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As of Tuesday, May 20, 2008, the death toll from last week's devastating earthquake in southwest China's Sichuan Province was 40,075 nationwide, according to the Information Office of the State Council.
Another 247,645 people were injured in the 8.0-magnitude quake that jolted southwestern Sichuan Province last Monday.
At a press conference earlier Tuesday, the information office also said that 32,361 people were missing as of Tuesday at noon.
According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, about 5.36 million buildings had been confirmed destroyed and more than 21 million were damaged in the earthquake as of Monday evening.
The quake affected 434 counties in 10 provinces and municipalities, the ministry said in a statement issued Tuesday.
This is a natural calamity of major proportion and the biggest earth quake to hit China in decades. The rescuing efforts by the Chinese and international teams are most commendable. China has declared three days of mourning for the victims. The world’s condolence is pouring in. Fund raising efforts to help the victims are gathering momentum. The requirement for reconstruction is staggering. The healing process to comfort all victims affected is most pressing. The unity and reconciliation to focus on recovering must be timely.

On May 23, 2008, in a heart rendering moment, at a Sichaun high school class room, to cheer the students at the earth quake disaster zone, Premier Wen Jiaboa wrote down on the black board spontaneously, the words 多难兴邦 (RISE FROM CALAMITY) in his calligraphy. The spirit of the exaltation quickly spread nationwide. His words and the blackboard he wrote on now became a monument for inspiration. World Harmony Organization proclaims that 多难兴邦 words in Premier Wen Jiaboa’s hand writing and the English translation (RISE FROM CALAMITY) be preserved as a memento to rally the Chinese nation and the world to commemorate the victims of Sichuan earth quakes. These are also the words by Premier Wen to inspire China to mount a sustained monumental reconstruction from the rubles.

We have printed Premier Wen‘s handwriting on a limited quantity of T shirts for charity sale to the American public only. The collection of high quality Men and Women T Shirts are available for sale at only $20 each. All proceeds from this sale will go to the earth quake relief effort. So your purchase will help a very worthwhile cause. You can be proud to wear the T shirt and show your have a noble heart of compassion. World Harmony Organization is dedicated to the mission of world Harmony Renaissance. There is no higher order of healing and unity than Harmony Renaissance. We are an IRS code 501 not for profit public benefit organization.

Press Release
World Harmony Organization
May 24, 2008



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Natural calamity means natural disaster which is caused by nature. Every year many country falls victim to various natural calamities. They are flood, earthquakes & many other natural calamities. The effects of the natural calamities beggar description. They leave a vast trail of devastation. The affected people & animals suffer untold sufferings. They cause heavy damage to our life & properties. Houses are destroyed, cattle are washed away, crops are greatly damaged and trees are uprooted. Thousands of people and other animals remain without food for many days. The after effect of some natural calamities are more serious. Famine breaks out. Many people & animals die for want of food. The prices are all necessary things go up. Many dangerous diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery etc. break out in an epidemic form. By raising public awareness and taking necessary precautionary measures and steps natural calamities can be prevented. The government and all the conscious citizens should come forward with concerted efforts to prevent natural calamities.