Sunday, June 17, 2007


As the leading world harmony renaissance think tank we are growing with harmony by leaps and bounds. Our organization structures are designed to accomplish mission tasks by Commissions directly, effectively and with sense of responsibility.

Commission for U.N. Relation headed by Albert, Chang and Albert Cheung
Commission for U.S.- China Relation headed by C.C. Tien(stand in for Peter Tien), Jack Tien, John Delfavero and Francis C.W. Fung
Commission for Harmony between Washinton Consensus and Beijing Consensus headed by Francis C. W. Fung and John Delfavro
Commission for U.K.-China relation headed by Eric Chipps
Commission for Canada-China Relation headed by Morgan Steacy
Commission for Africa-China relation headed by Lee P. Der
Commission for Unity of Religion headed by Nushin Mavadatt, Peter Numann and Rana Chang
Commission for World Harmony Cultural Festival headed by Spencer Chase, Terry Rucker, Tatiana Ganenko, Sheila Chipps, Peter Lam, Sophie Tse and Terry Luk.
Commission for International Harmony Renaissance Symposium headed by Morgan Staecy, Dean Jacob Perea and Francis C. W. Fung
Commission for Ecology and Energy headed by John Delfavero and Francis C. W. Fung
Commission for Harmony and Natural Science headed by Qin Nanji
Resident Legal Adviser Leon Jew
Media Relation headed by Iris Lei and Tina Wang supported by Sheila Chipps and Inna Elbert.
Financing and Business Development headed by John Delfavero and Lee P. Der
Executive secretary Julia Devendorf

Francis C. W. Fung, PH.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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