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All religions teach Harmony. But institutionalized religions may not respect each other. Each religion claims they are the true messenger from God. That position can be very divisive. That is why we have religious crusades and religious strife. Buddhism is more accepting than other religions. The claim of most Christians that the human Jesus Christ is the son of God can only be accepted by others as symbolic and not scientific. The human body is physical; it is not part of the invisible energy field. Our soul is part of the invisible energy field. That makes us spiritual beings with a conscience. We do not need miracles to accept invisible energy; it is proven by science.

Ultimately, all religions must be united by harmony because harmony simply means unity in diversity. Confucius said, "Gentlemen prefer harmony over conformity, petty people prefer conformity over harmony." "In all ceremony, harmony is most precious". Confucius meant that all religions must prefer harmony. Harmony faith can accept Harmony Renaissance and scientific invisible energy without a man-made image of God. That puts harmony as the unifying force.

Harmony believers can accept other religions for their contributions to human civilization. Ultimately, Harmony Renaissance will be the most sublime, most relevant and beneficial to human civilization. That explains why China does not have home-grown religion but accepts all religions. Confucius said, "Respect the supernatural but keep a distance." (Confucius' teachings are not a religion, but a philosophy with no deity.) China's long continuous history has relied on her ancient harmony teaching. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is Socialism with Harmony. China does not have home-grown ideology either; Marxism was imported from Germany. China has worked well under its harmony philosophy, the essence of Chinese ancient culture.

Eventually, ideology will become less relevant in a harmonious world. Capitalism and communism all end in "-ism". All ideology words that end in -ism "is small" and not universal compared to harmony. The world is much more in harmony without ideological struggles. All Chinese learned that from the past. The world will progress best when we respect and learn from each other's cultures.

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

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