Wednesday, November 25, 2009

VII) World Harmony: is it achievable? What promises lie ahead?

VII) World Harmony: is it achievable? What promises lie ahead?
World Harmony is achievable because the cycle of self-destruction and deception is reversing. We can see it coming. The world is heading towards mutual win–win development. We are beginning to be aware that world development is not a zero-sum game. World Harmony can be simply defined as a multilateral world set on the course of win–win development. This will release the energy for mankind to work for common prosperity.
Harmony as a guiding faith is very broad. It includes peace within oneself, in relations between people, within family, between citizens and nations, harmony among nations, and between man and nature. Democracy is nothing but harmony between citizen and their government. Environmental ecology is simply harmony of man with nature.The practice of harmony can be simply defined as the following twelve virtues: Tolerance, Acceptance, Respect, Equality, Gentleness, Forgiveness, Patience, Humility, Conservation, Ecology, Unity with Nature, and Unity of Mankind. With these practices firmly in mind, World Harmony is on the way to be achievable.
What promises lie in the future? In the future, we will see further growth of developing countries and multilateralism. This will lead to a more harmonious balance of East and West, North and South dialogues and cultural exchange. The world is poised for win–win mutual development. World development is not a zero sum game as some might think. The best way to develop is openness and learning from the best of each culture so as to move towards common prosperity.
The big media houses and others have come together because of new challenges from the marching of the developing world and changes of technology and market orientation. Powerful world media, working for more harmonious reporting, is a major breakthrough for the cause of World Harmony. The Western powers have dominated the world stage and news reporting for the last two centuries. By conceding to cooperation and win–win development in world news reporting, the stage is set for inevitable improvement of East West and North South relations. This is the important single step the world must take to avoid self-destruction and deception. We are seeing the coming of a brave new world. We are very hopeful that world harmony undertakings will flourish.
Harmony is universal. It embraces all human relations and our relation with the universe. Harmony is the underlying operating principle of the universe. Without harmony mankind will self-destruct and the universe will not be eternal. "Harmony Renaissance will release us from the bondage of human strife. It is the next wave of creative energy that mankind is waiting for. Harmony Renaissance will bring East and West convergence so mankind will reach higher accomplishments beyond European Renaissance."In Service of Harmony RenaissanceFrancis C W Fung, Ph.D.Director GeneralWorld Harmony Organization.

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