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As of Tuesday, May 20, 2008, the death toll from last week's devastating earthquake in southwest China's Sichuan Province was 40,075 nationwide, according to the Information Office of the State Council.
Another 247,645 people were injured in the 8.0-magnitude quake that jolted southwestern Sichuan Province last Monday.
At a press conference earlier Tuesday, the information office also said that 32,361 people were missing as of Tuesday at noon.
According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, about 5.36 million buildings had been confirmed destroyed and more than 21 million were damaged in the earthquake as of Monday evening.
The quake affected 434 counties in 10 provinces and municipalities, the ministry said in a statement issued Tuesday.
This is a natural calamity of major proportion and the biggest earth quake to hit China in decades. The rescuing efforts by the Chinese and international teams are most commendable. China has declared three days of mourning for the victims. The world’s condolence is pouring in. Fund raising efforts to help the victims are gathering momentum. The requirement for reconstruction is staggering. The healing process to comfort all victims affected is most pressing. The unity and reconciliation to focus on recovering must be timely. There is no greater healing than Harmony Renaissance to unite China under this crisis.
Earth quakes are nature’s way of releasing unequal stress built up under the earth crust. This is nature’s way of restoring balance. As devastating as earth quakes can cause human sufferings, stress imbalance must be restored. This is nature’s way. The universe is eternal because reaching harmony is the order of nature. The necessity to restore harmony in human world is no different. It is under the greatest distress and disharmony that we will understand the need for harmony. That is why practicing harmony can be most healing for victims and for all those with heartfelt concerns and sympathy. Harmony Faith and teaching is China’s cultural heritage. As a unity force for conflict resolution harmony has been neglected. There is no greater faith for healing. We are calling for Harmony Renaissance to unite China and to promote healing. Time is of the essence.
It is most urgent to build a Harmony Renaissance Plaza for unity and healing as reconstruction starts. There must be a collective effort to rally the people. The hurt and suffering is too great without a memorial of substantial scale where all can go to seek comfort and solace. A Harmony Renaissance gate can be built leading to the Plaza with monument, pavilion, garden and hotel. A Harmony Renaissance University can also eventually be established under the auspicious of the United Nations. Walking through the gate shall signify entering into the world of Harmony Renaissance where people can pray, think and discuss harmony for healing.

The central theme of the Harmony Renaissance Plaza shall be based on the Twelve Virtues of Harmony Renaissance as guide. The pavilion and garden are places where people rest, take refreshments and contemplate the Twelve Virtues of Harmony Renaissance to keep peace with nature. The Harmony Renaissance University can research and advocate harmony culture so the world can be more harmonious under United Nations. The importance of unity in diversity will be proven indispensable through the first Harmony Renaissance Plaza in Sichuan. More plaza of international design can be repeated worldwide to support the inevitable tide of Harmony Renaissance. The United Nations will be part of the team to organize competitions of international Harmony Renaissance Plaza designs to include, gate, monument, pavilion and garden. High tech display designs for the Twelve Virtues of Harmony Renaissance are also in place.


Harmony is the most common value of mankind. All ancient cultural heritages include harmony faith. Twentieth century history has been dominated by Western ideals of Freedom, Liberty and Democracy. These ideals revolutionized the relations between citizens and their governments. These changes resulted in today’s modern Western government systems. Harmony is an ancient ideal of more than two thousand years old. It is a system of beliefs that include all relations between individuals, within oneself, within the family, citizen and government, between nations and down to between human and nature. As an all inclusive faith for conflict resolution, harmony belief has been neglected for over two centuries. The modern society in its departure from harmony faith tends to be very materialistic. Evolution by the survival of the fittest has been inordinately emphasized.

Today’s conflicted world of religious and ideological confrontations calls for the revival of harmony faith. World Harmony Organization is dedicated to the pursuit of Harmony Renaissance. Our mission is to work with United Nations to support a modern harmony culture that can begin to harmonize relations between nations as well as between man and nature. There is no higher faith healing than Harmony Renaissance. Harmony Renaissance reconciles all faiths, religions and ideologies, when it is upheld by the international community as a New World Order.

Harmony is the order of nature and the operating principle of the universe. Harmony Faith as the order of universe is proclaimed in our Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration. This is delivered as a speech at the April 25, 2008, Spring of U.N. Festival. Further disclosure of Harmony Faith is also attached in the article titled “Harmony Faith, Order of the Universe”.

Harmony Renaissance is the inevitable tide humans are waiting to bring us to the next level of accomplishment after European Renaissance. To participate in this second wave of dynamic harmony movement the twelve virtues of Harmony Renaissance are presented here. They are: TOLERANCE, ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT, KINDNESS, FORGIVENESS, HUMILITY, GENTLENESS, PATIENCE, EQUITY, NONVIOLENCE, GREEN ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION. The last two being actions we now must collectively take urgently to harmonize with nature in order to avoid catastrophe on earth.

We propose that United Nations every year organize an international artists contest for the best combination of poetry and art to extol the twelve Harmony Renaissance virtues. The selected first ten submissions will be published worldwide as that year’s calendars for world distribution. This will become an important tradition for mankind to start each year with harmony inspirations. So Harmony Renaissance and the 12 virtues of harmony will live in the hearts of mankind. We can also proclaim the first month of each year as Harmony Renaissance month to advocate the twelve virtues of harmony culture.

May 20, 2008

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