Sunday, November 22, 2009


Important message to Directors and friends of World Harmony Organization

Dear Directors and Friends,

Now that we are growing with new support of friends, we must remember that WHO is a non-political and non-religious public benefit Code 501 (3) think tank. We advocate Harmony Renaissance as a universal common value to resolve religious and ideological strife, but we respect all major religions and world cultures. A multilateral world must be inclusive of all world cultures. Mankind progresses together best when we humbly learn from each other. Harmony belongs to the world. Harmony Renaissance is the renaissance of world civilization and our shared common value.

In our over 200 worldwide published essays, we advocate harmony within oneself, with nature, in our society, and among nations. Please refer to our essays by clicking the link We are practitioners of harmony in the examples we set and in our writing. We believe harmony propagates best, not by preaching, but by resonance, nature's preferred way of propagation. We accept all religions, but Harmony Renaissance does not invoke man-made physical images of a creator or messenger. We believe Harmony is the fundamental order of the universe. Harmony belief is necessary and self-sufficient and in unity with science.

We advocate Harmony Renaissance, but we must rise above religion and ideological confrontation. All religions teach harmony. All cultures contain harmony teaching as a balanced way of life. Harmony is not passive. It is a scientific Dynamic Balance of extremes. We believe in world harmony, world democracy, unity of mankind, unity of cultures, harmony diplomacy, and harmony consensus -- in short, Unity in Diversity.

We believe in equality of mankind among all nations. There are new and old cultures, but no bad culture. We must guard against judging other culture as inferior. In time, all nations will modernize and harmonize their own old and new culture within -- and without outside interference. In fact all cultures must continuously develop to keep up with world harmony. Only by accepting and respecting diverse world cultures can we reach our common destiny, a harmonious multilateral world.
Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.World Harmony OrganizationSan Francisco, Nov. 2009

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