Wednesday, May 4, 2016


CHINESE WATER MIST CANNON FOR POLLUTION CONTROL CAN BE VERY EFFECTIVE AGAINST U.S. LASER WEAPONRY By Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. The following attached article by Kyle Mizokami from Popular Mechanics the author claimed “The Chinese PLA is experimenting with creating smoke in two ways: creating sulfur trioxide smoke through burning materials (spraying oil on a hot diesel engine is one way to do it) or creating an oily fog. The PLA Chemical Corps plans to use a new multiple canister launcher (pictured) to rapidly lay down protective smoke screens for nearby friendly forces. While this idea is fine and dandy for protecting forces standing still, there are some limitations. A protective screen of particulates is subject to the fickle whims of Mother Nature, and can linger for hours or mere minutes until dispersed by local winds. Smoke also works both ways: a PLA unit being smothered by a protective smokescreen is effectively blinded, and is unable to move lest it lose its protection.” For the information of Kyle Mizokami, Readers of Popular Mechanic and all military experts of the World, China already has in mass production water mist cannons which are used routinely in China for city pollution control. This kind of water mist cannon can annihilate incoming deadly laser beam by scattering light as well as lowering the temperature of the laser beam. Thus this type of water mist cannon can be very effective in defending against U.S. laser weaponry by creating instant fog as a friendly shield. The water mist is nontoxic compared to other chemicals suggested by Mizokami. The beauty of the water cannon fog created is instant and also disperses in a reasonable time if the threat stops. Against continuing laser beam, one can continue to deploy more fog, the energy required by the water mist cannon is low enough to outlast the high power destructive laser beam. For naval operation the supply of water to create fog is obviously unlimited. Thus one can conclude that China already has readily available superior counter U.S. laser defensive weapons. There is no need for Chinese military's Chemical Corps. to develop the next appropriate defense strategy as suggested by Mizokami in the following article. Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA

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