Monday, September 7, 2009


World Harmony Organization Supports Global Water Management by Solar Power

Dear Friends,

By popular demand from you, it is time World Harmony Organization turns to our task of Harmony with Nature and becomes Green. Harmony with Nature is essential and necessary for sustainable development and will herald Harmony Renaissance to lead mankind to the next wave of creative energy following European Renaissance.

World Harmony Organization was launched 2006 (attached) as a not for profit public benefit think tank (attached) with a mission to provide the theoretical support for a United Nations Harmony Culture. We are honored to have received the immediate support of many world leading figures. These include Noam Chomsky (America's conscience), James Fallows (Editor in Chief of "Atlantic Journal"), Hon. John Prescott (Deputy British PM and First Secretary), Eric Chipps (Chipps Management Consultant), and the Hon. Noel Brown (President of "Friends of United Nations"). Our publications were warmly received by world leading media including "Xinhua News" and "Foreign Affairs" journal.

In less than four years, WHO published 5 books and more than 100 essays in our registered domain WWW.SCRIBD.COM/FCWFUNG Harmony Renaissance, Harmony Diplomacy, Harmony Consensus, and 12 Virtues and Mystic Animals of Harmony Renaissance. Our essays and books are carried by Amazon and many major world news media websites. Our readership has reached millions and continues to grow. Among some of the important milestones that have made an impact on Harmony Renaissance are:

1) Harmony Renaissance theory that established harmony as a dynamic balance. Harmony is a universal common value. Renaissance is action. Together Harmony Renaissance bring life to Harmony.

2) Harmony Diplomacy theory that established Harmony as the golden rule for Global Governance.

3) Harmony Renaissance Song (attached) sung by World Harmony Singers at the 2008 United Nations, Staff Day Spring Festival.

4) Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration speech (attached) at April 26, 2008 United Nations, Staff Day Spring Festival.

5) Harmony Renaissance 12 virtues and mystical animals animation announcement (attached)

With the above momentum, we are ready to turn to Harmony with Nature by your popular demand. We choose to devote our scientific team expertise on solar power to the worthwhile and imminent task of Global Water Management, starting with a California north to south water diversion and treatment project. (This will be part of the platform for Jerry Brown's 2010 Governor re-election campaign; (see attached Jerry Brown 2010 letter). To prepare for this important green task we need seed funding to start. Since the beginning, WHO has raised $46,000 by my own effort. Now it is time for the team to join in to raise additional essential funding for our commitment and undertaking. With your help, we will form a consortium of U.S. solar companies to do a pilot solar power-water management project with DOE as observer (see attached call for feasibility document). Your support and contribution in funds, time and effort will be most appreciated. Thank you for your vision and consideration.

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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