Wednesday, May 18, 2016


IT IS TIME FOR PHILOSOPHY TO FLOURISH, REJUVENATION OF CHINA "Xi, it is time for philosophy to flourish." Rejuvenation of China is the rise of Chinese culture. Philosophy is human wisdom above religion. It is the soul of a nation. Human created God, not the other way around. Harmony is the essence of philosophy, rule of nature. Philosophy is the highest human abstract thinking. In all art form it can soar above heaven. It is human wisdom without limit. Human strength comes from self-discipline. It comes from within. It must be guided by a well-founded philosophy, not law imposed from outside. U.S. crime and drug problems ultimately can only solved by self-discipline and not by law alone. Chinese culture is strong in philosophy and self-discipline. Philosophy propagates by resonance. China did not need to use force to spread its ancient culture. American culture is strong in law and ideology. They are not inherent human nature like philosophy. Thus America is inclined to preach and forcefully interfering in other countries domestic affairs. In today's fast internet world. Harmony and peace can only be achieved by a balance of East and West culture. For world peace and harmony America and China must learn from each other. In service of harmony Francis C W Fung, PH.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA

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