Sunday, December 23, 2007


Dear Colleagues,

My old friend and one time partner Mr. Farzam Kamalabadi is committed to support my World Harmony Organization and HKGENEI because of our common values and interests. Both my harmony renaissance and green energy inventions accomplishment provide contents for Pan Sino Oil and Gas Corporation's initiatives in harmonious energy distribution and green energy promotion.

Following is a brief introduction to Pan Sino and Farzam in the high level oil and gas ventures. For more info on Farzam and Pan Sino please use the link

About Us

Pan Sino Energy Development Co., Ltd.Brief Introduction
Pan Sino Energy Development Company Limited is a newly emerging enterprise of China specializing in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry.
A major shareholding company with the unique triangular combination of Chinese governmental, Chinese private and international private shareholders, Pan Sino Energy is well positioned to rise as a leading active oil and gas company of China.
Pan Sino Energy's governmental enterprise shareholder is Pan Sino Group Holding Company (ZhongJi ChanYe), a large and powerful State conglomerate owned and operated by the influential Central Communist Party University, the sole institution from which all provincial governors and central government leaders of China must graduate.
Pan Sino Energy's Chinese private shareholders are influential family members of the highest level First Generation Leaders of China, with extensive experience in international business and also domestic oil and gas deals. As a group, they are represented here in Pan Sino Energy as shareholders of the private company, CNPC Zhuhai Zhonghuan Uni-Petro Co., Ltd.
Pan Sino Energy's international private shareholder is Mr. Farzam Kamalabadi ( Mr. Hua Zan ), President of Future Trends International (Group) Corporation. Mr. Kamalabadi is a leading China expert and a prominent and recognized figure in the oil and gas system of China; the only foreign businessman in either of the two national-level private oil associations of China and the only personality to be invited to serve as the vice-Chairman of the two national associations.
He brings into this dynamic company his strong background and connections and network of top leadership of the oil rich supply-side countries of the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and Latin America; as well as rich experience in cross-cultural co-operation and international project organization.
The core business of Pan Sino Energy is investing into the upstream oil exploration blocks overseas, and mid and downstream projects in North and South China, as well as petroleum trading activities, and specially executing high-end projects and communicating on top national-level strategic deals.
Pan Sino Energy has access to adequate funding and full governmental support to conduct large scale domestic and international oil and gas projects. It has extensive industry know-how and specialization and has on its Board also prominent retired Ministers and vice Ministers of the former Petroleum and Petrochemical Ministry of China.

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firegold said...

Farzam is a cheater and lier. He really has no connections of any value and only wants payment in advance and then can not follow up any deal. He owes many people money and can barely survive.His game is to tell the Chinese he has Middle East connections and tell the Middle East people he has Chinese connections and then try to make a deal in the middle. He owes me money for over one year and I know now he will never pay. Any questions you can email for more details.

Zeus said...

I find your comment intriguing. Would it be possible to talk next week at some point? Many thanks.

Ramin said...

This is a surprising comment and I wonder what has motivated it. I have worked with Farzam for about a couple of years and have found him to always be very honest and forthright. I have also met some of his connections both in China and the Middle East and have been quite impressed with them.