Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dear Friends,

Modern culture of 21st Century will be driven by Harmony, Democracy and Religion. Of the three, Harmony builds on more universal common value and propagates by resonance. Equity opens our eyes to see the Global disharmony and extreme disparity of today. Harmony advocates dynamic balance and gives us the wisdom to resolve disharmony through humility. Only with humility can we practice tolerance, acceptance and respect for other cultures. A powerful nation proclaims greatness clouds the heart of humility. Nobility takes a back seat after humility. The more powerful we are, the more humility is needed. Be proud we are citizens of the world and not citizens of one powerful nation.

In our pursuit of harmony renaissance we image ourselves as the gentle elements, air and water. The word is mightier than the sword as universally proclaimed. Harmony is one of the most widely published subjects on the website. It shows up under category of music, physical and social sciences, history, culture, current events, world affairs, world solutions and you name it. Because of its all inclusivity of all human activities with ourselves and with nature, the collective consciousness has already been awakened. It certainly has surpassed democracy as the more discussed current topic on the Internet.

On our blog site we have published 28 articles from the longest "Chinese Harmony and America Democracy in 21st Century" to the shortest "Harmony Propagates by Resonance." Some of the milestone publications are " World Harmony Organization Launched in San Francisco", "Call for World Harmony Festival, Ambassadors and Volunteers", "Draft World Harmony Renaissance Declaration", "Harmony is Natural Science" and so on. For those who wants to know more a blog management site lists all our publications.

Our articles are indeed being propagated through resonance by many sites such as Google, Yahoo, Absurdist Republic, Technoratic. Infosys, Xinhua, Chinadaily BBS and other major worldwide media sites. These are just what I uncovered. I am sure there are other sites out there that quote and propagate our published articles. By seeing the momentum grow, one cannot help but feel that we have reached the critical mass and the spontaneous reaction rate that it is time for us to proactively plan our first annual World Harmony Festival in San Francisco. Interesting enough a couple of Blog management sites have announced "Harmony Propagates by Resonance" and "Harmony is Natural Science" under their physics blog category, and others under Cultural , Current News and World Harmony categories. You can see the broad coverage on Internet for for our Harmony papers.

Francis C. W. Fung,PH.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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