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Dear WHO Directors and Friends,

WHO is proud to announce our full representation agreement with SBP to market their biofuel Stirling engine products. This presents a great opportunity to solarize their Stirling engines with our revolutionary solar concentrators. SBP is the world leader in Solar and Biomass Stirling engines for electric generation. Their 50 KW Stirling is the largest and state of the art proven production model in the world. It can be further increased to generate up to 75 KW electricity each.

Stirling Engines, because of their flexible multi fuel capability will be the ideal solar and biofuel electric generators of the coming green revolution. Steam engines are for the 19th Century, Internal Combustion engines are for the 20th Century, Stirling engines will lead the 21st Century green revolution. Please see following newspaper and published articles.We welcome users and investors to join us in this movement to solarize the Stirling engine for world electrification and green harmony. WHO can provide the most cost effective Stirling engines as well as the most efficient and low cost solar concentrator technology for this undertaking. To participate in this pressing and worthwhile Green revolution contact WHO at contact@worldharmonyorg.net. For more information please click www.scribd.com/fcwfung

In Service of Harmony Renaissance!
Francis C W Fung, PH.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization
BY FRANCIS C W FUNG, PH.D.July 18, 2008

On July 17, 2008 Al Gore, former US Vice President, made an important US energy independent announcement. The main theme was to announce the timely and important initiative of converting all US electricity production to green energy in a decade, by 2018. The initiative is wise and admirable, but is it realistic? Is it achievable and how? Currently the US electricity generation is 70% by fossil fuel, 20% by nuclear power and only 10% by solar, hydro, wind and other forms of renewable energy. Gore’s ambitious goal is achievable if supported by concerted national efforts of Solar Stirling Engine programs to gradually replace existing fossil fuel power plants, large or small. America is a country of vast resources and can do spirit demonstrated by the mass mobilization of WWII in airplane manufacturing capability. Half a century later the world has not yet caught up. In the urgency of the present national energy, financial and climate crisis, the same ‘can do’ attitude can be applied to the Green Energy for Electricity Initiative (GENEI) for success.

The GENEI policy will put US so far ahead in Solar Stirling system manufacturing that the world will not be able to catch up. The momentum of GENEI advocacy will make us the largest green energy technology and Stirling Engine export nation in the history of world green energy technology and product export. The potential world market of GENEI technology and products together with our reduction in oil imports can be so great as to more than halve the current American trade deficit. The US is in great need of a president who will adhere to the mission and vision advanced by Al Gore. Exactly twenty-four years ago I delivered a key note speech at the Second International Conference of Stirling Engines in Shanghai, China. The title of my speech was “The Promising Future of Stirling Engines in China”. This was referring to American Stirling Engine technology being transferred to China. The idea was for China to deploy nationwide, small size solar powered Stirling engines as an appropriate renewable energy technology.

The most endearing and commanding source of external heat to power Stirling Engines without doubt is solar heat. Because of the simplicity of the Stirling Engine’s operating principle and construction compared to the conventional internal combustion engine, this is a winning combination from economical and renewable energy considerations. The operating gas in a Stirling Engine is hermetically sealed and heat is added to the outside of the engine cylinder. Thus mechanically, high efficiency Stirling Engines are very simple and maintenance free. Most of all, because of its high heat and power concentration capability, it is also particularly suitable for large electric utility applications compared to solar voltaic panels. Solar voltaic panels as alternative utility power plants have significantly lower thermal efficiency, higher cost and take up much more space for the same electricity power delivered. 1

The cost of nuclear power plants is manifolds higher than the equivalent Solar Stirling Engine power plants because of the strict need and regulation requirements to prevent nuclear radioactivity leaks. All nuclear power plants must be housed in huge fortified containment housing, and all systems of hot and cooling water circulation must be heavily protected and isolated. The construction cycle is also unduly long. Despite all the built in safety factors for nuclear power plants, mechanical failures and human errors do occur. Accidents like Three Mile Island in the US and Chernobyl in Russia are unavoidable and the consequences are too dear to accept. For the sheer amount of enormous energy needed for Green Energy for Electricity Initiative (GENEI), from a safety point of view, Solar Stirling Engine System utility wins hands down over other renewable energy choices. California has voted for Stirling Engines from expert experience and is moving ahead.

Since the accident at Three Mile Island over thirty years ago, the US has consistently delayed building nuclear power plants. That is very responsible and to be commended. I was one time the China country representative of Combustion Engineering for the sales of moth-balled Tennessee Valley Nuclear power plants. The nightmares of TMI and Chernobyl still haunt me. The cost of disposal of spent fuel and its adverse effect of long lasting radioactivity on nature and mankind is well known. No nuclear power plant is permanent. The eventual need to tear down old dilapidated nuclear power plant for safety has also never been adequately addressed. After the unprecedented severe Sichaun earth quakes, the construction of huge hydro power plants such as the three Gorges anywhere in the world will be most likely put off for a long time if not forever. Medium and small size hydropower stations are better alternatives. 2

