Friday, November 20, 2009


The unprecedented comprehensive joint statement shows the success of Obama’s harmony diplomacy in China. America needs China to continue to fund the U.S. deficit. China needs the U.S. to support her effort to unify the nation, including Tibet and Xinjiang. In the past, America, in the name of human rights, has interfered in what China considered as internal affairs by supporting the Dalai Lama and the Xinjiang separatist movement. On both counts, the Chinese citizens are overwhelmingly behind their government. Thus, America’s double standard of treating Al-Qaida as a terrorist movement and Tibet and Xinjiang as a human rights issue will not be credible in the long run. Thus, too, the continuing human rights dialogue is instrumental and essential in bridging the cultural and core interest gap between the two world powers.
America’s founding values are freedom and democracy, both inherited from European Renaissance. The rise of China has necessitated the U.S. media to practice self-censorship to protect the status quo. In so doing, it stumbles to slow harmony philosophy from growing in America. Harmony is an ancient cultural common value of the world. The twelve virtues of harmony are TOLERANCE, ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT, KINDNESS, FORGIVENESS, HUMILITY, GENTLENESS, PATIENCE, EQUITY, NONVIOLENCE, GREEN ECOLOGY, AND CONSERVATION. The last two being actions we now must collectively take urgently to harmonize with nature in order to avoid catastrophe on earth.
In today’s multilateral world, a Harmony Renaissance is inevitable. Harmony Renaissance is the renaissance of world civilization. Harmony Renaissance will unshackle us from racial, ideological, and religious strife. As a young dynamic country, America should act more like a responsible power to advocate Harmony Renaissance. Harmony Renaissance is the next wave of creative energy that will lead humankind to the next level of accomplishment beyond the European Renaissance.
In an interview with Charley Rose on November 17, 2009, Dr. Henry Kissinger, who was instrumental in normalizing U.S. – China relations, expounded on the coming of a new world order. He declared that world order means America and China must work in consensus, harmony consensus. Harmony Renaissance will herald that brave new world of peace and prosperity. To build a new world order, it is paramount that U.S. lead in harmony diplomacy.
Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.,
Director General
World Harmony Organization

Dr. Francis C W Fung’s Background:
Francis C W Fung, Ph.D., received his education at Brown University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Notre Dame. He is the founder and Director General of the World Harmony Organization, a U.N. accredited non-profit public benefit NGO. He is also a leading scholar on Stirling engines. As a prolific and creative thinker, his over 200 essays, papers, inventions, and five books on Harmony Renaissance, broadly include engineering research, national energy planning, Stirling engine renaissance, international relations, Harmony Faith, and Harmony Renaissance. His prophetic statement, “The steam engine initiated the 19th century, the internal combustion engine powered the 20th century, and the Stirling engine will herald 21st century Green Harmony”, delivered at the 2nd International Conference on Stirling Engines, cannot be more true today. Currently, Dr. Fung devotes his entire energy to advocating worldwide solar Stirling power as green energy alternative to nuclear and fossil power through his high-level connections developed during his intensive career and promoting Harmony Renaissance Platform with United Nations. He will continue to travel with his associates to China, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America to further these causes.

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