Tuesday, October 20, 2009



From yesterday's presentation "World Harmony is it achievable? What lies ahead?" I come away with the feeling there is a lot of contents we can bring forth in public speaking presentation. Over the years, World Harmony Organization has published over 200 essays in world media and blogsites. A simple Google, Yahoo and Amazon search of Harmony Renaissance, Harmony Diplomacy and Harmony Consensus will illustrate our theoretical influence in the world media space. Harmony begins with consensus, leading to diplomacy and will result in inevitable Harmony Renaissance. You can see this development coming already in our media presence.

As much as we have Freedom and Democracy Foundations in the world today; World Harmony, Harmony Diplomacy, Harmony Consensus and Harmony Renaissance Foundations and think tanks will flourish in the 21st century. Our speech engagement can cover the following broad topics:

Harmony Civilization, Harmony Consensus, Harmony Cultivation, Harmony Culture, Harmony Diplomacy, Harmony Development, Harmony Dynamics, Harmony Faith, Harmony Philosophy, Harmony Physics, Harmony Practice, Harmony Renaissance and Harmony World Media.

Harmony Renaissance will unshackle us from the bondage of ideology, racial and religious strife. It is the next wave of creative energy human is waiting for to bring us to the next level of human accomplishment beyond European Renaissance.

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

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