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Dear David,

Per Kleiner Perkins' request I am high lighting important points of our GENEI Inc Green energy inventions, that are selling points for your investors and ecology minded backers.

From ecology consideration, because of the MPC Nano material housing has air inlet screens, our multipurpose VPTG wind electric generator does not kill birds.

From the same consideration, our HACG hydro power electric generator does not destroy marine biology. We use the hydro power indirectly. The water is just diverted through our HACG device. Only the isothermaliy compressed air goes through our air turbines for power generation or refrigeration. The water that goes through our HACG device is also oxygenated because part of the air bubbles emtramped remains in the water. In another word, the tail water coming out of our HACG electric generator is oxygenated and unheated by the turbine. Not only marine biology is not destroyed ,our tail water is good for marine life.

Our IWEG induced wave electric generator creates its own wave! There is no need for any civil engineering construction to interfere with the body water.

Since our discussion yesterday, I wish to add that our multipurpose VPTG electric generator has certain salient features that may easily escape a casual observer at first. With its vertical axis turbine and venturi housing it is an enhanced multipurpose power turbine generator not unlike a converted power turbine generator from gas turbine jet engine. This was the technology I transferred from Cooper- Rolls Royce to China during late 1980's. It can be functional where the conventional wind generator may not. I will explain further.

Its vertical axis turbine can be multistage to reduce the frontal blade dimension a conventional wind turbine takes. The turbine is located at the venturi housing neck, thus the wind velocity is many times increased by the Bernoulli principle. The bottom of the enlarged housing with entry portholes collect wind from all directions The vertical tower design can combine buoyancy effect with the wind energy. Thus as an appropriate technology for rural and developing areas the wind that is captured in the lower venturi housing can be further heated by solar power, geothermal or waste at heat the the bottom of the venturi housing.

Of course because of the above many features it can also be a muti-purpose electric generator when the wind velocity happened to be low or not available because of seasonal changes. Another words it can work as a waste, solar or geothermal heat electric generator when there is no wind. Solar collectors can be use to heat the bottom of our venturi housing do generate additional draft for power. In some remote areas agriculture waste can be burned in the front burner as shown in my patent design drawings. This way we have a bonafide low tech power turbine for electricity generation. If cow dung is used and acceptable in the dessert for a portable device, so be it.

For your convenience I am including my short summary and the new Chinese translation below to further illustrate the above point that our enhanced ecology inventions have additional features that may not be obvious by casual observation. I too am beginning to realize the growing multi-facet features of my three unique, innovative and versatile green energy electric inventions. Thank you for your warm support and consideration in working with me.

Best Wishes,


To put it in a meaningful way, I can venture to say that my inventions are the cumulative experience and wisdom of many years and many partners in appropriate renewable energy development with enhanced environmental considerations.. The fact that the inventions were submitted for patent applications recently by me only means that the awareness to harmonize with nature has finally come of age be lately. Our three green energy inventions include the use of atmospheric, geothermal, hydro, solar, wave, wind and waste heat energies for electric generation. Our inventions are low cost, easy to manufacture and suited for rural and developing world applications.In each case, in the case of VPTG (an all in one venturi 360 degree VAT turbine that can harness atmospheric, wind, geothermal and waste heat energy), HACG (hydraulic compressed air power electric generator) and AWEG (an induced wave power electric generator powered by alternate gravity and buoyancy forces), we minimize the perturbation of nature compared to conventional way of using renewable energies. The VPTG VAT turbine is multidimensional compared to uni- direction. The VPTG can funnel wind from the bottom upwards along the venturi tube to the throat area for maximum power utilization. My inventions can be readily scaled up or down to suit community electricity use. We use natural environments without the need to build elaborate civil structures. In all cases we also minimize the use of precious space. Think about the implications.For conventional wave electric generators their size is determined by the length of the natural wave in each locality. Our AWEG can be scaled up and down independent of the wave length of the body water. We induce the waves according to our design (note the word induce). In a close system, using cryogenic fluid as working media, the AWEG invention is uniquely suitable as a superconducting electric generator. The beauty of super conducting phenomenon is that large amount of electricity can be generated in small cylindrical spaces.For Julia, Lin, and Leon who have heard my inventions presentation many times over, most likely appreciate the sweeping statement above. For those who have not heard my presentations often I will be patient. Lin can you render above statement into Chinese that will convey our noble intent to the Chinese speakers also? Appreciate it.Francis C. W.Fung, PH.D.Director GeneralWorld Harmony Organization

关于三个绿色能源技术发明的解释世界和谐组织总干事:冯忠华博士 (Francis C. W. Fung, PhD)从某种意义上,可以大胆地说,我的发明是多年来我和许多合作伙伴,最大限度地考虑了环境因素,在就地可再生能源开发方面的经验累积,是智慧的结晶。从我日前提交了技术发明专利申请这一迟来的事实,意味着人与大自然和谐的时代终于到来。三个绿色能源发明使用了包括空气、地热、水力、太阳能、波浪、风力和废热等。结构简单,造价低廉,最适合农村和发展中国家。逐个说明:立式文丘里管动力涡轮发电(VPTG)利用了空气的动力。文丘里管空气动力涡轮,能同时使用大气(风从四面八方进入)、地热和废热。 水力压缩空气发电(HACG)可说是另类水力发电。对比一般的可再生能源利用领域,我们尽量减少对自然的干扰。我的发明,可根据社区用电量大小来决定规模的大小。再者,我们利用自然环境,就地制作,无需大兴土木。所有发明都尽量节省宝贵的土地资源。个中寓意,日久弥深。特别值得一提的是人造波浪发电(AWEG)。这里所说的波浪,无需江河大海,而是本人独出心裁的诱发波浪技术设计(请注意“诱发”一词),交叉利用地心引力和浮力,让一个密封物体有规律地在一个天然或人造水体上下沉浮,推动水力涡轮发电。常规波浪发电,规模大小取决于各地水体的天然波长。这种人造波浪发电(AWEG),独立于当地自然水体的波长,规模可大可小。使用低温液体为工作介质,人造波浪发电(AWEG)是一种独特的超导发电机。超导现象妙就妙在只要很小的圆柱型空间,就能发出大量的电力。翻译:世界和谐组织理事 林光前

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