Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nobel Laureate Invitation to United Nations

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Dear Honorable Nobel Laureate,

The conflicting world of today calls for the world to advocate harmony. Harmony precedes peace in the world. Without harmony peace cannot last. World harmony predicates on the world reaching harmony consensus. Harmony is the highest common value. All major religions of the world teach harmony and brotherhood. Harmony belongs to the world. Harmony belongs to the universe.

Harmony is an ancient philosophy that has been neglected. It is time to revive and rediscover harmony for global win-win mutual development. The only way to resolve conflicts, improve our ecology and reduce rich and poor disparity is for all citizens of the world to practice harmony from within and reaching out beyond the family, society, nation and to the world.

World Harmony Organization (WHO) is calling for Harmony Renaissance to unite the world. Unity in diversity can only happen when we really believe in tolerance, respect, equity, acceptance, humility, patience, forgiveness and renounce violence. Harmony among nations is achievable through Harmony Diplomacy and Harmony Faith.

To begin with, we are calling for a planning meeting of Nobel Laureates to initiate Harmony Renaissance. For discussion purpose we have drafted the following Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Harmony Renaissance Declaration. This draft has been scheduled for announcement at the Spring of United Nations function on April 25, 2008 in U. N., New York Headquarter.

Together with Sungroup USA, World Harmony Organization also drafted a proposal for the First World Harmony City to be launched as part of our effort to initiate Harmony Renaissance. In the following we have also enclosed the First World Harmony City Objectives for your review. In the proposal we have included a plan for establishing a United Nations Harmony University for the Honorable Ban Ki-Moon’s and U.N.’s review, consideration and support. The prime purpose of the University will be training the highest caliber of selected students from all over the world. They will become dedicated Harmony volunteers and ambassadors to pursuit and work for harmony renaissance worldwide.

You are invited to come to the United Nations meeting on April 25, 2008 to put together a plan for world harmony renaissance. Your response to this invitation is earnestly expected and will be greatly appreciated. The U.N. invitation is also enclosed. Kindly email your early response to contact@worldharmoinyorg.net

May Harmony Renaissance Prevail in the World!

Dr.Francis C.W.Fung World Harmony Organization
Dr.Marc Fairman Sungroup USA
Dr.Jay Rothstein World Harmony City

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