Sunday, April 6, 2008



For the past four centuries since the period of enlightenment and European Renaissance the West has moved ahead of the East in modern culture,science and technology. During this same period the glorious culture of the ancient East including the Middle East, Southern Asia and Eastern Asia lagged behind in human being’s first industrial revolution and the awakening energy thus created. For more than two centuries the flow of modern culture has been predominantly from the West to the East. The promise for world harmony must be built on the premise of unity in diversity. This necessitates balanced multi Cultural flow from East to the West as well.

The historical mission to restore this East to West cultural balance lies squarely on the shoulders of China as well as India, the two major rising developing economies of the East. The economic success of reform and opening up of China during the last three decades followed by the recent advance by India points to the trend that India and China will remain the locomotive for world economic growth for some time to come.

In our objectives we have defined the undertakings for the first World Harmony City in terms of both the hard and soft energy platforms. To this end in our outline proposal we have drawn up eight specific projects to achieve these objectives. For sustainable development China’s leaders have wisely called for the concept of scientific development since 2004. In terms of the necessary effort for human being to harmonize with nature, China may wish to play a lead role in the development of green energy, renewal energy and new energy to help reducing environmental pollution and improve our common ecology.

Historically East is a cradle for harmony philosophy and West is the fermenting ground for advocacy. Together East and West, especially America and China can pool their diverse cultural and scientific resources to pursue world harmony renaissance within the platform of World Harmony Institute and World Harmony Renaissance Center. Both WHI and WHRC are think tanks that can provide the driving force for harmony renaissance through dialogue, research and training. The collective innovative energy created by the harmony renaissance movement will surely lead human being to the second wave of accomplishment for the next millennium. Let us begin with World Harmony Renaissance in the 21st Century in the First World Harmony City in China.

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