Saturday, November 12, 2016


CHINESE DAO IN 21ST CENTURY II THE RISE OF CHINA AS A POLITICAL MERITOCRACY AND CIVILIZATION STATE BY FRANCIS C W FUNG, PH. D. PREFACE This is a five part Dao story of the rise of China as a meritocracy and civilization state. China is the only ancient civilization that has a continuous uninterrupted five thousand years history in the world. The Chinese Confucian philosophy extended to the world and heavily influenced the governance of South Eastern Asian nations to this day. The economic success of the Asian nations during the 20th century globalization is largely credited to the Confucian emphasis of education and hard work. But what has escaped the West’s global dialogue is the most important tradition of meritocracy governance of China as a civilization state. This is because the West is blinded by our liberal democratic ideology as not to see the most important Chinese contribution of meritocracy governance system to the world. The success of Singapore and China in the 20th century globalization as outstanding examples of meritocracy governed nations now proved the utter failure of the arrogant and premature Francis Fukuyama’s “theory of the end of civilization”. The five Dao stories of the rise of China as a meritocracy and civilization state are: (I)CHINA AS THE CIVILIZATION STATE WITH THE GRAND WAY(HUANG DAO) (II) VERTICAL POLITICAL MERITOCRACY DEMOCRACY AS DAO PRACTICED IN CHINA (III) CHINESE DAO OF “HE” CULTURE IS SOCIALISM WTH CHINESE CHARACTERISTICS (IV) THE CHINESE DAO OF INTERNET CULTURE IS ABOUT GOOD FOR THE LARGEST DENOMINATION (YI REN WEI BEN) (V) THE CHINESE DAO OF “ONE BELT ONE ROAD” INITIATIVE (II) VERTICAL POLITICAL MERITOCRACY DEMOCRACY AS DAO PRACTICED IN CHINA After many years of extensive research, Daniel Bell, chair professor of the Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University, in “The China Model” reported that China has a long tradition of meritocracy practice. The Chinese Communist Party (CPC) has a very large Organization Department which tests and trains the cadres for promotion. The tests and programs are rigorous and also include nominations by piers and superiors. Periodic skill trainings are conducted with sophisticated party school courses. Chinese political meritocracy is firmly implemented at top level of government and election at lower village level, not unlike the Bahai system of governance. Chinese top leaders at the politburo level need at least three terms of duty at large city or provincial level with hundreds of millions of citizens. This is called a vertical system of meritocracy democracy by Professor Daniel Bell. That we in the U.S. totally missed China’s development of the Dao of the political meritocracy democracy as legitimate governance system is because of our preoccupation to spread our liberal democracy ideology to maintain hegemony. The risks that we missed this China Dao of development cannot be overestimated. This is of paramount importance that the new Trump government now be informed of China’s vertical political meritocracy democracy so we can remain engaged with important development and stay competitive. Hillary Clinton predicted Jasmine revolution in China during Arab Spring. But it did not happen. The reason is that Hillary did not understand Chinese history. As a five thousand years old civilization state China has a rich tradition of meritocracy. The other civilization tradition is that people is the foundation of civilization state(Min wei bon ben). To America the one man one vote procedural process is the ultimate criteria for governance, but to the Chinese, results are the most important criteria. Under the belief of (Min wei bon ben) China is very satisfied with the goods that the CPC has delivered during the last four decades. China, the largest nation, vaulted from the poorest major nation in the world to the second largest economy in the remarkably short duration of four decades. By Pew survey 85 % of Chinese population believe China is headed in the right direction and a similar percentage of population believe their next generation will be better off. Arab spring will not spread to China as long as Chinese people believe that CPC delivers the goods they want. At the end of the day Arab spring actually all turned into Arab disaster despite America support! Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization, San Francisco, CA

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