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East is East, West is West. Harmony Faith, Order of Universe
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East is East, West is West. Harmony Faith, Order of Universe.

Peace is a static end state in its conception. The universe and life is not static. The universe is ever expanding according to modern physics. Our soul is eternal. There will not be lasting peace when there is no harmony. Harmony is dynamic balance and is not an end state. It is about eternity. It is the constant action and growth.

East and West culture represent two opposites. Just like male and female, electron and positron, Yin and Yang. Harmony is the invisible hand that keeps the opposites in dynamic balance but never equal. When there are no opposites the universe will not grow and there will be no life. Please see following attached "Harmony Faith, Order of Universe" in English and Chinese translation. English is the original.Western culture is more confrontational. But in Yin there is Yang and vice verse. The best representation is the Tai Chi double fish symbol. However, according to Laotze, ultimately the Yin contains the Yang. In the universe, invisible energy contains the Yang (visible matters). This is testified by modern physics.

Yang being more confrontational, aggressive, less patient and tend to use hard power. When this tendency is not in check, it will more likely to wear itself out. For dynamic balance between Yin and Yang within or without, Western culture ultimately must contain more Yin. This is the truth.

Right now Western culture has more system engineering and modern organizational infrastructure. But Eastern culture as Yin, tends to be more patient, use more innate soft power. Confucianism taught the practice of soft power. Laotze advocated the truth that soft overcomes the hard when aggression is over extended. East and West must attempt to reach harmony to avoid self destruction. They will ultimately not merge. Yin and Yang will coexist as unity in diversity. That guarantees life and continuing growth. In the same rational thinking mankind must reach harmony with nature. Mankind is part of nature and will never conquer nature according to Laotze. East and West have a lot to learn from each other. That is what world harmony is all about.

As modernized as Japan and Korea are, their societies are still more Confucian than Christian and Western. China will be more Confucian than Marxism. East and West can approach harmony but will never completely merge. The universe and life is about Yin Yang balance and growth.

