Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Dear Honorary Directors and Directors,
Following is World Harmony Organization team members list heading various important Commissions up dated with C J Yin and Farzam Kamalabadi added. WHO is a non profit public benefit 501 tax code corporation. Our resident attorney is the highly regarded Leon Jew who deigned our organization chart for performance with parallel equal rank commissions. This structure is also designed for maximum participation. Directors are limited to 7 who's main function is to set up long range goals to guide the various commissions and may not need to be directly involved in any Commission work. Commission members may not be Directors either.

Recently there are some very important break through with our Ecology and Energy and U.S. China Relation Commissions. As a result we have new honorary directors and directors who are bringing a lot of resources and will play very important roles in furthering the harmony Renaissance goals of WHO.

I have announced to you in my previous emails that we have the honor of welcoming C.J Yin and Farzam Kamalabadia, both are highly regarded society pillars with deep commitment to the most great peace, harmony and U.S. China harmonious relation. Farzam as an authority on China development and one of the leaders of today's world oil industry scene. For those who are not familiar with the said fields you may simply Google Farzam Kamalabadi. C.J and his charitable family are well known in the Bay area and his major photo publications on Nanjing Massacre and Second World War Germ Warfare make him a renowned personality worldwide.

Farzam has kindly agreed to support our harmony renaissance future publications and presentation to China and also our Ecology and Energy Commission. C J and I will be working on very exciting project to untie the knot of misunderstanding between the U.S. public and China.

Seasons Greetings!

Francis C. W. Fung
Director General
World Harmony Organization

WORLD HARMONY ORGANIZATION COMMISSION TEAM MEMBERS UPDATED HARMONY ORGANIZATION TEAM As the leading world harmony renaissance think tank we are growing with harmony by leaps and bounds. Our organization structures are designed to accomplish mission tasks by Commissions directly, effectively and with sense of responsibility.

Commission for U.N. Relation headed by Albert Chang and Albert Cheung
Commission for U.S.- China Relation headed by C.C. Tien(stand in for Peter Tien), Jack Tien, Albert Chang and James C J Yin
Commission for U.K.-China relation headed by Eric Chipps
Commission for Canada-China Relation headed by Morgan Steacy
Commission for Africa-China relation headed by Lee P. Der
Commission for Unity of Religion headed by Nushin Mavadatt, Peter Numann and Rana Chang
Commission for World Harmony Cultural Festival headed by Spencer Chase, Terry Rucker, Tatiana Ganenko, Sheila Chipps, Peter Lam, Sophie Tse and Terry Luk.
Commission for International Harmony Renaissance Symposium headed by Morgan Staecy, Dean Jacob Perea and Francis C. W. Fung
Commission for Ecology and Energy headed by Farzam Kamalabadi, Lin Guang Qien and Francis C. W. Fung
Commission for Harmony and Natural Science headed by Qin Nanji
Resident Legal Adviser Leon Jew
Media Relation headed by Iris Lei and Tina Wang supported by Sheila Chipps and Inna Elbert.
Financing and Business Development headed by Farzam Kamalabadi and Lee P. Der
Chinese Cuture and Language Education Eileen Chan and Lin Guang Qien
Executive secretary Julia Devendorf

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