Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Dear Albert and C J,

Thank you for raising funds for donation to World Harmony Organization. Your noble efforts for a worthwhile cause is very much appreciated. Our organization is going through a very important growing phase as a result, is very critically in need of immediate short term funding above and beyond my personal contribution. With your direct connection to renowned family foundations I feel very reassured with your offer to help. All donation checks can be made to World Harmony Organization for IRS code 501 NONPROFIT PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION CONTRIBUTION TAX DEDUCTIONS. Our mailing address is 514 Arballo Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132.

The funds will be used immediately for expenses in continuing publication of our important forth coming books now in final stage of preparation, Mr. Lin's and Eileen's part time compensation for services above and beyond the call of duty, trips to China to work with Farzam for his assistance in harmony, green energy, Tibet album distribution, other potential energy business and our official World Harmony Organization visit to Beijing to present our team and credentials to the highest level of Chinese government.

The following is an updated and expanded WHO Commission team members list with new participation of esteemed members as a result of recent growth. Please review and advise. It is only an updated suggestion, input and advices are welcomed. Our organization as designed by our esteemed attorney Leon Jew is for the Commssions members list to continue to grow. It is my fervent wish that the batons will be passed on from the older generations to the younger and more dynamic.

On behalf of all WHO team members new and old from the bottom of my heart, I wish to express my heart felt thanks for your effort to raise needed funds for our organization. Thank you again from a pure heart for service for world harmony renaissance, a renewed green world and the most great peace and harmony.

May harmony prevail in the world and may you have the best of green energy choices!


PS. Lin can you translate above appreciation letter so we can send to selected directors who may wish a Chinese version and for our archives

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