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Excerpt from “Harmony in Contemporary New Confucianism and in Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” 2008 by Jesus Sole-Farras
“It has been asserted (Fung, 2006) that the 2006 Sixth CPC Plenum Session will be remembered as the most important milestone of China’s Harmony Renaissance,” since, “by discovering harmony culture, China is discovering its own rich ancient cultural harmony traditions. It is of similar in importance to Europe’s Renaissance after the rediscovery of ancient Greek culture” (p. 8). Jesus Sole-Farras

Excerpt from Jan 2007 speech by Hon. John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State, United Kingdom:There's been a great deal of talk about harmony in recent times. In fact, the academic, Francis Fung, has argued in his recent paper "Chinese Harmony Culture: Old and New - Promise for a Less Confrontational World" that China is witnessing a harmony renaissance. He claims that great debates are happening today in China over whether Socialism with Chinese characteristics can be Socialism with harmony. And Fung maintains that China's harmony socialism will provide an alternative model, as the leading system of governance in the 21st Century.

Morgan Steacy, York University, Department of East Asian Studies, Canada I have been reading professor Fung's letters and articles on harmony renaissance, and have become completely enraptured by the hope of future possibility that they bring. My main area of study lies squarely within Dr. Fung’s realm of thought insofar as ascertaining the facets of Chinese thought that may be able to ameliorate the social situation of my country and the world at large. I am certain that I would be able to contribute to your organization with great success.

Peter Neumann, Partner Faegre Benson, Shanghai, China
It is wonderful to see the concept of a "harmony" paradigm being promoted in the media. So much of Western cultural history has been based on a conflict paradigm (crusades, competition for scarce resources, clash of civilizations, political struggle, etc.). It is extremely important to open people's minds to unity, universal love and harmony as governing principles of society, the world and the universe.

Eric Chipps, Chipps Management Consultants, San Francisco, CA, USAIn today’s world of international conflicts, religious strife, North and South disparities, terrorism, extremism and unilateralism, harmony renaissance is the only common value universal solution. The tide of Harmony Renaissance is inevitable. All present will become pioneers of Harmony Renaissance. Harmony advocates non-violence. Its’ premises are tolerance, acceptance, respect, equity, patience and humility. As powerful as we are we will not have nobility and hope unless we practice humility. This is the new global awareness. Harmony is the conduit to facilitate multi-directional cultural flow not just from West to East and North to South. Harmony is the all-embracing unifying force for unity in diversity.Dr. Fung has initiated the World Harmony Organization in North America and has already attracted interest and support. It is a growing influence in North America, Europe and China from important figures in academic and social circles, economics and politics, as well as a growing number of concerned citizens in many countries.


“冯教授自2006年起主张和谐, 发现和谐文化是中国丰富悠久的文化传统. 它象欧洲文艺复兴,从新发现古老的希腊文化之后那样重要.”

“呼吁世界和谐复兴是明智和理智的. 那是活动家们一直用的办法. 在这事上,您的辛勤劳动一定最受欢迎.”

“我很高兴知道关于世界和谐文化节日的进展. 我希望它的进展顺利并在其它地方得到同样的共鸣.”

“你的世界和谐日的想法是非常正义和理想的. 我尊重你的事业并高兴听到更多的消息. 冯忠华, 我高兴它进行的如此顺利. 祝贺.”

Hon. John Prescott, 英国代理总理

“冯忠华, 你有一个梦想, 一个世界和谐复兴的梦想.”
Dean Jacob Perea, 学院教育, 三藩市州立大学

落山基, 新华社, 2007年1月20日

三藩市, 世界日报, 2007年2月20日

“感谢您对我们再生能源科学技术的兴趣和您辛勤工作所带来的许多订单. 最忠心的祝愿你的事业成功.”

“祝贺! 您的贡献! 您惊奇的工作能力. 希望读到你第二本书.”
美国, 新华社, 2007 年3月16日

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