transferred French technology on district heating and large scale diffusion fans for ocean going SES to U.S. In my second harmony book one can also read the regretful story how a 50 million dollar Navy service effect ship energy conservation project was zeroed out by Regan in 1982 with the money diverted to Star War project instead.

Large SES will eventually take over aircrafts as energy efficient ocean transport by far and Dr.Bohler and Liberator's pioneer spirit will live on. Liberator also wrote Liberator Manifesto to advocate his theory of Omnibus Government for more harmony. I learned a great deal from him. After Aerophyics, my energy conservation career continued. Among other high lights, I co-founded Finance and Technology Associates a premier and early consulting firm that acted as bridge to build relation between China and U.S. multinational corporations.

Together with Dr. Beno Sternlicht, then MTI Chairman, we transferred significant Stirling Engine technology to China. It culminated in the 2ND International Conference on Stirling Engines in 1984 with me delivering the keynote speech "The Promising Future of Stirling Engines in China". For the latest, one can read about the Victorville,CA 500 megawatts Stirling Engine Utility Plant build for Southern California Edison. When come on line in 2009, it will be the largest non polluting, solar utility plant in the world, supplying electricity for 300,000 families with 20,000 solar Stirling Engines.

WHO is greatly honored you can accept our invitation to be our Honorary Senior Advisers. "Be proud you are citizens of the world an not citizens of one country."

May harmony prevail in the world !

Francis C. W. Fung, Ph.D., Class of 60

Director General
World Harmony Organization.

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