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

INTRODUCTIONThe major religions of the world as we know today all originated in Greater Asia which includes the Middle East and South Asia. This is no coincidence, as all monotheistic religions believe in the same God, Allah, Creator, Heaven or what other names we use. What makes religions different is cultural heritage. Each major religion’s man made image of God is thus inherently different. This fixation on the difference of each culture’s institutionalized and man made image of God is unnecessary and divisive. There can only be one creator for all mankind regardless of what name is used or what religion one believes in. Thus in time, all religions must converge into one faith by transcending each religion’s cultural fixations and universally accepting one creator without a man made image. This is the inevitable progressive development.The eminent contemporary Ying Yang master Ma Shuhai, in his book “Tong Dao”, classified the continuous development of human religions into four progressive stages. The following description bears significant additional explanation by the present author.1)The stage of primitive idols worship: This was the pure irrational superstition stage. When man was very much in awe of subject to nature’s destructive powers such as fire water and wind.2)The stage of trust in one communicative God: Monotheistic faiths that evolve around one all mighty and powerful creators that man could develop a relation with and turn to for help. These types of institutionalized faiths with a specific creator with man- made image include most of the major religions of today. Today mankind as a whole is suffering from the divisive forces of this culturally specific monotheism. The exception being Buddhism, which teaches believers to find inner peace and Buddha within oneself without the monotheistic creator. Chinese accept Dao as the force of universe creation which is distinct from the Judah-Christian tradition.3)The rational stage of scientific religion: When man believes in his rational power. In this stage man can turn to science to explain all aspects of life except the meaning of life. This ushered in the modern Bahai Faith, which upholds progressive revelation from God. Bahai faith as a modern religion also emphasizes unity of religion and science. These two important concepts possibly herald in the era of less dependency on one Monotheistic creator in a man- made image. 4)The final stage is Harmony Faith, Order of the Universe: This is the life study of a final and decisive faith that has confidence in the modern discovery of the all prevalent and infinite invisible dark energy of the universe. We are currently at the very beginning of this life study. To become a universal faith it must do without a man-made creator image. We can also call this the relative rational inductive stage.HARMONY FAITH, ORDER OF THE UNIVERSE In the following concise dissertation we will explain how this natural faith can reconcile science and religion once and for all. On top of that we will give the meaning of life a very achievable goal. In this stage the door is also open for continuing human progressive inspiration from the omnipresent and all prevalent Dao, the invisible dark energy that created the universe. Together with modern science this concept makes a creator with man made image unnecessary.Harmony is a universal common value; it is also a vision statement for all. It is the order of nature and the universe for all to emulate. Harmony is the dynamic balance that returns nature’s calamities to tranquility. Without harmony the universe cannot be eternal. In harmony we can find true belief that transcends all cultures and religions. The meaning of life is to seek harmony within our inner self. Humans are born with a spiritual soul that develops to seek self fulfillment and self salvation. Our soul has a conscience that elevates us from total animal selfishness. As our soul grows to its maturity we must achieve our own harmony. A person at the end of his journey reconciles with his own soul to achieve harmony and peace of mind. The difference between a tormented soul and a soul in harmony at our death is the difference between hell and heaven.The invisible energy in the firmament created the universe and all creatures. This is our creator regardless of our religion and belief. Our soul is an energy field that grows with our accomplishments on earth. With differing strengths embedded in our DNA Humans are not created equal just as sure our souls will not develop equally. Static equality is not what life is all about. Each soul attaining its own harmony with itself is the meaning of life. The achievement of harmony by nature and us is a dynamic process. The evolution of nature and life are dynamic processes and must not be considered as static phenomena. Harmony renaissance is a dynamic process and calls for proactive action.There is a fine line between a believer and non believer of any religion. A true creator will accept all because all humans attest to harmony. Cultural differences are only in form and not in essence. Harmony is the salvation of mankind and the king of unity in diversity. The universe and all living creations through evolution are created by the invisible energy and are sustained by energy. This theory without man made heavenly images does not contradict conventional religious beliefs. Furthermore it is a rational way of agreeing with modern sciences. Our soul is merely an energy field that contains our spirit, life time beliefs and experiences. It exists eternally and has a beginning and no end after our death. Each soul can accomplish harmony with itself but souls are not necessarily equal. We are here on earth to develop our own soul from its early immature conception.Religions begin with search of truth, goodness and beauty. This search will ultimately help us to reach harmony at death. All religions preach harmony because harmony is the most common value and the greatest common denominator of mankind. Conflicts in religion are caused by human corruption. Belief in harmony, the universal truth, does not need a man made image of creator. The invisible energy as the creator of the universe does not contradict with modern science. This imaging of the creator does not contradict any religious beliefs and is not divisive. In time this imaging of the creator without man made figure will reconcile all religions as the true scientific belief. According to modern science the invisible energy of the universe is all powerful and omnipresent. It is part of the paradigm of Faith in Harmony. Many religions believe in brotherhood of mankind. What has kept us from achieving unity in diversity are the differences in religious culture and the cultural centric creator figures conjured by different religions.The ancient harmony cultural philosophy promulgated by Lao-tzu and Confucius did not rely on man made images of creators. As an ancient culture China did not create a religion of its own. Modern Chinese are more accepting of outside religions. This is witnessed by the lack of major religious wars in China despite the importation of many outside religions. Over two thousand years harmony philosophy modified Chinese major beliefs and outside religions to suit China’s cultural heritage. China’s ancient harmony philosophy fulfills her people’s need for self fulfillment and spiritual tranquility. This harmonizing process of various belief systems can be a model for the future world harmony.A person who does not practice institutionalized religion can achieve inner peace through harmony practices. The universal belief in the invisible energy as the creator in the firmament reconciles all religions and faiths. Faith in Harmony is thus the most acceptable Faith that transcends mankind’s conflicts of fear and greed. Harmony on earth that promises unity in diversity is the promise of Kingdom on Earth and the Most Great Peace on earth by all sages and prophets. A person achieves self fulfillment has reached harmony in his own soul and his life is complete and his soul is eternal and everlasting without torment.We believe in harmony renaissance which is the pursuit of harmony as a way of life and a living faith. Harmony is a universal common value and renaissance is action. Harmony propagates by resonance, nature's preferred way of propagation. Faith in harmony gives hope of heaven on earth for all, regardless of any religion or creed. Faith in harmony as order of nature does not worship man made image of creators. For all mankind whether belonging to organized religion or not we can seek hope and brotherhood through soul searching harmony.Our search for harmony renaissance is multifaceted and all inclusive. Our perspectives include East and West culture, world civilization and history, harmony diplomacy, world religions, ancient philosophy and modern science. For harmony to be a true universal faith it must reconcile with scientific observations.We believe in self salvation through Faith in Harmony practices. Our actions shall encompass all human activities such as world affairs, commerce, education, cultural activities and religious or non religious functions. Specifically at this moment in history our action should enhance peace, reduce conflict, harmonize world religions, and activate harmony culture, pursuit harmony education. United Nation is at a cross road. It is time to advocate U. N. harmony civilization so all 193 nations can converse and consult with universal Harmony common value. 21st century is the beginning of Harmony renaissance. The world mission is to be ready for human's next creative wave to lead us to a higher level of common accomplishment. World Harmony Renaissance will bring the whole world into action for a new millennium of peace and prosperity with unfettered collective energy surpassing European renaissance.

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

作者:世界和谐组织总干事 冯忠华博士
1. 原始偶像崇拜阶段:此阶段纯粹是盲目的迷信。其时人类对大自然的破坏力
2. 崇拜祈求上帝阶段:一神教信仰演进出一个万能造物主的偶像,号称与人类
3. 科学宗教理性阶段:在人类认识到理性力量的阶段,人类才能科学解释生活
4. 最后是宇宙的规律,和谐信仰阶段:这是信仰的决定性最后探讨,对现代社

生俱来一种能量场。因被植入不同的DNA 而优势各异,故人类生而未能平等,正
持不同宗教之多元统一文化, 协调来自不同宗教的文化。
在一个交叉路口。现在是向联合国倡导和谐文明的时候,让所有193 个国家都可

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