Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Letter to Stirling Energy Systems

Dear Mr. Osborn,CEO,

I have been following the recent development of Stirling Engine Application in electricity generation using solar power. I am happy to learn of your Victorville Project, the 500 megawatt utility plant build for Southern California Edison. Congratulations for a major and possibly the largest solar ecology project well earned and deserving applause. My Stirling Solar Energy connection goes way back. Together with Beno Sternlicht, then Chairman of MTI, our group transferred important Stirling Engine technology to Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute during the 1980’s. The activities culminated in the holding of the Second International Conference on Stirling Engines in Shanghai, China on June 21-24, 1984. I gave the keynote speech “The Promising Future of Stirling Engines in China” with emphasis on solar electricity generation in remote and rural areas.

Now I am founder of World Harmony Organization advocating World Harmony Renaissance through large scale annual World Harmony Renaissance Day Cultural Festivals. Harmony belongs to the world. Its all embracing nature can raise common human value to a higher level. It can release our creative energy from being mired in international conflicts, religious strife and terrorist struggles. Acting in concert harmony renaissance can help solve ecology concerns through grass root awareness of harmony with nature. The concept of harmony with nature, ancient Chinese called “Tien Ren He YI” meaning unity with the universe. I believe Harmony Renaissance like Stirling Engine revival can play a significant part in helping human to harmonize with nature. Working together, SES and WHO can further promote ecology through large scale World Harmony cultural events based on the protection of our World Harmony Renaissance services trade marks. For more info please open our website

I look forward to a meaningful email discussion leading to productive personal meeting. WHO can also add value to possible renewed Stirling Engine cooperation with China. WHO is supported by distinguished individual thinkers such as Noam Chomsky, James Fallows, Harold Pinter and well known artists who will perform in our annual Harmony Renaissance Festivals. The following is our call for broad American advocacy in support of World Harmony Renaissance.

To those who are in resonance with World Harmony Renaissance,thank you for your encouragement. America's mission is also WHO's mission. I look forward to your continuing support. The following is actually my answer to the FAQ what can WHO do?

Ancient cultures approximately 2500 years ago or earlier, when there were not even clearly defined national boundaries of today, developed modern religions, democracy and harmony. These human heritage were cultivated over hundreds of years through graduate development. Some were lost and were rediscovered, such as democracy and harmony. The rediscovery of democracy through European Renaissance brought the release of energy that herald the advent of modern scientific age.

America, the dynamic young nation did not have the same time history. Our mission has come to be the nation of advocacy. We advocated modern religion and European democracy. We are the nation that has the most resources and diverse ethnicity to advocate. I learned advocacy in America. It took me fifty years. With today's international conflicts, religious strife, terrorism, unilateralism, North and South disparity and ecology concerns, it is time for America to advocate World Harmony Renaissance. Harmony belongs to the world but we have the most resources to initiate it's renaissance.

The good news in international affairs are, our envoy is talking to North Korea about normalization of relations and Rice will be participating at the Middle East Conference. The announcement of six party talks to proceed with North Korea Nuclear conflict resolution clearly indicated accommodation on both sides. The theme of my article at that time was "Beginning of Harmony Renaissance at the Eastern Front?" After all the Far East was the cradle of basic harmony practice through individual discipline and family unity. The middle East was the cradle of harmony through the submission of human will to the creator. European Renaissance brought harmony between the government and its citizen by reviving ancient Greek democracy. America's independence advocated democracy through law and order.

America, the most dynamic major new power, is the country with the most resources to advocate Harmony Renaissance. Our mission is to lead through advocacy and not military power. The conflicts of the world, religious strife and ecology concerns of today tell us the need to be more tolerant, accepting, and respecting of other cultures and our common heritage. The way to solve world conflicts is through discussions, consultation and consensus and that is the harmony way. Harmony is reached through dynamic balance. Where there is unsustainable imbalance, harmony will work its way. Nature's order is harmony and harmony is the order of nature. Human beings are intelligent individuals. We can solve our ecology concerns when we practice harmony together.

Harmony Renaissance can be advocated at all levels and through all types of institutions by education, communication and cultural exchanges. It must also be grown at the grass root levels through group activities such as World Harmony Renaissance Day Cultural Festival. I suggest that the first World Harmony Day festivities be held at the San Francisco Bay Area, after all UN was originally conceived here. Do we have consensus to initiate the first World Harmony Renaissance Day?

Harmony belongs to the world. It is our common heritage and common value. It's revival will bring human to the next level of accomplishment by diverting our creative energy now mired in conflicts, strife and wars. We will have consensus to advocate Harmony Renaissance when we work in concert. Unity in diversity is harmony and together we will have conviction. Be proud you are citizens of the world and not citizens of one country.

May Harmony Prevail in the World !

Francis C. W. Fung, Ph. D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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