Wednesday, November 4, 2009



We have the vision to teach Harmony Renaissance. It is the inevitable tide. It will bring unity in diversity in a multi polar world. We are ahead. In time, all religions, ideologies and cults will follow. Without harmony all human institutions are inherently divisive, including institutions demanding blind faith. The world will be more and more open and diverse. That is why Harmony is needed to avoid undue confrontation.

Both Confucius and Laotze taught harmony without demanding super natural submission. Confucius said "Respect the supernatural and keep a distance". Laotze preached Dao, which is the primal force and the invisible energy by today's definition. The word Dao composed of two parts, the head and the way. It is a thinking philosophy. Laotze never invoked the super natural image or formed a human institution to lead. That is why their harmony philosophy will last over time. They taught universal common value, the virtues of Harmony.

We can teach the 12 virtues of Harmony without invoking the supernatural or conformity. We can use modern communication and presentation that is acceptable to the community. Harmony propagates best by resonance. Resonance is nature's preferred way of propagation. All signals we receive are through resonance of our sensors, including the heart.

I have another event suggestion that may be entertaining for the Spring Festival. We can have 12 young ladies do fashion show cat walk and each read a short message on a harmony virtue of her choice. If this is explained right, I think we can get sponsors also.

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.
World Harmony Organization

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