Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Dear Honorable Mr. Pinter,

I am receiving a great deal of support for my humble writing and our World Harmony Renaissance Day Cultural Festival proposal. Here is the concluding section " World Harmony Consensus and World Harmony Renaissance Declaration" of my next book "World Harmony Renaissance:Promise for a better World" for your preview and publication.

Democracy as an European movement began from the age of enlightenment. It advocated citizen's and human rights. It was a great movement that released human energy. Through European Renaissance our modern world of science began. American independence continued this tradition. U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights advocated democracy through law and order. That is the strength of Western democracy.

The essence of Eastern teaching is self discipline through harmony with nature. In Chinese the ancient saying is "Tien Ren He Yi" meaning the unity of man and universe. From the Middle East, the cradle of major World Religions, we all learned submission of our will to the creator. In this practice traditionally, the Eastern culture placed more emphasis on moral values and avoiding extremism. The Eastern practice of harmony is through contemplation of nature, self discipline and meditation. The West learned meditation and faith from Eastern philosophies and religions. The basic harmony value of avoiding extremism together with family unity and ancestry worship continued Chinese culture of 5000 years without causing ecology catastrophe, despite certain excesses of the past.

Harmony belongs to the world and all culture of the world contain harmony. It is in practice and emphasis that we are different. For Harmony Renaissance to take hold the West and East must work together. The Western practice of advocacy in pursuing democracy can now be applied to advocating Harmony Renaissance. The West and East both can learn from each other. In America Easterners need to learn how to apply advocacy to Harmony Renaissance by understanding the American system. Together, the advent of Harmony Renaissance will bring the world together with a higher common value.

In America, East and West could very well learn from each other and put together an unity Harmony Renaissance Declaration as a start. The next phase of human development through Harmony Renaissance will divert our wasted energy in human conflicts and religious strife to working together on scientifically sustainable ecology. Our common scientific development will begin another surge. Thus Harmony Renaissance will bring us to a higher level of human common endeavour. Without question, future human accomplishment from the release of energy through World Harmony Renaissance will surpass European Renaissance.

The advent of European and American democracy heralded the age of modern science and cultural renaissance. It is one of the greatest human contribution to our common world heritage. But it eventually encouraged individualism, insatiable consumerism and extremism in the absence of individual personal harmony practice. In today's conflicting world of 6 billion population and growing, each person on earth wanting to own a SUV or HUMVEE is a form of insatiable extreme consumerism. Simple arithmetic will show this type of extreme consumerism unchecked places unsustainable demand on our common world resources. .

Cultural excesses of insatiable consumerism and individualism in the West and its spread to the East now needs to be balanced by Eastern harmony, moderation and family values. This means bringing back basic family and group harmony through practice of self discipline. As well meaning as Western law and order democracy is, our world is not sustainable with the spread of today's insatiable consumerism and extreme individualism Traditionally in China as detailed in my book "China's Harmony Renaissance: What the World Must Know" law is only the bottom line, common moral values above it. By necessity we need to bring back self discipline through harmony practice, mutual development and harmony development. The premise and title of this book is "World Harmony Renaissance:Promise for a Better World"

As a start, It is paramount that the world through Harmony Renaissance must reach meaningful World Harmony Consensus. The current continuing rapid development of China, India and the rest of the developing world must be encouraged to adopt "Harmony Development" through personal individual self discipline. The West and parts of the developed Asia at the same time need to set an example to curb extreme individualism and consumerism. Within the frame work of this 'World Harmony Consensus" we will see the promise of a more sustainable and better world, Q.E.D.

Q.E.D. is a Latin term meaning it is demonstrated or proved which I vaguely remembered from my high school geometry class. During my childhood, enthusiasm that all things Western were good including Western mathematics and Science, Q.E.D. came to mean with modern science everything is quite easily done. Frankly reaching World Harmony consensus for Harmony Development can be quite easily done if we practice less individualism and more harmony through personal discipline. World cultural flow must not just from the West to the East. "Be proud you are citizens of the world and not citizens of one country." Do I have your support to initiate the first World Harmony Renaissance Day Cultural Festival?

Francis C. W. Fungi, PH.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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