Aside from the fact that Solar Stirling Engine for electricity generation is non polluting and renewable, the final merit is the economic pay back of its low life cycle cost due to ease of manufacturing and maintenance of the engine. Solar Stirling Engine systems have long life cycle and do not require the many additional ancillary accessories as diesel and steam engines. In a Solar Stirling Engine System the working gas is permanently and hermetically sealed. There is no replacement or treatment necessary of the working gas in the life cycle of the engine as is required in steam and internal combustion engines. In conclusion, as a national and local GENEI policy to reduce environmental pollution, to steer away from long term radioactive degradation of the earth, and to reduce national financial burden, all point to the choice of using Solar Stirling Engine Systems as the most viable solution. Large Stirling Engine power plants can be incrementally added in small modular units. They are much more thermally efficient than Solar voltaic panels. The recommendation of using Stirling Engine alternative for GENEI policy is based on my over two decades of experience as a practitioner of international Solar Stirling Engine technology transfer.

The US oil imports is 24% in the 1970’s and 42% in the 1990’s. Today we import 70% of our oil and at a staggering cost of $700 Billion. This increasing trend and heavy cost are absolutely unsustainable. It is imperative for us to support Al Gore’s recommendations and advocate GENEI policy as a national priority. To play a responsible role as the leader of the world, the US must also set an example in her renewable energy policy. Other major fossil fuel consuming nations such as China and India will inevitably follow. With ample evidence as discussed here, not to include the Solar Engine Systems for consideration as a major part of US GENEI imperative is unconscionable. Financially the US will be the biggest energy technology transfer nation in world history and the beneficiary thereof. In fact the US is already ahead of the world in Solar Stirling Engine technology. The GENEI policy will put US so far ahead in Solar Stirling system manufacturing that the world will be hard put to catch up. The potential export of Solar Stirling Engine systems to meet the pent up demand for rest of the world will be a great stimulus to the US sagging economy. Together with the reduction in oil imports, the US trade deficit can be significantly reversed.

The summation of total reduction of oil imports as the world follows our GENEI imperative will no doubt instantly halt the oil price speculation. It will not be surprising that a world concerted GENEI effort will instantly drive the oil price down by more than half. Our next president must show the vision and leadership to endorse Al Gore’s recommendations and implement the GENEI imperative as our energy independence policy. Yours humbly is available for consultation by invitation from relevant national energy implementation departments and local government heads.

In Service of Green Harmony Francis C W Fung, PH.D.
Director General World Harmony Organization

绿色能源取代核燃料和矿物燃料(Fossil Fuel)发电的倡议


2008年7月18日 2008年7月17日,美国前副总统戈尔发表重要演讲。目的是适时通告一项重 要的有关美国能源独立性的公民立法创议权,倡议十年内,即到2018年,将所有 美国的电力生产转换成绿色能源。该倡议是明智之举,令人钦佩。然则它现实吗? 能否实现?如何实现?目前美国发电使用的能源,70%为矿物燃料,20%为核燃 料,只有10 %太阳能、水力、风力和其他形式的可再生能源。本人的答案是,这 一雄心勃勃的目标是可以实现的。只要国家采取行动,努力协调,一致支持太阳 能斯特林发动机的发展计划,就能逐步取代现有或大或小的矿物燃料发电厂。
美国是一个拥有庞大资源兼具奋斗精神的国家。只要看看我们在第二次世界大 战期间压倒性的飞机制造能力,可见一斑。半世纪后的今天,世上依然无人能及。 将这种资源和精神用于绿色能源发电的开发,定能圆满成功。绿色能源发电政策 使美国在太阳能斯特林系统的制造上遥遥领先,无人赶上。宣传绿色能源发电, 势必使我们成为最大的能源技术和斯特林发动机出口大国,创造世界上绿色能源 技术和产品出口的历史。绿色能源技术和产品的潜在市场,加上我们大幅减少石 油进口,则我们的贸易赤字可减少一半以上。美国极需一个象戈尔一样有抱负、 有使命感的总统。

二十四年前,本人在中国上海召开的第二次斯特林发动机国际会议上发表主题 演讲,题为【斯特林发动机在中国未来发展的美好前景】,并将美国斯特林发动 机技术转移给中国。当时的构想是,让中国将这种体积小的太阳能斯特林发动机 作为生产可再生能源的技术,在全国范围部署。推动斯特林发动机的最佳外热源, 毫无疑问是太阳能。相对传统内燃机,以太阳能作为斯特林发动机的动力,其运 作原理十分简单,从生态和可再生的角度,他们是最佳组合。与内燃机相比,斯 特林发动机在应用方面可尽量小型化,没有阀门,不用气化和点火系统,生产成 本最低。工作气体被密封在斯特林发动机里,发动机汽缸从外部加热。太阳能斯 1 特林发动机绝对不需要传统内燃机的进气和排气阀门。因此,尽管斯特林发动机 机械效率很高,却很简单,维修费用全免。最重要的是其高热能集聚能力,相较 太阳能光伏发电板,它更适合大型电力事业。作为替代公用事业发电,同一发电 规模的太阳能光伏发电板效率过低,成本过高,占地过多。

