Sunday, March 2, 2008


TEL: 415-2466886 FAX: 415-5842323

Hon. Gao Zhansheng
Consul General
Consulate of Peoples Republic of China
San Francisco, CA USA

Dear Hon. Consul General Gao,

I am writing to welcome you to our beautiful city San Francisco on behalf of World Harmony Organization (WHO), which was founded here at Bay Area in 2006 (see attached press interview by Xinhua Net and others). Since our founding, our World Harmony Renaissance theory enjoys the warm support of Hon. Peng Keyu, previous Consul General of San Francisco as well many distinguished individuals worldwide such as Hon. Ban Ke-Moon (Secretary General of UN), Hon. John Prescott (Deputy Prime Minister of UK) and Noam Chomsky (Highly respected MIT Professor and author, widely regarded as the conscience of America) to name a few.

In our pursuit of world harmony, our humble book series includes “China’s Harmony Renaissance: What the world Must Know”, “World Harmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World”, “Harmony Diplomacy: Golden Rule for Global Governance” and “China’s Harmony Renaissance in 21st Century”. Our next book “World Harmony Renaissance in 21st Century” now in press and the already published book for 21st Century are printed in dual language with Chinese translation by the distinguished translator Lin Guang Qian. Our series of publications in the near future will be rendered into six languages for worldwide distribution. Our books are promoted by and distributed by For more information on us and our harmony essays, please Google “world harmony renaissance”.

Currently we are working in partnership with SUN Group USA and the support of UN Organizations on a grand peace and harmony proposal titled “First World Harmony City in China”. This first of its kind proposal will include UN Eastern Headquarter, World Harmony University and Green Energy Inventions Depository among many important and historically timely projects to initiate and pursuit world harmony renaissance. In support of this proposal effort, Dr. Jay Rothstein, representative of Jewish Americans and cofounder of the Harmony City project, has prepared the attached letter recommending yours humbly to be one of the speakers at the forthcoming United Nations Spring Cultural Festival event to be held April 25, 2008 at UN Headquarter, N.Y. This event will be the forum announcing world harmony as coming UN global goal. As suggested by Dr. Rothstein my speech will cover our World Harmony Renaissance theory, GENEI green energy inventions depository and new green energy development. Your support and endorsement of our humble efforts in these areas is important and will be greatly appreciated by this event.

Yours Respectfully,

Francis C. W. Fung, PH.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

P.S.: Attached is also an author’s introduction from my book that includes my brief bio and green energy inventions.

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