Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Dear U. N. Friends in Harmony

World harmony Organization is putting together a brochure on "Harmony Renaissance" announcing the mission to support United Nations in pursuing Harmony World. Harmony Renaissance is the momentum and inevitable tide we are waiting for following the U N Staff Day Forum. We earnestly seek your feed back on "Harmony Renaissance" as a harmony theoretical foundation for the United Nations as called by Dr. Noel Brown on U.N. Staff Day. The following is enclosed for your review and comment. Your comments, articles in English and Chinese and photos will be published and distributed worldwide.



Honorary Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, distinguished U N officials, ladies and gentlemen:

I, Francis C W Fung, am honored to be here to represent World Harmony Organization (WHO). World Harmony Organization pursues and also advocates Harmony Renaissance. Harmony is mankind’s highest common value and Renaissance is action. Together Harmony Renaissance has new life. Our vision and mission is to provide the Harmony Renaissance theoretical foundation for United Nations to carry on its mission for world harmony.

I am here to share with you our Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration. So without much ado here is our slide. I will talk around our Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration, give you my explanations and answer questions at the end.

In the East, Harmony as a social science was evolved from natural science observation by Laozi. Human in harmony with the universe is called “Tian Ren He Yi.” Laozi left us with his 5000 words treatise Dao De Jing. It is the most translated Chinese book on way of life. The Chinese practice Fengshui which is a way to harmonize with nature and the environment. In the West, Einstein was also quoted as saying the order of nature is not accidental. In his words “Mother Nature does not play dice”. Harmony is the order of nature. Harmony belongs to the world and to the universe.

Harmony is the order of natural science and the fundamental law of the universe. Harmony is not passive. It advocates action and dynamic balance. Most people have the fallacy of thinking of harmony as static. We must think of harmony in terms of fluid dynamics, like the movement of air and water. It can be soft and it can be strong. It is in constant movement and influx for sure. Harmony is dynamic energy balance and is also the principle of universe creation. Through harmony interaction the universe is created. Without harmony our universe cannot be eternal.

From the very beginning, the universe is created by the infinite invisible energy in the firmament. The invisible energy that created the universe can also be called Dao. The word Dao in Chinese has two parts, one stands for the head, the other part for motion. Together they mean primal force that leads the way. Laozi said “Dao created one, one created two, two created three, three created all things. All things carry Yin and embrace Yang. Dynamic balance creates harmony”. Laozi’s harmony theory of universe is in unison with modern quantum physics. If we have time I can go into more detail about Laozi’s theory of universe creation.

Harmony Renaissance is the guiding principle to be applied to all natural and social sciences. Harmony governs all human relations from within us, between people, in the family, in the society, between citizens and government, among governments and among all people in this global village. It can be applied to ecology, green energy inventions, and green energy developments for example. Harmony includes all the important virtues to make the world harmonious. These include among others, forgiveness, humility, equity, patience, tolerance and acceptance.

Harmony Renaissance is the break through that will take us to the next level of human creativity and accomplishment beyond European Renaissance. European Renaissance brought us democracy and modern science. Harmony Renaissance includes democracy, and it unshackles us from all bondage and baggage of human distrust. It resolves hostilities and reduces rich and poor disparity. Harmony Renaissance is the inevitable tide we are waiting for. It will allow nations on this global village really moving towards win-win mutual development. It the second creative wave after European renaissance that will bring all mankind to the next level of accomplishment.

You can ask me questions on harmony renaissance, Harmony Faith. Harmony Faith is the 21st Century faith to prepare ourselves for self fulfillment and world harmony renaissance. The first global World Harmony City is our joint project proposal with Sungroup USA and Future Trends International. It is a grand mission for the United Nations and all of us in green energy depository, inventions, solutions and demonstrations and harmonious energy distribution.

May Harmony Renaissance Prevail in the World!

Francis C W Fung, PH. D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

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