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Excerpt from Jan 2007 speech by Hon. John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State, United Kingdom:
There's been a great deal of talk about harmony in recent times. In fact, the academic, Francis Fung, has argued in his recent paper "Chinese Harmony Culture: Old and New - Promise for a Less Confrontational World" that China is witnessing a harmony renaissance.
He claims that great debates are happening today in China over whether Socialism with Chinese characteristics can be Socialism with harmony. And Fung maintains that China's harmony socialism will provide an alternative model, as the leading system of governance in the 21st Century.
Indeed, I note that in October the Chinese Communist Party launched a national campaign to build a more harmonious society. In doing so, China appears to be reaffirming its own rich cultural tradition of harmony.
And now, opening the Sheffield Confucius Institute, I reflect on the fact that this emphasis on harmony between man and nature is part of a tradition of Chinese thought going back 2,500 years. This tradition has, of course, evolved and changed over time."

Blog Response by Morgan Steacy
I have been reading professor Fung's letters and articles, posted to his blog site for the last week, and have become comlpetely enraptured by the hope of future possibility that they bring. Although there is nothing that I could do physically, as I am in Toronto, and the World Harmony Festival is taking place in San Francisco, if there were anything that I could do from home to volunteer my time over the summer months, I would be thrilled to be a part of something that I have been advocating myself for some time privately. I am currently a student at York University in Toronto, Canada, studying East Asia focusing on China. My main area of concern lies squarely within your realm of thought insofar as ascertaining the facets of Chinese thought that may be able to ameliorate the social situation of my country and the world at large. I am certain that I would be able to contribute to your organisation with great success. Please feel free to contact me by any means, and I look forward to being in touch.

Dear Francis,Thanks for the update, I hope you and the family are well. I think it is wonderful to see the concept of a "harmony" paradigm being promoted in the media. So much of Western cultural history has been based on a conflict paradigm (crusades, competition for scarce resources, clash of civilizations, political struggle, etc.). It is extremely important to open people's minds to unity, universal love and harmony as governing principles of society, the world and the universe.Best regards,
Peter Neumann

Recommendation by Eric Chipps, Chipps Management ConsultantsIn today’s world of international conflicts, religious strife, North and South disparities, terrorism, extremism and unilateralism, harmony renaissance is the only common value universal solution. The tide of Harmony Renaissance is inevitable. All present will become pioneers of Harmony Renaissance. Harmony advocates non-violence. Its’ premises are tolerance, acceptance, respect, equity, patience and humility. As powerful as we are we will not have nobility and hope unless we practice humility. This is the new global awareness. Harmony is the conduit to facilitate multi-directional cultural flow not just from West to East and North to South. Harmony is the all-embracing unifying force for unity in diversity.Dr. Fung has initiated the World Harmony Organization in North America and has already attracted interest and support. It is a growing influence in North America, Europe and China from important figures in academic and social circles, economics and politics, as well as a growing number of concerned citizens in many countries.Clearly, the policies of confrontation currently contributing so much to world tensions are unproductive, as well as damaging to the progress of society. By developing the ancient Chinese promotion of harmony, the Organization hopes to become again the third pillar in supporting democracy and religious principle as the foundation of a more peaceful and productive world.More information can be obtained from the Organization’s website at which allows a measure of the extent to which harmony is increasingly an influence. You may also contribute opinion via By his talk today, Dr. Fung hopes to generate recognition among influential people of the role that a young, dynamic America , endowed with resources should be advocating harmony renaissance.
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