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The invisible energy that makes up our soul is in constant dynamic interaction with all that surround us. Our soul seeks harmony with the universe. That is called “Tien Ren He Yi” by Laotze. Our soul belongs to and is part of the invisible energy that fills the universe. Our desire to interact with and our sense of belonging to the universe is our conscience. Our conscience’s awareness starts from within ourselves and extends as far as we can reach. This is what distinguishes us from other animals. Our conscience is sublime and enables us to rise above our base and selfish instincts.

All humans are born “good”. We are corrupted by our own emotions of hate, greed and jealousy. There is no devil and angels and heaven and hell. How good we are depends on our own development. There is no judgment day but our own conscience that judges ourselves in our own way. That is why our soul needs to be at harmony with the universe when we depart. Without corruption our conscience has the innate desire to do good because our soul and conscience IS our invisible energy and is part of the community of invisible energy in the universe that created all the matters, living or mineral. Our conscience wants to be accepted by the greater community of invisible energy.

Humans and other animals are social animals. We all understand that our pets need us. Our consciences in their reaching out, express our love for our loved ones, to the society, our country, world community of nations and the planet. Our selfish nature wants to be loved. Many forms of love are selfless, most noticeable is a mother’s love for her off spring. At times our love for the society, our mother country and our faith can also be selfless. In no small part since our soul is part of the universal infinite energy, we naturally wish to extend our love to the world and universe as a whole.

Our physical bodies are full of sensors beginning with our hearts that can receive messages of love. Our brains through our whole person can also send love. How is love transmitted? Love propagates by invisible energy field and resonance. This is basic physics. Harmony and love propagates by wave and resonance like all forms of energy fields such as the force filed that bind orbiting electrons to the nucleus in an atom; gravity field that holds the solar system and other heavenly systems together. Other fields of energy such as magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields in the form of magnetic induction, radio and TY signals, light, heat and acoustic sound fill our life. Humans can apply all these energy fields to serve us but we are not capable to fully understand them. We also do not fully understand the invisible energy that fills the universe and how the universe was created at the beginning. Yet all these energy fields are miracles that make our life satisfying.

One of the most basic loves is between a man and woman, which are highly valued in the West. In other Eastern societies, besides romantic love, love for ancestors and mother country are highly valued traditionally. Of course greed and fear often dilutes our pure love. Love for the creator as in religions, from Harmony Faith perspective, can be considered as love for the infinite invisible energy. In the context of Harmony Faith we believe in love of mankind and the universe. Humans are capable of experiencing infinite forms of love and infinite love. Often the sense of fulfillment is a result of how much love we express. Just as our souls are different our propensity to express love are also different. All said and done, our love must also reach a dynamic balance within ourselves to avoid extremism. Both our souls and our consciences they contain, at the end of our journey, need to reach self harmony fulfillment within ourselves as discussed in the previous section, under self salvation. This is the essence of Harmony Faith. Harmony Faith is self sufficient without the need to introduce a new religion. Believers are advised to accept all major world religions.

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization.

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