Wednesday, April 11, 2007


In pursuing World Harmony Renaissance we must be independent and truly international and not relying on any one country. Even though we are Americans and we are launching the first World Harmony Day from San Francisco. When we do our first World Harmony Day Cultural Festival right, it does not have to be big, we will be in an enviable position to pick and choose sponsors. There will be no lack of Corporate, foundation and individual funding according to Spencer. I agree whole heartedly.

Harmony belongs to the world. It is the order of nature. It is the most universal common value that can divert our creative energy now mired in national conflicts, religious strife, unilateralism and terrorism towards the next phase of human accomplishment. Most of all World Harmony Renaissance must begin with World Harmony Consensus.

Life is full of meaningful campaigns for some of us. During the 60's, as a fluid mechanics major, I was swept up in "Catching up with Russia" rocket and satellite research. In the 70's, during the declining aerospace years, I did key research in establishing large scale fire safety computer standardized building material tests, computer smoke propagation simulation to establish smoke detector codes and standards. During the 80's I co-founded Aerophyics Company and Finance and Technology Associates and was active in International energy conservation technology transfer. My publication list in the back of this book reflects U.S. national waves of priority like a road map that we all traveled one time or the other.

Of late I am more cultural than scientific. My recent campaigns include peace painting exhibitions, distribution of top quality music CD's and publishing of Harmony Renaissance essays worldwide. That is why some of you get little gifts of Song of Shangri-La album and Ting Shao Kwong posters from me. My World Harmony Renaissance lectures appear locally as well as worldwide through Xinhua Net and World Affairs Journal announcements. I have come to know famous artists, calligraphers, distinguished Western authors and record companies. All my past endeavors and undertakings will add value to our World Harmony Day Cultural Festival. I will not disappoint you. I have a dream, that dream is World Harmony Renaissance.

Francis C. W. Fung, PH.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization
March 15, 2007

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