Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Mr. Burek,

It is necessary for an important advocacy to have a voice. I hope I will get more support from you. We all know of the story of the Foolish old man who wanted to move the mountain that was blocking the progress of the village.. A friend reminded me that I am that old man. Well, I have no regrets, because harmony will work its way through generations.

I also thought of having World Harmony Watch column among many columns in your publication. The idea is to report on major countries activities to promote world harmony. Details of the Six nations denuclearizing pact coming out last two days are very encouraging. It clearly shows that the two strong contending sides are giving ground and reached some consensus through long painful discussions and consultations. This is how harmony works through discussions, consultations and consensus. Until the announcement yesterday the accord all seemed but impossible. Not so long ago our President Bush called North Korea part of the "Axis of Evil".

This major world event may not receive the attention it deserves. But from World Harmony Renaissance perspective this may spark a series of events that signal the beginning of harmony at East Asia. By implementing the Nuclear Disarmament Pact U.S., China, Russia, Japan, South and North will have to help North Korea recover. That means major countries across both sides of the pacific will work together for mutual development. North East Asia development have a lot of potential.

North Korea's economic stagnation dated from Korean War some 50 years ago may see a way out. The Accord calls for "Within 30 days: Five separate working groups meet on denuclearizing, normalizing U.S.-North Korea relations, normalizing of North Korea-Japan relations, economy and energy cooperation, and peace and security in Northeast Asia."

This would have been real juicy material for our World Harmony Watch Column to break the news, should we have our own World Harmony Renaissance mega zine. I would have reported with a lot more enthusiasm than the U.S. press for sure. Be what it may, this proved the importance of World Harmony Watch column to give the fair historical perspective and the whole aftermath of the cold war era. Some of you may still remember the cold war confrontation era. As momentous as those years were the left over effect may be solved by the necessity of mutual and harmonious development.

Need for mutual development will pave the way for a more harmonious world. Solution for uniting North and South Korea, Between China and Taiwan will be the promise of mutual development. Unification of West and East Germany and the return of Hong Kong to China both situations showed that the aftermath of cold war era can easily be forgotten and harmony of feuding brothers can be achieved.

Francis C. W. Fung, Ph. D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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