本文撰写之日,两个最大的太阳能斯特林发动机电力厂仍在建设中,他们是南 加州爱迪生公司在加州莫哈韦沙漠兴建的太阳能发电一厂和圣地牙哥燃气和电力 公司在南加州皇县兴建的太阳能发电二厂。两个项目的设计发电量加起来共175万 千瓦,等于两个大型核电厂。 太阳能斯特林发动机是如何与核电厂匹敌的?两个太阳能斯特林发动机项目所 采用的技术称为阳光接收器,是一种高度集聚利用太阳能的技术,光电转换率达 31.25%,保持着太阳能发电技术的最高效世界纪录,远远超过任何竞争对手,发 电成本只有光伏发电的五分之一甚至十分之一。每座阳光接收器高38英尺,宽40 英尺,能生产25千瓦的电力。意味着它发出的每千瓦电所需空间要比光伏发电少 得多。太阳能光伏发电板占地大、电价高、效率低,在与斯特林发动机系统竞争 大型公用事业供电技术时被取消资格。

由于防核辐射和泄漏的严格监管条例,所有核电厂都必须安置在强化遏制泄漏 的室内。所有的冷、热水循环系统都必须严密保护。因此,核电厂的成本实际上 高于同规模矿物燃料发电厂,建设周期也过长。尽管所有核电厂都设计了安全系 数,机械故障和人为失误仍在所难免。如美国三哩岛意外和俄罗斯的切尔诺贝利 事故就是例子,后果让人无法接受。 发电需要巨额能量,太阳能斯特林发动机系统在与中国和其它大国选择的核能 和可再生能源的优势对比中遥遥领先。加州为斯特林发动机投赞成票更让其声名 鹊起。我们不该观望。三哩岛事故三十多年来,美国一再推迟核电厂的建设,值 得赞扬。我曾在田纳西谷核电厂销售时任中国国家核能公司的代表(请见所附我 和核能公司的合同) 。三哩岛和切尔诺贝利的噩梦依然困扰着我。四川史无前例 的大地震发生后,世界上任何地方建设庞大水力发电厂如三峡的计划,即使不被 永远放弃,也有可能被推迟相当长的时间。 2

太阳能斯特林发动机的无污染和可再生是不争的事实。此外,其最大优势是, 发动机维修率低,短期内可回收投资。太阳能斯特林发动机不象柴油机和蒸汽轮 机,无需许多额外辅件。在太阳能斯特林发动机工作的流体永久密封。引擎在设 计寿命期内不必更换或处理。相对蒸汽轮机的锅炉和柴油发动机的燃烧室,其没 完没了的保养和维修大大增加业者的经营成本。再者,不论锅炉蒸汽机还是柴油 引擎,排气系统所造成的污染早已恶名昭著,毋庸赘述。没有核电厂是永久性的。 老旧核电厂终有拆除之日,安全从未得到适当解决。 归根结底,不论是国家政策还是地方措施。减少环境的污染、让地球摆脱长期 核辐射还是减少国家的财政负担,不论为的是上述哪一点,选择使用太阳能斯特 林发动机,都是最可行的解决方案。 大型斯特林发动机发电厂可用小单位模块逐步扩大。他们的光电效率比太阳能 光伏发电板高得多。建议选择使用斯特林发动机为绿色能源发电的政策,是基于 我作为一个有20多年经验的国际太阳能斯特林发动机技术转让专家。

1970年代, 美国石油的24%需进口,1990年代为42%,今天,石油的70%需进口。交易额达 惊人的7,000亿美元之谱。增加的趋势、沉重的负担,绝对不可持续下去。 我们必须坚定地支持戈尔,把他主张的绿色能源政策作为国家的优先事项。美 国作为世界领袖,在可再生能源政策上必须以身作则,扮演一个负责任的角色。 其他主要的矿物燃料消费国如中国、印度、印度尼西亚和巴西将不可避免地跟进。 对于我们在此表述的太阳能发动机充分明显的优点,如不将其作为美国绿色能源 发电政策的当务之急纳入考虑,实在不合情理。再说,财务上美国将成为世界历 史上能源技术转移的最大受益人。 事实上,美国太阳能斯特林发动机技术早已成熟。美国绿色能源发电政策使太 阳能斯特林系统在制造上遥遥领先,世界无人能及。

太阳能斯特林发动机系统的 出口潜力,除满足世界其余地区的迫切需要,将极大地刺激美国低迷的经济。加 上减少石油进口,美国的贸易赤字的逆转将指日可待。总之,减少石油进口加上 世界追随我们的绿色能源政策,石油价格的投机行为毫无疑问将立即停止。世界 绿色能源发电政策一经协调,石油价格应声下跌一半以上将不足为奇。绿色能源 发电势在必行,我们的下任总统必须表现其远见卓识的领导才能,赞同戈尔的主 张,并将其作为我们的能源独立政策。如蒙邀请,我们将很乐意和国家能源决策 机构及当地政府首脑共同讨论这一议题。

总召集:冯忠华博士 中文翻译:林光前

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